Behind the scenes with Infamous: Second Son – new video

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer outdoors in the nice weather! We’ve been looking through our windows with envy as we continue working hard on Second Son. Last time we checked in, we were debuting a trailer giving a taste of Delsin’s smoke abilities at E3.

It was really exciting for us to see the response from all of you — and we were also grateful to leave E3 with an armload of nominations and awards from the media. It all was a nice lift for us as we continue to try to make Delsin’s story in Seattle into something special…

Here’s something else for you to take a look at, another entry in the “Conversation with Creators” series. The crew behind these came up to the studio and interviewed us about what it’s like making PS4 games, and our experiences with the DualShock 4 controller (which is great, by the way!). In addition to myself, Sucker Punch senior staff members Nate Fox, Jaime Griesemer and Horia Dociu discuss what developing Second Son has been like, and some of the things we’re each excited about…

That’s all I’ve got for today, surely there will be more soon, but meanwhile let us know what you think here, on Twitter, and on our official Facebook page as we release information in the upcoming weeks. Did anyone say GamesCom?

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darkdudes_2 18 July, 2013 @ 17:25

praise god for that \*o*/

darkdudes_2 18 July, 2013 @ 17:25

now i need only infamous for vita ;)

looks great :)

COOL Video :P

Sucker Punch is my second favourite Sony-owned game developer. (Sorry guys but the Naughty Dogs are the best!) Pre-ordered Infamous: SS, know it will be amazing!

Nice hair btw Brian, very sharp ;)

Looks amazing, so hyped!
But i second infamous for vita. Would be a dream come true! My favourite game on my beloved handheld!

Really looking forward to this game! Also got it preordered already.


I’m quite looking forward to this. Delsin is a very hot guy. ;) Can’t wait to play as him.

residentSteve 18 July, 2013 @ 18:46

Is it worth jumping into this 3rd game after having trying to play the 1st two I just can’t get into them the 1st infamous is to grey for me and just to hard and the 2nd game I have played for an hour about a year ago on plus and have never gone back to it.
But I must admit this one does seem better and it’s cole free.

Ever since playing Persona 4 and realising regardless of what character Troy Baker voices I just think of Kanji and the Steamy Bathhouse. Second thought is Mitsunari Ishida from Sengoku Basara (loved his depression attack). Did Troy Baker steal his hair >.<

looking forward to this though

DoYouLikeMyID 18 July, 2013 @ 20:57


I’m pretty certain you don’t have to have played the first to games, to play this game. There’s a new protagonist, and it takes place seven years after InFamous 2. You should easily be able to jump straight into InFamous: Second Son.

That being said, the original two games were brilliant as well. If you already have InFamous 2 through the IGC, I recommend you give it another go. :)

Carnivius_Prime 19 July, 2013 @ 12:13

Still pretty much the only game on PS4 I’ve seen so far that interests me. Big fan of all three previous games. Easily among my most favorite series of games ever made and one of the very, very few where I’ve played right to the end of every entry in a series and on multiple occasions too. Easily one of the best and most overlooked game series out there. Certainly a better PS3 exclusive series than Killzone ever was anyways yet that always gets tons more publicity despite looking near identical to a thousand other sci fi FPS snorefests.

@residentSteve Not sure what you mean about inFamous 1 being too hard. I found it pretty easy overall but enjoyably so. I’ve played through it several times to the end.


Dear Sucker Punch,

I purchased Infamous: Special Edition day one (even if the only thing different was the Gigawatt blades)

Infamous 2: The Hero Edition. I love my bag and my Cole figurine to bits.

Infamous Second Son: Let’s do this. Delsin is a new protagonist so I would love to see a statue that is on par with the Cole one. It would be nice to have something that can be used like Cole’s rucksack but I think his jacket would push the price beyond the 80-130 price point.

All I am asking is that you make it happen. Please. I even bought the Comics. :D

toxic-inferno 19 July, 2013 @ 23:33

Looks fantastic! I loved inFamous and inFamous 2, and will undoubtedly pick this up as soon as I get a PS4! I love the freedom that the series gives you.

I keep wondering how the moral choices pan out in this game. I hope the whole system has had an overhaul since inFamous 2, which – despite being a vast improvement over inFamous – felt a little bit linear in terms of morality, right up until that final choice.

The gameplay looks similar, which is good, but given their track ready, I trust Sucker Punch to produce an excellent game!

Stonesthrow 20 July, 2013 @ 18:19

Ah, I got worried and then relieved when he said they would use the touchpad at specific moments :d Like scanning the fingerprint, that works really well outside of the action, but I hope not having to do so during. In LBP vita it works well sometimes, but at other times it just takes too long to get your fingers back to the default buttons. So it all depends on how they used it I guess.
Anyway, I have no doubt this’ll become part of the PLUS IGC at some point, but I’m going to have to get it at launch :p

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