Retro City Rampage update adds RETRO+ Mode and Prototype Version

Retro City Rampage on PS3 and PS Vita

A new Retro City Rampage update has just dropped, which takes things both forward and backward!

RETRO+ Enhanced Graphics Mode
The “RETRO+” Enhanced Graphics Mode gives RCR a neo-retro boost with dynamic shadows, doubling the colours on screen. The shadows and increased contrast help sprites pop like never before. For purists, the original 8-bit mode is still there in all its glory, but if you’re ready for a slight retro remix, RETRO+ is a great new way to enjoy the game.

Retro City Rampage on PS3 and PS Vita

Prototype Version
“ROM” City Rampage, an 8-bit hardware-accurate prototype has also been added. Drive around Theftropolis with the strict limitations of 1980s hardware, sprite flicker and all. Compare side by side how closely Retro City Rampage adheres to classic hardware and where it strays, and see what really was possible in 1989. See what actually could’ve been released on cartridge, had someone come up with the idea back then!

To access it, simply go to Nolan’s Arcade or Doc Choc’s house and find the in-game video game machine. Play the 8-bit game from within the psedudo-8-bit game! 8-bit-ception!

Watch the Making of “ROM” City Rampage, below. See what goes into making a real 8-bit game and what developers were faced with in the ’80s!

More updates!
A number of smaller additions have been added as well. There’s now a Gallery, which includes an animation viewer for character sprites, vehicles and colour palettes.

The 3D racer has also been slightly updated. Previously, holding up (or accelerate) would speed your vehicle up, and holding down (or reverse) would slow you down. However, many players didn’t grasp this and ended up playing these levels at much slower speeds than they should have, making them feel longer and more tedious. As a result, the vehicle now always drives at max speed, but you can still hold down or reverse to slow down as before.

Additionally, the player’s health points have been increased for those who still have trouble, but if you want a real challenge, try to beat those levels without getting hit! It’s very much possible; you just need to figure out your strategies! Retro City Rampage isn’t all run-n-gun, many missions are also think-n-plan!

Some hints: use the lanes to your advantage, switching between them to dodge attacks and listen to the sounds for warning cues. Also, it’s often easier to shoot the vehicles and obstacles in your way than it is to avoid them.

Top 50 character styles
The top 50 character styles have also been posted, pulled from 215,382 players on the leaderboards. See how stylish your player is in Retro City Rampage!

If you already have Retro City Rampage, update to the latest version! If you don’t, be sure to check it out. The update also extends the game demo, so you can experience more of the open world and slow-paced free roaming that RCR has to offer.

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Very cool updates.


Very cool (and thankfully free) updates. Thank you :)


Wow that’s nice! Never expected any updates in this game though.

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 18 July, 2013 @ 14:23

Should I buy this, it looks good!
Brian, what are your thoughts?

Brian Provinciano 18 July, 2013 @ 14:37

yes ;)

AussieOutsider 18 July, 2013 @ 14:28

Wanted to try this, but looks like it’s still only available for VITA here in Australia, and I don’t have a Vita.


Fantastic! Thank you very much Brian, I will start playing this again! I was jealous after seeing this update for the PC version and never expected to get it on Vita.

Are you creating any DLC? I’d be very happy to pay to expand the world.

In an ideal world you would be creating a psuedo-SNES 16-bit sequel! That would be incredible. I’d love to play the version that could have been created on the real SNES and it would be awesome to see the increased detail and colours of a SNES RCR! I hope you will have some awesome news re: DLC or SNESCITYRAMPAGE in the coming months.

Brian Provinciano 18 July, 2013 @ 14:38

Thanks! Enjoy!

No DLC in the works, but I am working on a new game which will also hit PS4!

The only bit I would say needed fixing was the races around the city (particularly the nitro car optional mission one) as the time limit is near impossible :(

SNES-City-Rampage, big enough for a Platinum trophy would be a dream come true.

Maybe the extra mode you add afterwards could be Genesis-City-Rampage with the colours/graphics altered to what would have been possible on Mega Drive.

Brian Provinciano 18 July, 2013 @ 14:39

The race around the city is slightly strategic! Aim to use your nitro in the best possible moments (ie. long straight roads), and remember you can take shortcuts. No need to always follow the road.

