PlayStation Store indie savings: Machinarium, A-Men, Smash Cars

Hello readers, I’m here to share news on our latest batch of discounted indie games on the PlayStation Store!


First off, we have the charming and brilliantly-designed point and click adventure Machinarium from Amanita Design. Machinarium is available on both PS3 and PS Vita, and is discounted on both platforms.


Our second deal is for A-Men on PS Vita, the debut military strategy title from Bloober Team. A-Men is an addictive puzzle-platformer that’s easy to play, yet challenging to master.


The last game within this batch of indie discounts is Smash Cars by Creat Studio. In Smash Cars for PS3, you get behind the wheel of your own RC car and race to be the first across the finish line, nailing some crazy stunts as you go.

Thanks for checking these deals out, and keep an eye out for our next round of indie game deals starting 31st July!

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A-men is very, very tempting. Smash cars too, were it on Vita. Machinarium I already have through PS Plus…

Great indie sales, all in all!

How much will A-Men be in UK?

kukkuluuruu27 18 July, 2013 @ 12:13

Yeah just my luck, I buy Machinarium the day before yesterday.. But yeah A-men seems nice, will pick it up.

killah_fury 18 July, 2013 @ 12:13

Lots of things wrong here.. :-/

* A-men is cross-buy, you should state that above as the Store listing only says ‘PS3’ on the left-side bar which may confuse people (doesn’t say PS Vita)
* Machinarium for PS Vita is currently showing as more expensive than the PS3 version
* Machinarium for PS Vita listing says that it supports Dualshock 3

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 18 July, 2013 @ 12:15

If you don’t have Machinarium then buy it.
It’s an absolute gem!

Store showing Machinarium for PS Vita was €5.99 is €5.99?

I’ll get Machinarium for Vita once the store on my Vita has updated the price, still showing the old price for me.


Machinarum is still listed for € 5,99 instead of € 2,99.

Fred Dutton 18 July, 2013 @ 13:26

We’re investigating this right now – update asap.


^ Vita version off course



Steam and Xb0x & USA Playstation can go home with their summer sales thanks for these 3 brilliant blockbusters, can I put multiple copies of each in the cart please?


I bought Machinarium vita on release date and for € 2,99 it’s must buy for everybody! Now I’m going for A-men, looks fun.

In Finnish PS Store Machinarium for Vita is 5,95 e (or 5,36 e for Plus members). PS3 version is 3,95 e (or 3,56 e for Plus members).

So please fix the price of Vita version so I can finally buy it. :)


Nice sales. Are the summer sales starting tomorrow?

Carnivius_Prime 18 July, 2013 @ 13:28

I didn’t enjoy Machinarium much at all. It had it’s moments but overall I kept thinking I’d rather be playing the far more entertaining Monkey Island games if I wanted to play a puzzly point n’ clicky adventure game. So I did.


Please update the Machinarium Vita Price which is not discounted properly in store.

superpatchy66 18 July, 2013 @ 14:58

Any idea when the price problem will be fixed?


Why is the price in euros only?


The price is now the correct one: € 2,99 or € 2,69 with ps plus. Thanks Fred!

Not usually a fan of downloadable games as i like buying boxed games, but if you keep up with the good prices of under £5 i am definitely coming back :D

so do these discounts apply for the UK or just Euro zone countries?

I’d pick up Machinarium for vita as I got the PS3 version free with plus.

Hopefully the summer sale when it starts will actually have some vita titles in it and not the same ones that have been discounted multiple times before. I’m hoping for a sale on Earth Defence Force 2017


With plus discounts both Machinarium Vita and A-men Vita are £2.15 each! Now that’s showing some Vita love. Thanks.


excellent deal…. just bough Machinarium for Vita and A-men Vita. 5.32€ for those 2 games were a bargain. keep sending deals like this plz :)


The 10% Plus Discount are so dissapointig compared to Us Plus Discounts.


US PSN+ may have better rebate, but they have less value on PSN than EU+.
I prefer EU PSN+ over US one.

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