Insert Coin unveils PaRappa the Rapper clothing line

Following our The Last of Us reveal last week , we are very proud to announce a new range based on one of the all-time classic games – PaRappa the Rapper!

We’re huge fans of the instantly-recognisable two-dimensional rapping dog from those early days of the PlayStation, so it’s a great honour for us to work on something so iconic and memorable. Check out what we’ve got planned!

Parappa hat


When it comes to headgear, you can’t get much cooler than Parappa – his orange hat with the green frog is an integral part of gaming culture. So whether you’re rapping, relaxing or getting ready to rumble… you gotta believe!

Chop Chop tee


Kicking? Punching? It’s all in the mind… especially if you know your gaming onions. Master Chop Chop – and his mantra – are an absolutely unforgettable part of videogame history and this new tee helps you represent your favourite vegetable-based dojo in style…

Parappa tee


Want to get your geek on with an iconic Parappa design? Not a hat person? Well, we’ve created an awesome tee with the same classic frog logo! Represent the world’s best/only rapping dog in style!

All the above items will be available for pre-order from the Insert Coin store in the next month. We’ll have loads more information and pics to show you over the coming weeks – so keep ’em peeled!

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Bacon_Crispies 12 July, 2013 @ 12:35

Parappa hat

Shut up and take my money

VictorAnalogy 12 July, 2013 @ 12:43

Hat, Chop chop tee. Sold!

any chance parappa the rapper coming to the eu store? Love the hat!!

TehPunizher 12 July, 2013 @ 12:54

i want PaRappa the Rapper! on the PS EU STORE!!!!!!!!

COOL Stuff;) + Any chance of doing T-Shirts with the PlayStation Logo on them? Or the PS4 Logo(or even PS1 & PS2 & PS3 Logos) :P (YES i am PlayStation OBSESSED/MAD) :D

I want a T-Shirt that says “Kick, Punch… It’s all in the mind.”

ryannumber3gamer 13 July, 2013 @ 01:24

This is great and I’m hoping this hints to a return from the rapping dog. I personally hope to see a PaRappa & Ape Escape HD Triogy with the PaRappa one having PaRappa The Rapper 1, 2 and UmJammer Lammy and I’m hoping if there ever is one it could be on PS3 & Vita and fix the timing problems with PaRappa 1.

Dark-Twisted 13 July, 2013 @ 06:10

I’ve been wanting to play Parappa the Rapper… but I can’t and never will. That’s assuming it’ll never release on the Store.

Maybe with the pro-consumer angle Sony is spinning right now, they can start being more transparent on why certain games will never release — wasn’t this a Sony title and weren’t there Parappa games releasing as recently as the PSP days?

Also, if any part of the EU staff is reading this – please reconsider Ape Escape. It’s out on the Japan store, but it didn’t release here because supposedly it requires two sticks which made it incompatible with the PSP. Ironically, Japan is the only place the PSP is still a major success, and over here I’m dying for some Ape Escape goodness on my dual sticks Vita. Could you look into this Fred?

I want Parappa The Rapper on my Vita! What’s he delay!?

Aphrodite-22 14 July, 2013 @ 18:31

i love that head thing :)

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