Ethan: Meteor Hunter coming soon to PSN


Hello! We are Seaven Studio, a brand new indie studio based in Lille, north of France. We are seven former employees of Hydravision (who developed Obscure 1 & 2 and Alone in the Dark) which closed down back in September last year. We were part of a team working on a new project called Ethan: Meteor Hunter when Hydravision closed down, so we decided to start a new studio looking to self-fund and self-publish our own projects! We bought the Ethan IP and got to work!

About our first game, then. You are Ethan, a little rodent that was hit by meteor fragments. These fragments gave him the power to move objects around and freeze time. Add physics rules and elements with different properties and you get an exciting new 2.5D puzzle-platformer! Plus, it’s French so how can you not love it?

Ethan can interact with the environment, burn wooden blocks, use electric charges to activate interrupters, doors or mechanisms, and hover when using air vents. There are multiple ways to solve the puzzles, which blends arcade action and reflexion. Progression through levels isn’t linear – there are multiple challenges in each stage – and Ethan will get extra abilities as soon as he beats each world. We’re aiming for about 50 levels across three different worlds!

The game is easy to play but hard to master: we’ve made the game considering both gamers who just want to have a nice 20 minutes of play after a hard day’s work, as well as hardcore players who want to track down every last item and take on extra hard challenges. Speedrunners should be very pleased!

Ethan: Meteor Hunter will be released for PS3 in late summer 2013. To keep updated, follow us on Twitter and feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you! We also want you guys, the gamers, to be closer to development and give us feedback on our alpha demo we released a couple of months ago on our website. Being close to the gaming community is very important for us!


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Day 1 purchase…. Will you be doing a PS4 version ?

Olivier Penot 01 July, 2013 @ 15:17

Yes, definitely considering PS4 version! We focus on PC and PS3 release then we’ll consider other platforms… Many gamers also ask about Vita so we’ll take a look in order to make something interesting!



Here’s hoping for a PS4 and Vita release. My PS3 died the other day after 6 years, i’m not able to get a new one for a while.


LOVELY ! Thank you Olivier thats 2 version purchases for me :)


Your kidding me ? That is awful, was it Sony’s 4.45 update the cause ? have you tried looking in GAME i was in this morning and pretty sure i saw a super slim 500GB version with the TLOU bundled for £99.


I read 2.5D and wondered why this was not on the Vita :(

This looks great – but for me the Vita is all about games just like this. It always upsets me when something that appears perfect for our little buddy is not released for itt.

I hope it sells well and if a version ever comes out on the Vita i’ll be first in line.

damn. no vita version.

Tagged_Deaf 01 July, 2013 @ 17:36

Hmm, I’m curious enough with this game.

In no hurry to grab it through!

INTERista_DMC 01 July, 2013 @ 19:01

i’m gonna buy it for sure but i will wait for vita version
if you confirm there won’t be a vita version ( i hope there will be )
i will buy ps3 version

teh-trickster 01 July, 2013 @ 21:24

This game SCREAMS “Vita”.

Devils_Demon 02 July, 2013 @ 03:20

Gotta admit. That looks pretty damn good. Brilliant in fact. If this is what you guys can do for your first game then I look forward to your future releases.
One to watch.

This looks perfect for Vita (Touch screen)


“Many gamers also ask about Vita so we’ll take a look in order to make something interesting!”

Please do so and I will buy it for the VITA.


To be honest I’m not interested in this on PS3 but would pick it up on day one on Vita.

It’s so strange that devs are still targeting PS3 for games like this rather than Vita from the off.

I look forward to hopefully positive news about a Vita edition in future. I hope if sales are poor it does not put you off as many PS3 gamers will ignore the title in order to wait for a Vita release.

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