Insert Coin and PlayStation team up for awesome The Last of Us apparel!


Everyone at Insert Coin is really excited about the prospect of working together with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe on a new range of apparel and accessories. We’ve been busily working with the SCEE team since 2012 and it’s great to finally announce our partnership at last.

What’s particularly exciting is that we have been given free rein to explore the wonderful world of PlayStation – from those early days nearly two decades ago, through to the latest releases and even into the future of gaming. And it’s been a fantastic voyage, rediscovering old favourites and identifying exciting new worlds of opportunity.

The first step was deciding which parts of PlayStation’s rich heritage to start with and, although we haven’t yet revealed all the games we will be representing, it’s a great mix of the old and the new, the familiar and the more obscure… and it all kicks off with a range inspired by The Last of Us.



We are huge fans of The Last of Us and it’s fantastic to be a small part of that story. We’ve been working with the guys at Naughty Dog for the last few months, honing designs for tees, vests, hoodies and shirts that will help gamers take their experience even further. From drawing on the incredibly rich world of The Last of Us itself, to taking inspiration from the clothes worn by Joel and Ellie – it has been great to draw on their experience and knowledge to help shape ranges from the earliest stages, right through to the final concepts.

In fact, it’s been an absolute honour to collaborate with such creative minds full-stop.

We were all so proud when our first designs were signed-off and it is only just sinking in that we are working at the heart of the videogame industry, working on some of gaming’s most iconic and best-loved franchises.



And beyond The Last of Us, every game we’ve chosen to work on in these initial ranges is special in its own right – and, best of all, we’ve still got a huge bank of amazing titles to choose from for stage two!

All our new designs are set to come online very soon, exclusively on And, as always, we recommend that people pick them up as soon as possible because everything is limited edition and – once they’re gone – they might never come back again!

We hope to reveal all our PlayStation inspired ranges over the coming weeks and we can’t wait to share our ideas with this amazing community and help you represent the games – and consoles – you love in style!


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Reidzer-1314 05 July, 2013 @ 12:07

A partnership made in heaven! First designs look awesome and I really cant wait to see what you guys over Insert Coin come forward with in the future!

I have an Insert Coin top and it’s good quality. Looks like I’ll be ordering some more from them soon.

First order of business, bring back the wild hog air tours tee!
I missed it the first time around and I love that design!

Next you should do some more Uncharted, Killzone and InFamous products!


Thanks so much, guys! This is the first new range we’re working on in partnership with SCEE – so watch this space for loads more reveals in the coming weeks :-)

CoolRichy008UK 05 July, 2013 @ 12:27


What size range are you going to be offering?
Will you be like all the other small minded firms and only go to XXL or you will actually put some thought into and respect the people who are larger than most and make some bigger sized tops.

I am a XXL sometimes XXXL depending on manufacturer…but for example if i wanted to wear a hoodie over my clothes, then obviously it would need to be 4XL


Hi Fr34kyUK! Our products tend to go from S up to 3XL as standard – the fit on those is normally pretty roomy too… hope that helps! :-)

greenpunkie 05 July, 2013 @ 13:07

Can I order from somewhere far away? Like China.

I would acutally like that Joel shirt, as long as it’s made with quality material, and it has a nice fit.

Also, is there any mail sign-up service to let us know when they’re at the store?


Beyond epic!


So I assume that these will be available at Eurogamer expo in September!! Perfect oppurtunity I’d say to sell a few I’d say.


Hi guys – thanks for the great feedback! We make everything from scratch, so we’re hand choosing the materials and the fit to make the best possible products. In terms of getting the latest info, it’s best to hit our Twitter or Facebook channels as they have all the latest news. Ohh, and yup – we ship worldwide! :-)

Carnivius_Prime 05 July, 2013 @ 13:46

I like these. I haven’t even got the game (financial priorities don’t allow such a purchase at present) but I can see myself wearing Joel’s shirt at the top there (I often wear those kind of shirts anyways). I like game characters who have everyday costumes. You could be cosplaying and nobody would think anything weird of it. I knew a boy in the cast of my last play who sometimes came to rehearsals in an outfit very similar to Nathan Drake’s Uncharted 3 outfit complete with the scarf thing.

I work out a fair bit and love the idea of vests being brought into your product range. Will you be doing vests for other games as well?


I’d love to see some Tokyo Jungle t-shirts. Perhaps a Pomeranian standing atop a defeated Hippo or something similar. :)

blendercat27 05 July, 2013 @ 15:12

These are cool. I particularly like the hoody with the firefly mark on it.

So, if you guys are bringing on more PlayStation themed clothing, is there any chance we could get a Vib-Ribbon t-shirt? Perhaps plain black, with Vibri skipping across a line on the front? I would literally fork out money for something like that right now.

lisatsunami 05 July, 2013 @ 15:39

Huh, exciting in theory but I don’t think the pictured samples are a very good representation of TLOU, other than the Firefly hoodie. However, I am hopeful about your future products and will keep an eye on your website.

InFAMOUS and LBP, GOW. Uncharted, Tearaway would be good places to start. Not a first party but still a Playstation exclusive: Ni No Kuni. I would be all over that. How about scarves, bandanas, gloves, fabric handbags?

Why is SCEE so much better at marketing than SCEA?


Thanks, guys – more awesome feedback! Just to answer a few of your questions…

We’ve got a few vests for other games, although they’re ‘girly-fit’ only at present :-)

Line drawings never really do designs justice, but these are all deep-rooted in TLOU lore – keep ’em peeled for plenty of photos in the coming weeks :-)

And you never know for designs based on other games – we’re working on a lot of awesome new ranges!

Hope that helps :-)


is it just tops you do? What about trousers, shorts etc.


Hi GulfWarVet! We currently make tees, hoodies, jackets, polo shirts, button-thru shirts, gloves, bags, dressing gowns and leggings… but we’re adding new lines all the time :-)


congratulations. I have two hoodies and have had excellent service from you guys, so looking forwardbto the new line!!


any chance of some PS logo shirts?

or even the PS+ Home shirt?

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