Overlord1304 18 July, 2013 @ 15:03

Hi Brian. Great to see the support for RCR continuing. Can I enquire as to whether the special sale price that is running in the US will be coming to EU regions? I know it was on sale not so long ago as part of the launch of the Indie section but I missed that one and I’d love to get my hands on this great game…

Brian Provinciano 18 July, 2013 @ 15:08

No sale on right now, unfortunately, but if there is again, you’ll find out here and on Twitter/Facebook right away.

Did not expect that this great update would hit the Vita ! Thanks Brian.
Can’t wait to play any future games from you

Carnivius_Prime 18 July, 2013 @ 15:57

I still like the graphics (pixel purist here though so unlikely to the use retro+) but I was never a massive fan of GTA gameplay. Still glad I purchased the game though even just to enjoy the nicely done sprites and tiles. I just hope more developers will bring other types of game types in an authentic 8-bit style (I’m making one myself when I find time though with the limits of a different 8-bit machine, not the NES)


Love the new look and retro style option.

Was there ever a list posted of all the tv styles and what they relate to in the real world?

supersmith2500 18 July, 2013 @ 17:49

Brian, one question, did you manage to run this prototype on a real NES 8-bit system? Looks pretty cool.

Brian Provinciano 18 July, 2013 @ 19:02

it runs on real 8-bit hardware. Check out the video :)


Brian this is amazing. This game is perfect on the vita as it only weighs in at 39mb! And as the vita memory is so precious I cant ever think of deleting this game to make more space! It incredible how you got so much game for the size its just loads of fun. I can’t wait to try out these updates.

Brian Provinciano 18 July, 2013 @ 23:17

Thanks! I spent a bunch of time letting my programmer brain overpower my project manager brain when it came to scheduling to put in the work to crunch it down, even though anyone else would’ve just let it be released at a few hundred megs, hehe.


Lost interrest in this game after the way it launched on Vita in eu.
Then just read it was on sale on joystiq and went over to the store to find the sale was us only.
You may color me dissapointed, again.

Brian Provinciano 18 July, 2013 @ 19:05

It’s very difficult to develop a game and release it as one person, especially for so many platforms. Please, please, watch this lecture I gave on the development to greater understand what goes on behind the scenes. Coordinating multi-platform and multi-region releases is difficult.


Hi Brian

USA customers just got great sale on this game from 14.99$ to 4.99$. Can we get something like that too? That would be really great, you got great game there, can’t wait to get it.

Brian Provinciano 18 July, 2013 @ 23:16

It’s unfortunately only on sale for SCEA right now, but follow @RetroCR on twitter or Retro City Rampage on Facebook to be notified immediately of anything in the future.


Hi Brian Provinciano,

Thanks for replying.

I have actually already seen your lecture :)
To be honest i’m pinning this on Sony.
There has been little love for eu vita in general.
I just felt like speaking up this time.

Brian Provinciano 18 July, 2013 @ 23:13

Did you watch the entire thing including the Q&A at the end? I touch on this.

Coordinating things is very difficult. I tried to coordinate things with SCEA, SCEE and Steam. In the end, it just didn’t work out and only SCEA and Steam lined up. Every group has their own schedule and plan, and it’s rare that they can all line up perfectly. Note that I don’t even mention Xbox as they complicate coordinating things so much that I don’t even bother anymore, which is why PlayStation and PC get all of the perks.


Thanks for the replies Brian, it’s really appreciated how much you engage with your customers compared to some developers.

I eagerly await news on your next game and am happy to promise I’ll pick it up day one on Vita!


been having a super fun and stressful time playing this with my mates. Lovin it

Carnivius_Prime 19 July, 2013 @ 11:56

Have to say I’m loving the gallery mode. I don’t normally care about such things in most games but it’s fantastic being able to examine those superbly defined 8-bit sprites.

Dkmomo64bit 21 July, 2013 @ 04:34

Thanks sooo much Brian! I didn’t grow up in the 80’s but, i love retro games! Your updates are awesome thought i would never play the prototype game but i’ve noticed something off on the DLC-$$: The flames are a little bit on the side could you fix it please?

Dkmomo64bit 21 July, 2013 @ 04:43

Again, thanks this is one of my favorite games to play, i laughed at every reference,thought it was better than GTA, pimped out Player etc. it’s an amazing game for( if i remember right) 3 or 4 people!

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