Gran Turismo 6 Goodwood Hill Climb course unveiled


Most people who love Gran Turismo love cars and so most of you, especially those in the UK, will be familiar with the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Founded 20 years ago by the Earl of March on his family’s beautiful Goodwood estate in West Sussex, England (, it attracts over 185,000 people.

At the centre of it all is the now-famous Hill Climb course that each year sees top F1 drivers, celebrities and invited guests driving up at break-neck speed in a huge variety of cars. From classic exotica and modern race cars to the latest supercars, innovations or everyday family cars – they all head ‘up the Hill’ in front of a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic crowd.


Yamauchi-san feels a great affection for the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Its setting, in front of the beautiful old home of British aristocrats, is pretty quirky and very special, but it is really the variety and range of all things automotive on display that appeals. The atmosphere – providing the British weather behaves – is amazing.

For that reason, Polyphony Digital has partnered with the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed (11th to 14th July) and has announced that the Goodwood Hill Climb course will feature in GT6 when it is released later this year.


Polyphony has also developed a special new GT6 demo featuring the Hill Climb and a variety of cars. Attendees at Goodwood will have the opportunity to play the demo and race ‘up the Hill’ on GT pods dotted around the Festival. In case you are going, you’ll find them at the Goodwood Road Racing Club, The Family Area and Goodwood Hotel; on the Nissan and Alfa Romeo stands; on the Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Nissan Moving Motor Show displays. There is also a chance for the drivers and media to have a go in the drivers’ club and media centre.


The target they’ll be aiming for is Nick Heidfeld’s 1999 41.6s course record, set in a Formula 1 car. After 1999 they decided to no longer record the time of the F1 cars and the motorcycles up the hill as it was getting a little too competitive!


As it stands, the demo will only be available on-site at Goodwood, and there are no plans for a wider release for the moment. But anyone wanting a flavour of GT6 can still download and play the fantastic GT6 demo that includes this year’s GT Academy qualification. It has proved very popular and is well worth having a go – especially if you fancy becoming a real racing driver.

Lead image Ford-GT_Goodwood_01SLS-AMG-GT3_Goodwood_03

On the subject of GT Academy and Goodwood, for UK residents attending the Festival of Speed there is a ‘wildcard’ competition on Nissan’s Moving Motor Show display. The fastest time each day on the Hill Climb demo will make it straight into the UK National Final. Other similar events are taking place across Europe so do check your local Nissan and PlayStation sites and, of course, for more details.

Have fun if you are going to Goodwood, and good luck if you are entering GT Academy – either via the online demo or at one of the Live Events.

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Video would be great?!

Fred Dutton 10 July, 2013 @ 16:52

We’ll hopefully have a video for you in the next 24 hours – hold tight.

Loving the GT6 demo guys, I think you’ve nailed it, still tinkering away at the set up and trying to beat times.

Add me, odiumz, just to race against times.


Unbelievable news!!!! So pleased this track is coming to GT6!!!!

grandcanary 10 July, 2013 @ 17:43

Hey Fred, when is Gran Turismo 6 coming out and will it be on both ps3 and ps4?

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 10 July, 2013 @ 18:20

Stunning. Simply stunning.

Wow, Polyphony took time, money and resources to make a demo that is only playable during 1 event. That is money well spent. Yes I know the track and cars will be in the final game but making a demo takes time and money. Thankfully the rest of us can continue to drive around in the Nissan commercial on a track that looks dead. Great job guys, really thanks.

Excellent stuff:P The more courses the better i say;)


Will GT6 get a custom Bassimpact profile for the Sony Pulse wireless headset? Like the one just released for The Last of Us, that is not available on EU PSN. For use with the Pulse Elite Manager app which is not available on EU PSN.

GT Academy 2013 – i still can’t change mph to km/h and customer support ignores me. Penrose, can you manage to fix it?

Hi Penrose Tackie

Great news to hear this track is also getting into the game. May I ask how long it has taken to get this track into the game and how it was done?

For example I would think that it would be possible to make an app for a mobile phone / PS Vita, that would “record” GPS-positions while you drive round the track and then you could transfer those data to the PS3 and then have a “rough” version of the track, which could then be edited in the game to get the correct track. Personally I think such a feature/app would be a great tool for the “community” to have, so they could easily re-create realworld tracks in the game once it comes out.


I can not wait to see the new video!


This is Awesome! I live a stone’s throw away from the Goodwood circuit (A27 Chichester by-pass is PACKED due to this weekend’s festival of speed :) ) and have gone around the track in real life (Albeit on a bicycle). Cannot wait for this to be released!

Also hoping for a PS4 release :D


Kudos for putting up the video as you said you would. Shame no-one is really going to see it now though…
The track does look pretty interesting and different to the usual stuff. Should be fun.

renanzeraferreir 12 July, 2013 @ 03:26



This must come out as a downloadable demo. I need to play it!


My 7-year-old boy and I played this at Goodwood on several stands (Mercedes, Nissan and Ford), and we were addicted! Amazing fun!! So much so that my boy couldn’t tear himself away. The result was this amazing time!! :)

i cant find it on the store anywhere?? can anyone let me know how to get it? :)

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