The making of The Last of Us pt. 4 – ‘Them or us’

The various choices you’ll have to make with regard to combat in The Last of Us are representative of the larger human struggle in the game world. How will people act when tension is unbearable and their life might be on the line? What are the consequences of those actions once enacted?

While the third video in our development series explored the moment-to-moment tensions in the world of The Last of Us, our fourth video looks at the action and potential consequences of inertia in the face of those tensions. Take a look.

If you’ve missed any of our development series, be sure to watch the first video and second video to get up to speed. An in-depth glimpse into all the topics covered in the series is available in Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us, our 90 minute documentary about the development of the game. You can get Grounded by purchasing the season pass.

We have two episodes left in this series. The next video will explore the characters of Joel and Ellie, who they are, and some of what it took to make them as pivotal to the game as we wanted them to be. The final video in the series was teased in our Vanity Fair coverage of the art of The Last of Us. Look for a deeper dive into the gorgeous art and beautiful music behind the game in the coming weeks. The Last of Us is available now in stores and digitally worldwide.

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declan__watson 2 July, 2013 @ 6:24 pm   1

Hey Eric
Awesome post, I love playing The Last Of Us, I was actually scared in a few parts because of how intense it was, in a world set 20 years after a post pandemic world and im happy I bought it. 🙂
Loving every bit of it and im looking forward for what you guys have in store for a sequel. 😉
Also you guys did an awesome job on The Last Of Us and its definetly game of the year so well done. 🙂
Thanks for an incredible journey btw ive completed the game trying to complete it on survivor now and its frightning as hell. 🙂

Stonesthrow 2 July, 2013 @ 7:03 pm   2

This entire game is just one good memory. Will go for next playthrough soon. That music still sends shivers down my spine. In a good way ofcourse.

MASPALOMAZ 2 July, 2013 @ 7:49 pm   3

Criminal SCAM how this game is 13€ more expensive in spain, italy, germany, greece, netherlands than in Uk and Usa. For the exact same download. Sony/naughtydog thinks europe is dumb? Why does sony break Eu law like a criminal?

filipillio 2 July, 2013 @ 8:05 pm   4

Thank You for this emotional rollercoaster. For me personally, its just huge piece of beautifully crafted art.

Looking forward for more stories in this universe.

Hello there, great video and what a great game! Just beat the game a day ago. Whole game from start to finish was a masterpiece. And I am happy it sold well 🙂 OK my question is will there be a single player dlc? I’m sure a lot of people will be interested in purchasing a dlc for the story.

Hexahedronaut 2 July, 2013 @ 10:21 pm   6

#Maspalomaz yet you still bought the game.

On topic these have been great! I highly recommend if you’ve liked these go and watch the making of the last of us documentary called grounded I never knew Nolan north was David.

KylieDog 3 July, 2013 @ 5:52 am   7

Uncensored the EU multiplayer!

cowbanana 3 July, 2013 @ 7:25 am   8

I struggle to understand how someone would create a game with a vision and then have SCEE self-censor it for the entire European market. That takes a very special kind of stupidity. SCEE’s collective IQ seems to be dropping by the hour!

G3mcBonD_JCJC 3 July, 2013 @ 7:46 am   9

StanoK 3 July, 2013 @ 9:56 am   10

Oh, Eric, how i wish you did your job better. If only you answered my question regarding censorship in Europe,then i would have never wasted 90 bucks on the european Joel Special Edition, which is being sold here, in mother Russia. How i wish Naughty Dog gave us a heads-up. Why didn’t i wait??? I knew Sony censored Twisted Metal and God of War : Ascension , but i was hoping this game will get a pass. I was wrong.
This is extremely annoying and frustrating for me. Now i have to buy the same game all over again because of the censorship. I guess its a win-win situation for you and a lose-lose for me.
Oh, well, life is unfair. Better suск it up

solarwind12 3 July, 2013 @ 4:55 pm   11

I hope this game is a past/present one, got it last tuesday but am struggling to get into it, first (minor) problem was trophy requirements, a stingy 24.. 8 of which are merely finishing it on the 4 normal and 4 new game + difficulties, strange (imo), i then learned 2 of the 4 mp trophies will require me to play 86 games, Each, am Really Not impresed with That forced requirement, mp in a retail game, Should be a optional addition, with dlc for people who enjoy online.. Though my first Major disappointment was chapter2, ’20 years Later’, what?.. Please, someone tell me Joel ‘revisits’ the days following the actual breakout, explaining how this pandemic both started/spread, affected him (Joel) and others, especially After his daughters death, And how the army/forces both failed to control it, and changed into nazi type authorities. am only just finished warehouse/met firefly leader, so Very early days etc, But IF Joel/someone doesn’t return to outbreak, i really cannot see the game fulfilling it’s potential, thereby Not being worthy of ‘the perfect score/best game’ praises. sadly, i am yet to be ‘convered’ to majorities opinion, re TLoU.


Don’t worry about trophies. You’re going to miss out on a game just because you don’t agree with how they went about awarding you a digital score?
You don’t have to get that platinum, you don’t have to play multiplayer. It didn’t affect the standard of the single player experience in my opinion.

As for the revisiting the days after the the infection began, there are no playable sequences of that previous time, but there are plenty of collectibles which fill you in on the history of the world.
That isn’t the point though; the point is dealing with this post-pandemic world, the decisions it forces you to make, and how you can somehow empathise with these characters.

Think of the Walking Dead (the books, not the T.V. series). The writer flat out said at the beginning that he wasn’t interested in sci-fi. He wasn’t interested in dealing with the hows or whys of the ‘virus’. He just wanted to write a gripping character driven story.

tl;dr – This game deserves your attention. You don’t need a virtual score for playing it. Judge it for what it is, and not for what tropes it avoids.

solarwind12 4 July, 2013 @ 1:28 pm   13

ahh.. ok, thanks for info, i did say trophies was a minor issue, i am glad i now know i won’t be seeing how the world went mad, though Not very happy, i get your point about, like TWD, it is mostly character interactions and loss they endure that works, as the writer intended, only TLoU, Last year there was blog discussion re actual fungus that is affecting some species, one example i know of is a lot of bats are getting both driven mad/dying, due to one fungus that suddenly switched from feeding off dead/decaying flesh, to eating living flesh, has scientists baffled, anyway when it attacks, one of first symptoms is causing uncontrollable thirst, then hunger in the (important, like bee’s) species, (ie, they kill/eat farm insects, helping farmers produce edible food), So unlike a zombie, a infected TLoU type ‘may’ of been a plausible (may actually Be) part of how/why, which i was kinda expecting and looking for, Still, i ain’t writing game off, also the theme/tv advert, ‘Could you be TLoU’, (?), clearly, by chptr2, Joel has somehow become TLoU material, or a contender, How, i hope, as you say i find out via collectibles, But, cerainly wish it was a part of instead. thnx for reply.

Ice_Dragon_007 6 July, 2013 @ 2:30 am   14

Have not played this yet but I hear a few people saying it is censored?
I live in Australia so I guess I would get the same version you get.
What is censored in the game?
Also how is God of War : Ascension censored?