Stealth Inc DLC offered for free at launch, win a PS Vita

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Us wonderful people here at Curve are very happy to let you all know that the Teleporter Chambers DLC, which adds 20 brand new levels and hours of additional content to Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark, will be free to all European customers if you pick up the main game between launch (24th July) and 7th August.

We’ve put a lot of love into this little piece of DLC. Back when the original game was only in a prototype stage, teleporters were a huge part of the gameplay, and players could use them at certain points to evade enemies and traps. While we ended up taking the game in a slightly different direction, we always wanted to revisit the idea of being able to use teleporters as a stealth gadget, and this DLC is the result of that.


All of the same level design folks on the original game worked on these 20 new levels, which maintain all the difficulty, (happy) frustration and fast-paced speed of the original title. We’ve also updated the DLC for the PS Vita and PlayStation 3 with six trophies you won’t find in the original game.

Want to win a PS Vita?
To celebrate the upcoming launch of Stealth Inc on 24th July, we’re giving away a shiny new PS Vita Mega Pack which includes a copy of Stealth Inc, ten awesome games and an 8GB memory card. Two runners up we’ll receive a copy of Stealth Inc free on launch day.


To be in with a chance, all you need to do is take a picture of yourself being ‘stealthy’ in the spirit of all great stealth games. Hide behind your sofa, hide under a box, wear a green shirt and go hide in a bush.

Show us your stealthy attitude in any way you see fit and check out the Curve Studios blog to submit your photo. This competition is only available to European residents and the closing date is the 23rd July, so go grab your camera!

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Can’t wait! All these indies hitting my Vita…Mmm…delicious!

Any news on Spelunky Vita? I’m guessing it’ not July anymore?


Thanks for the free DLC.
Any news on the Euro price for the game? Thanks!

the1free_man 16 July, 2013 @ 14:30

ANY European resident or just the usual UK, France, etc, etc.?

Really excited to get this for vita. And free dlc to boot? Cant really ask for anything else!

Really hope Sony is gonna keep this up with all these wonderful indie titles for PS3/Vita!

Lee_and_Nomi 16 July, 2013 @ 14:49

Free DLC for a game I’ve already decided to buy. Always a winner : )


I got this game already through Humble Bundle, but if the price is right, I’ll gladly get this one too for Vita!

Oh, and nice competition! I’ll get my thinking hat on!

Day 1 buy for me!

Any news on releases dates for Frozen Synapse Tactics and Terraria and Luftrausers?

Fred Dutton 16 July, 2013 @ 17:15

Not today, but soon!

supersmith2500 16 July, 2013 @ 16:52

I have a feeling this game could be part of our August IGC.

Fred Dutton 16 July, 2013 @ 17:15

Your feeling is… misguided ;)

supersmith2500 16 July, 2013 @ 17:17

Never know, guess I have to find out tomorrow for myself. I think the image leak might be false this time. XD


I might be showing my age here but I look at this and I dont see ‘Free DLC’ – but I see a return to the good old days when you bought a complete game – not like the games now when you buy a not quite complete version knowing that the remainder will be available later (or sometimes on the same day as release) at an extra cost

I may buy this purely for that – doubt it’ll happen again



as long as (“exaggerating”) trailers sell more games….
and game demos sell less games …..

as long as around 20% of people who buy a game also buy dlc…

as long as gamers pre-order to receive some virtual “gift”…..

things wont change i guess. we have to adapt even if its difficult sometimes :)

Grey__Ghost67 16 July, 2013 @ 21:07

Will this be available in NZ at launch? Please be available in NZ at launch!

Also I hear Hotline Miami will be coming to NZ, is this true?


Question how come the name has been changed from Stealth Bastard to Stealth Inc?

Ice_Dragon_007 16 July, 2013 @ 23:14

Do we get the same buy 4 games get $10 back preorder offer, that includes this game, that the Us store gets?

redalertrules 17 July, 2013 @ 00:53

hey fred can you please answer Grey__Ghost67’s question. I really wanted to buy hotline Miami and was disappointed when i couldn’t in new zealand, i mean we did pay the most in the world for vita’s at launch so give us the games please :)


@M1tch_3ll: This game is different. It’s already out on other platforms, and you get that (full) game PLUS 20 extra levels. So, in this case, the game itself isn’t an incomplete one.

Hurrah for indies!


@ocelot07 there even was a blog post here where people could vote on the new name :) i think the name change was necessary because sony thought “bastard” could discriminate some gamers ;)

Is it possible to share home made levels? That would be great.


Sounds awesome, I’ll be picking this up on day one. Thanks for confirming this will not be in IGC Fred and allowing us to purchase with peace of mind.

I just purchased this on the 7th of august and did not receive the dlc for free even though this states the offer runs until the 7th :-(

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