Apocalyptic Sale blows up on PlayStation Store today


Hey there everyone. We’ve a new PlayStation Store sale starting today, alongside the PSone discounts  we announced last week. The Apocalyptic Sale begins with the Store publish today and runs until 17th July. Look out for savings on such wonders as Tokyo Jungle, Dead Space and plenty more besides. As usual, PS Plus subscribers benefit from an additional 10% off.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD
Was €12.99/£10.99, now €8.99/£7.29

Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD
Was €8.99/£7.29, now €5.99/£4.79

Oddworld: Stranger Boxx
Was €17.99/£13.99, now €12.99/£9.99

I Am Alive
Was €14.99/£11.99, now €7.99/£6.49

Quantum Theory
Was €29.99/£19.99, now €12.99/£9.99

Armageddon Riders
Was €9.99/£7.99, now €4.99/£3.99

DOOM 3 BFG Edition
Was €39.99/£29.99, now €21.99/£17.99

Dead Space
Was €19.99/£15.99, now €9.99/£7.99

Dead Space Super Bundle
Was €29.99/£19.99, now €14.99/£11.99

Dead Space Extraction
Was €14.99/£11.99, now €7.99/£6.49

Dead Space Ignition
Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.99/£2.39

Dead Space 2
Was €29.99/£19.99, now €14.99/£11.99

Dead Space 2 Super Bundle
Was €49.99/£39.99, now €23.99/£19.69

Dead Space 3
Was €69.99/£59.99, now €29.99/£19.99

The Last Guy
Was €7.99/£6.49, now €3.99/£3.19

Dead Nation
Was €12.99/£9.99, now €6.49/£5.19

Was €12.99/£9.99, now €9.99/£7.99

MotorStorm Apocalypse
Was €14.99/£11.99, now €7.49/£5.99

From Dust + I Am Alive bundle
Was €21.99/£17.99, now €9.99/£7.99

Shoot Many Robots
Was €9.99/£7.99, now €4.99/£3.99

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Was €14.99/£11.99, now €11.25/£8.89

Far Cry 3 + Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Was €39.99/£29.99, now €34.99/£24.99


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Any Vita love? I just bought it last week…

Kinda disappointing sales thought, because Microsoft is having summer sale and their prices are cheaper. I don’t even own microsoft console, just saw news about it in local site.

I hope Sony can have better prices on PS4 era as I have already pre-ordered it…

Fred Dutton 03 July, 2013 @ 12:23

They’re not part of this particular promotion, but the equally excellent Guacamelee and Mutant Blobs Attack will also be going on sale this week. (Guacamelee – Was £9.99/€12.99, now £7.99/€9.99;
Mutant Blobs – Was £5.49/€6.99, now £2.79/€3.49).

We’ll have some more PS Vita discounts for you before too long, promise.


is this a joke? on XBox360 you can get Far Cry 3 for 9,99€

Tokyo Jungle for me :)

What time does the store update today? I want to know when I can download the new plus games.

Fred Dutton 03 July, 2013 @ 12:14

I believe items are starting to go live now. Battlefield 3 is certainly available: https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/games/battlefield-3-/cid=EP0006-NPEB00723_00-BF30000000000000


So, you can get Far Cry 3:Blood Dragon, or the bundle with Far Cry 3, but not the game by itself? Really? I mean, they’re great prices and all, but it’s of no help to people who already own Blood Dragon.

If you’re going to reduce the cost of a bundle of games, you have to do it for the individual games too. Otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for complaining.

Meh pretty crappy sale, I mean most are not even 50% and the selection is not the best either…

When are you going to release a BIG summer sale?

Jawad Ashraf 03 July, 2013 @ 12:32

Keep an eye out.


Ya, ive been waiting for a Vita sales since i got mine a few months ago…. i keep getting excited when i see a US sale with Vita stuff, but then we get nothing here….

so dont hold your breath.

most of this stuff was on special already withing 3 or so months.
Nothing here for me.

Anyways another question why does USA psn have way better sales too?

Nightmare966 03 July, 2013 @ 12:15

That was quite unexpected. I thought you guys wouldn’t do a PS3 sale until its turn came in the Memories sale.

BTW, the Dead Space 2 Super Bundle page brings me to a Blank page. I guess it is for the UK only?

4# it’s already updated on the web store. Just search for the games.



This is a very poor sale considering the alternatives. Pull your socks up and try again guys


There’s a few things i’m interested in here, but I know whatever I buy will end up on PSN + within two months :(


Hi Jawad!
Can you please tell me if there is a possibility of a discount planned for Ace Combat Joint Assault (PSP, PSV) in the (very) near future?
I want to buy the game but I will be frustrated to see it discounted in the following weeks if I buy it now.
Thanks :)


So the US gets the likes of Batman: Arkham Asylum for $4, and we get this? Extremely disappointing.

pillaysteven 03 July, 2013 @ 12:19

Oh come on… Still no ratchet trilogy sale? The American sale is so much better! Very disappointing :-(


Sorry, but this sale is crap…

Yes! Just started downloading Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, so will there be discount for Sigma 2 plus? I’d rather not pay full price for the game as I own the whole trilogy for PS3!


