PlayStation Home update: See off the Kaiju attack!

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am BST on Wednesday 3rd July for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Pacific Rim
Warning! Kaiju attack imminent. Defend Home Square immediately! A Kaiju has been sighted and it’s seems to be approaching Home Square. Head there now to perform your duty and defend Home Square from an imminent attack. To fight those monsters, we created monsters of our own so get in your Jaeger and defy the Kaiju now in order to receive your very own exclusive Pilot Suit Costume. Let us know whether you survived the attack here.


Summer Sale
The VEEMEE Summer Sale is now on! Massive discounts on a range of items can all be found at the Summer Sale relocator in the Home Square.

Acorn Meadows Park
Get ready to celebrate under the stars as this space becomes bathed in moonlight, ready for a spectacular 4th of July fireworks display that’s not to be missed!

Accidents and Injuries
Woops! This week, VEEMEE introduces Accidents and Injuries to Home, a combined range of locomotion and clothing items which show that even in a virtual world, accidents can happen.


This week there are four new Locomotion bicycles. Grab yourself a Beach Cruiser and take a trip to the sea side. If you’re hitting the mountain trail then try out the Mountain Bike – Hard Tail. For those lazy Sunday morning bike rides we have the Old Fashioned Bicycle and those looking for something a bit different try out the Unicycle.


Get stuck to a Giant Boulder with this amazing rolling locomotion or strap on a Helicopter Backpack. The Pogo Stick will fill your hopping needs and everyone’s favourite toy the Space Bouncer will let you bounce to your heart’s content.


Transform your avatar into one of 4 different species of wild animal! Unlike regular locomotion items that you ride on, this time you can actually become one! Choose from a Polar Bear, Tiger, Stag or Giant Spider.


Purrrfect is the own way to describe these beautiful cats companions. As the most adored family pet purrs its way onto Home this week.


3D Printer
The 3D Printer has been updated this week with new items to gift to the important people in your life:

Wrangler & Billabong
Head down to the store and take a look at the latest Wrangler and Billabong clothes for this summer!


adidas Originals
Check out the brand new adidas Originals items for your Playstation Home Avatar. Upgrade your style with a broad selection of hats, shirts, hoodies, shorts and shoes and let everyone know that you are ready to go all in!


Atom Republic – Price Drop
Atom republic have slashed the price of all its bikes and its classic epic dances: the prices have been halved for all Hoverbikes, Ringbikes, Cowboy moves, Party Moves and Pulp Star Moves, as well as their bundles!


Digital Leisure – Casino
Digital Leisure is celebrating the 4th of July in The Casino again this year! Their limited edition Uncle Sam hat is back again for one day only. Stop by The Casino and get your free hat, you don’t want to miss out on this limited item.


Granzella – Celestial Costume Sets
Thought to be separated by the Milky Way, they meet in the sky on the evening of Tanabata. Orihime and Hikoboshi costumes are here! There is also a flying game in the Glittering Sands Beach and Glittering Sands Secluded Retreat lounges!

*The flying game can continue to be enjoyed in the Glittering Sands Secluded Retreat after the Tanabata event.

Lockwood – Breakdancing
Calling out to all the breakers, poppers and hip-hop dancers in Home! Do you need to recruit more members to your b-boy crew? You got the friends, but they just don’t have the skills! Help all your friends look just as fly as you by sending them the breakdancing pack:

Pottermore – Furniture
Complement your collection of wizarding wares this week with new stock now available at the Pottermore store in the East mall!

Other updates
New clothing arrives in the Threads and Alter Ego stores including some skinny jeans, wings, and an animated microphone to show off your musical side.


That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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Nice! :)

residentSteve 03 July, 2013 @ 10:25

I always forget home still exists and thankfully no mention of it for ps4 glad really never saw the point of it.

supersmith2500 03 July, 2013 @ 13:55

Nice, PlayStation Home won’t load.


I always wondered what kind of person uses Home? What’s the point in buying virtual dress up items and running around in what amounts to a huge advertisement? It’s looks socially creepy and awkward. Especially some of the dress up items.

I loaded it up a few times and my impressions were… what is this… I don’t even…

Can someone enlighten me? Perhaps I am too shallow minded to understant all the awesome.


When can we edit our posts for stupid typos? And why is my completely inoffensive post above awaiting moderation?

xxAngeloRoyaltyx 19 July, 2013 @ 19:09

Hi I haven’t been on home in a year and my ps3 has the red light of death or something could someone fill me in on anything?

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