PlayStation Home update: Fly over the Kingdom of the Skies!

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am BST on Wednesday 10th July for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Lockwood – Kingdom of the Skies
The Genie has heard tell of a gem not yet added to his collection, hidden in the distant Kingdom of the Skies. Genie magic has granted access to this Kingdom’s bustling bazaar, but only a chosen few may progress beyond. Those without magic carpets are of no use to the Genie – how will you gather his gems if you cannot fly? However, even owning a carpet is not enough to be permitted to alight on one of the Kingdom’s many scattered islands. Only those who have taken the time to know the Genie and understand his ways are invited to explore every island and uncover every secret.

Some of you may remember the launch of the Fairytale King and Queen of Hearts way back in February. These were outfits based on designs by Home user Jennifer Whitbread and created by Lockwood. Shortly afterwards, users were asked to vote on which of Jennifer’s designs they’d like to see in Home next. The overwhelming result was for Red Riding Hood and the Red Rider, so Lockwood got to work making them a reality!

Screen Siren Gift Machine Edition
Help your friends get those va-va-voom curves with the Gift Machine editions of Lockwood’s popular Screen Siren outfit. In three luxurious colours – gold, platinum and sapphire – send the Siren in your life a head-turning treat!


nDreams – The Masquerade Ball
Become the Belle or Beau of the Ball with the beautiful Masquerade Ball Range. The Ballroom apartment is perhaps the most beautiful apartment space created in PlayStation Home and is perfect for hosting your very own ball. It’s not just The Ballroom that is delightful there is a range of Male and Female clothing perfect for the occasion as well as some delightful furniture to relax after all that dancing.

Hellfire Games – Retro Flyers
Take to the skies with the newest Retro Flyers Value Packs! For the first time ever, get three Retro Flyers for the price of two when you purchase the new Crimson, Azure, and Shadow Value Packs, and get 30% off the standard price with the Golden Value Pack. Each Value Pack contains the Daredevil Biplane, Supersonic Jetpack, and Mysterious U.F.O. in its respective color at a deep discount! Check out the newest Retro Flyers releases in the Home Tycoon Train Station and Novus Prime.


VEEMEE – Summer Sale
The Summer Sale continues this week with the spotlight shifting to Wrangler. There are 6 fantastic bundles to choose from. Four Best Seller bundles, two each for male and female and two Ultimate Bundles, one male and one female that each contain 50 of the best items from Wranglers Home back catalogue.

Street Style
Take to the streets in style with VEEMEE’s latest releases in the Street Style clothing range. You’ll be sure to hang up your old attire when you see these new male and female additions to the store.

For Home’s locomotion lovers, there will be a steampunk pogostick to hop around on and a bunch balloons which make you swim in the air! For the female users there is a new series of leggings, all made out of jeans fabrics. And last but not least, you can now become a true viking, with full body costumes of Gunnar, Eirik, Sigrid and Brynhild!


Tanabata Starry Sky Bikini and Brief Sets
A starlit sky pattern sparkles and shimmers on these swimsuits, the Tanabata Starry Sky Bikini is here. The men’s swim briefs are a snug fit for the body and the women’s neck strap type bikini has a pareo attached. For both men and women a bracelet with small stars attached is included in this two-piece set. In addition, you can enjoy the limited time Tanabata flight in this swimsuit! So wear a Starry Sky Bikini and swim and fly around!

GZ_Tanabata Swimsuit

*The flight game can continue to be enjoyed in the Glittering Sands Secluded Retreat after the Tanabata event.

Konami – Weapons
There are new swords with custom animations under the new Weaponry category at the Konami Store this week. Swing your swords or strike a pose that will strike fear into your enemies hearts.


Pacific Rim
Head to the Home Square to perform your duty and defend it from an imminent attack! Get in your Jaeger costume and defy the Kaiju now in order to receive your very own exclusive Pilot Suit Costume. Let us know whether you survived the attack here.


Other updates
New furniture, clothing and companions have arrived, including LED and Tiki style bars and stools, a Fairy companion, a vintage laced evening gown, and ‘Married’ and ‘Single’ status symbols.

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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markmerthyr 09 July, 2013 @ 21:22

Good update this week. :-)

Very good update… wish it was for NA…LOL.


Home is like bad, interactive Poser “art” where “special” people dress up as scantily clad women in “awesome” fantasy surroundings. It is all kinds of creepy! I would never, ever let my kids near Home on our PS3.

Carnivius_Prime 10 July, 2013 @ 10:40

@3 well if that’s what you think it’s about, it kinda says more about your own perceptions than what it’s actually capable of. What you described can pretty much describe most online social gatherings if you’d like to. I’ve been using Home to keep in touch with friends and family across Europe since so very few of them live in the UK anymore. No I’m not really into all the ‘trendy’ clothes and such (my avatar tends to be deliberately older and rugged looking, sorta Wolverine-inspired helped by the Origins claws given away a few years ago), but I’ve bought a few things which I’ve liked such as the TARDIS personal space since most of my friends are Doctor Who fans. It’s neat having a 3D avatar hub of sorts to get together and chat and play a few games and very easy to set up even for my parents in Spain who are not very tech-savvy at all.


My perceptions are merely based on the images on this blog, and that’s the kind of vibe I get from those. It looks scarcely different from the horrible Poser doll galleries you inadvertently stumble across from time to time in the world of 3D graphics and galleries.

R4d1c4lPr0G4m3r 10 July, 2013 @ 11:19

So happy that they bring out an update for Home *-*

residentSteve 10 July, 2013 @ 14:04

So when is the home closing down sale I can’t see sony bringing it to ps4 they would of said something about it by now if it was to be on ps4.

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