PlayStation Home update: Defend Edo’s Lounge!

Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am BST on Wednesday 24th July for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Okubi Hunting
Dispatch the severed heads laughing eerily in the Edo night! The time-limited Okubi Hunting event will be held in Operation: Defend Edo’s lounge. At night, the town of Edo has been wrapped in a deep fog and terrible severed head monsters have appeared. Come on, dressed in the newly introduced Gunfighter’s attire, take aim and shoot at the eerily laughing Okubi and Hitoban! In addition, filled with a pure sense of justice, Sincere Ronin attire has also arrived. Become an Edo protecting ronin and defeat evil!

Smug Furniture Sale
Decorate your apartment with a wide range of patterned and coloured furniture including; Black, Blue, Floral, Chrome, Skull and many more! The sale consists of the furniture bundles containing all the items you need to spruce up your apartment. We believe you’ll be rather happy with the savings you’ll make with this sale, almost “smug” if you will.

’50s Diner
Swing on down to Skinny Al’s ’50s style diner and experience a blast from the past with all your friends! Along with the diner itself there are also a number of ’50s themed items that can be purchased to decorate your apartment; get on those dancing shoes and jive with the jukebox, indulge on a 1950s brew with the Diner’s Coffee machine and admire the retro Vending Machine and Phone booth.

B Movie Madness
VEEMEE’s B Movie Madness brings the horror of cinema with the addition of vampires, wolves and zombie costumes for both men and women. Each costume has a number of various parts so pick up the entire set or be creative and mix and match. Take the time to check out these B Movie horror costumes, we assure you it won’t be in “vein” and they certainly won’t come back to haunt you!


Street Style
Be the centre of attention with the Red Pinstripe Jacket and Green Stripe Puffer Jacket for men or have one of those lazy days with Baggy Sweat Pants for women. Enjoy the new clothing inspired by Hip-Hop stars of the urban world for both men and women. Fortune favours the bold so get Street Style!

It’s summer! The sun is out and there’s not a cloud in the sky; so what better way to continue that holiday feeling then by checking out the latest additions of Billabong items:


Beach Beauty
Lockwood’s Beach Beauties are having a great time on the sunny sands of the Sunset Lounge. (There’s a tongue twister for you!) They’d love for everyone to be able to share their retro style, so they’ve made their bathing suits available in the Lockwood Store AND they’ll soon be adding them to the Gift Machine.

Luxury Hot Tub
This luxurious, beautifully sculpted hot tub is perfect for your apartment. Hang out with up to five other people and choose from a variety of coloured lights to set the mood. This appliance uses 6 furniture slots.


Atom Republic
Show your love for K-pop dance routines with the irresistible K-pop Crazy bundle, containing the Cowboy Dance moves and the Arrogance moves!


Casino – Optical Visor
There is a brand new reward in the Casino’s Lucky Fountain! Each chip you throw in has a chance of winning you the Optical Visor. They are the latest in glasses technology. They have a 1x optical zoom so you’ll see the world exactly as you do now! Get this item while you can because it’s only around for a limited time.


Deluxe Aquarium Sale
The Pet Shop has a brand new pet to unconditionally love you. Münkë, the very fashionable monkey will follow you wherever you go. His favourite hobby is putting together easy to assemble European furniture, just hand him an Allen key or a wrench and he’ll be your best friend forever. To celebrate this new sidekick, the Pet Shop is having a one week sale on the Deluxe Aquarium Bundle. For 7 days this bundle will be 50% off! In this collection of objects you’ll get the Deluxe Tank, the Animal Fish Pack, and the Riverbed Decoration Pack.


Frozen Peak Palace Personal Space
Surround yourself in the splendour of the Frozen Peak Palace. Made entirely from blocks of ice, this frosty getaway comes with a rare piece of art and an inglenook with a glacial blue flame. The Frozen Peak Palace Open House is available for a limited time only.


That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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Still £1.59 for a T-shirt?


’50s Diner personal space looks fantastic! Will be this space also available as clubhouse?

residentSteve 24 July, 2013 @ 06:29

Is ps home still going? I thought it had been off lined already.

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