North America gets an amazing sale and we get this.

The Ratchet trilogy has been on sale multiple times over there now and yet here it seems to be fixed at £23.99.

I expect Ratchet: Gladiator isn’t releasing this week for us either.

We should be compensated by having a sale on Ratchet games.

I’m Buying all Dead Space super blundle
will get the dlc’s the dead space 3?

Hello Jawad and Fred, i have a problem with Unit 13 from plus, some time ago I used 5 euro discout voucher, but newer bought the game, now i cant download free Unit 13, on the vita store there is just no option, and on the web store there is “tell me more” button which tells me about this used voucher. I have another Unit 13 in shop, this discounted one, but it’s not free.


Where’s our summer sale like the US got? there’s some awesome deals in that

grandediabolik 03 July, 2013 @ 12:28

You do realise that this is not the ‘Summer Sale’ like the US is having. Last year the EU one popped up at the end of July, at least wait until then.

Jawad Ashraf 03 July, 2013 @ 12:36

Glad you’ve spotted this :)


Am I seeing things or is Fruit Ninja coming to Vita today?

extermin8or_ 03 July, 2013 @ 12:32

Are the plus 10% iscount on the sale prices or on the full price… so if it’s reduced from £50 to £20, is the plus discount £2 or £5?


Oh and while your on are we getting Ratchet Gladiator today, if not when, it’s about time we found out

blendercat27 03 July, 2013 @ 12:33

Can you please list Australian prices with sales and store updates? It would be greatly appreciated.

“Sony adds mobile phone billing for PlayStation Store”

Is this available in Portugal?


Where is Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD in spanish PSN???


Will Motorstorm 2 PSN in 3D (10 Levels) be on sale at some point?



Doubt it.

It’s stuck in Quality Assurance.

Even though when it finally releases it will be exactly the same as the US release, unpatched with none of the bugs fixed.

Meh, nothing for me here. I’m glad that I have the new PS Plus games downloading so it doesn’t affect me.

Was interested when I saw Tokyo Jungle in the sale on the homepage, only to find out its only had £2 knocked off the price . So no purchase there then.

As for Oddworld: Strangers Wrath, I’m guessing its the PS3 version (which was on sale for about £5 a couple of weeks ago), why not have the Vita version on sale like everyone asks for every time we see the words ‘oddworld’ and ‘stranger’ in a sale together!


As to my earlier comment, if you’re planning on putting Far Cry 3 in a later sale or on PS+, then all is forgiven and I won’t complain again. There’s far too much of that on here as it is.

Rancid_Undead 03 July, 2013 @ 12:37

Stranger’s Wrath is already on sale for about half that price if I’m not mistaken?

Any chance of the Vita version going on sale soon?

Cool sale;) Hopefully the retro ‘DOOM Collection’ will get a price drop soon?

miky_magawolaz 03 July, 2013 @ 12:38

I just want a discount on R&C Trilogy please

Also, there’s nothing coming out on Vita this month… how about a MASSIVE sale on old stuff? PLEAAASE :(


This sale is an insult compared to both the Xbox 360 sale as well as the US PSN sale.

I sure hope we’ve got something a lot better coming, and not just promoses of better that end up just as bad.


#2 Wooow There is 1 euro difference. It is almost a matter of life and death.

bestoftheturks 03 July, 2013 @ 12:45

I’m not seeing Assassin’s Creed 3 at €9.99 in there. Not happy. Not happy at all, guys. Everyone else is doing it on Steam and XBox Live and for once I’m actually jealous I can’t do it, too.

KaneTheGoth 03 July, 2013 @ 12:47

I second that for a discount on the Doom collection!


Good that I didn’t buy Dead Space 1 yesterday. :D


Jawad/Fred any news on the PSP sale PT3? Please tell me that there will be a disount on the metal slug games and capcom puzzle world

HellsSyerBlue 03 July, 2013 @ 12:53

its this time that i get I Am Alive its a great game :)
i Hope you do a sale soon like microsoft is doing, like Borderlands 9.99 euros



”We’ll have some more PS Vita discounts for you before too long, promise.”

Define how long *before too long* is and define what *have some more* entitles. When the hell are vita fans getting their own games discounts on VITA games? And when is it going to be a proper one with tons of titles and good deals of games that haven’t been on discount before?


Really disappointing on your part!

DaRkLiNkX93 03 July, 2013 @ 12:59

Please we want real sale like the summer sales in USA !!


Today is all about the PS Plus additions anyway, I’m surprised we even got another sale. The only thing I’m going to moan about is I’ve now ran out of space on my 320gb hard-drive (and the pitiful 32gb limit of my Vita memory card was reached ages ago) so I’m going to have to start deleting some games! First world problems…


When are the codes for the Vita MEGA Pack going to work? Mine still doesn’t work..


PS+ rebate is missing on Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon :(

Please fix, wanna buy it :)


A sale focusing on Stereoscopic 3D games only would be nice.

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