Stealth Inc sneaks onto PlayStation 3 and PS Vita tomorrow


Well, we say “sneaking”, but we’re shouting about this from the rooftops. What’s the opposite of sneaking? Unsneaking?

Whatever it is we’re doing, we’re proud to finally be releasing our game after many months of work bringing you the best version of Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark ever to grace the gaming world.

Available tomorrow priced £7.99/€9.99, Stealth Inc is a game that was developed around a simple idea: Why do stealth games have to be so slow? We love Stealth games in the office. For us, the best parts are the evasion, the thrill of outsmarting your enemies and the satisfaction of working out the ideal path.

We wanted to make a game that focused on these parts and skipped the bits where you’re waiting around for a guard to move out the way, or running back to a hiding place you found five minutes ago because you’ve been discovered. You know what happens when you’re discovered in Stealth Inc? You explode. We aren’t messing about.

Except we are messing about a little bit. The story is told through writing that appears on the walls, and if you’re hoping for a story about the CIA where a lot of grizzled men with big necks say things like “infiltration vector” and “the dark ops team has reached the primary objective”, you might be a bit disappointed. In Stealth Inc, you are a clone. You do your tests. You follow your instructions and you don’t complain. Did we mention the bit where you can explode?


Those tests involve a mix of platforming precision, stealth and puzzle solving, as players guide a clone through 80 different chambers. You’re not armed, unless you classify your wits as a weapon, but along the way, you’ll pick up a variety of equipment and gadgets to aid against robotic enemies, security cameras, moving walls and levels that have been designed to make you cry tiny, pixel tears.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to both Sony and their fans. Considering this is the PlayStation Blog, it seems a bit trite to say we wouldn’t be here without Sony, but really, Sony’s attitude and open-mindedness to the indie community has been tremendous, and we’re both very glad and very excited to be continuing to work on more great PlayStation games, with two more coming before the year is out.


Likewise, we want to thank the fans. Some people do that as a token gesture, but really guys, thanks. Our game got renamed by two regular gamers, and without the thousands of suggestions from fans, we’d have to have gone with “Stealth Game: Also Platform Game With Puzzles Where you Avoid Things”, which isn’t nearly as catchy.

If you’re one of the people reading this and thinking “Indie games? Pwah. I was liking the idea of that game with the guys with the necks and vectors!”, give us a chance! Grab this game, or grab Thomas Was Alone, or even grab one of other brilliant games on the PlayStation store. We love big budget games too, but you might be surprised just how much game a small team can produce given the right hardware and the right support.

We can’t wait to hear what you guys think about Stealth Inc!


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I’ll definitely be picking this up tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to giving it a go 🙂

Is this going to be a cross-buy title?

zalwelgoedgaan 23 July, 2013 @ 3:14 pm   2

Is the free temporary DLC available for everyone to download in the store, or only claimable if you own the game?

    Sam Robinson 23 July, 2013 @ 4:02 pm    

    If you buy the game during the next two weeks, the DLC will be free.

Desertmonkey666 23 July, 2013 @ 3:14 pm   3

Looks great, another fine Vita game!

diogommill 23 July, 2013 @ 3:15 pm   4

So, 9,99$=9,99€?

pressmyfoot 23 July, 2013 @ 3:16 pm   5

Looks like it will be right up my strasse.

Lovely aesthetic too.

Good job.

pmf (alan b’stard MP)

littlered786 23 July, 2013 @ 3:18 pm   6

This game is $9.99 in the US PSN store. I see you’ve decided to rip off Europe like other developers. And I won’t be buying it for this very reason.

Also do we get a PS+ discount on this game like the US?

    Sam Robinson 23 July, 2013 @ 4:04 pm    

    we work with Sony to run different deals in different territories. In this case there’s no PS+ discount, but the DLC is free if you buy the game during launch, which is actually a larger discount overall than the US one.

VitalogyPJ 23 July, 2013 @ 3:20 pm   7

“This game is $9.99 in the US PSN store. I see you’ve decided to rip off Europe like other developers. And I won’t be buying it for this very reason.”


XnoobsquadX 23 July, 2013 @ 3:24 pm   8

Avoiding games like this. U got the nerve to allrdy announce a DLC before the friggin game launched? Free or not this type of thing just goes the wrong way with me u could’ve just waited a month or two since were getting a crapload of indie titles which allot of em are platformers. Dont get me wrong like a good Platformer but the way its going now it seems like its all we get from indie dev’s.
And sony a big flip of the bird to u if i wanted to play indie games i’d buy a Ouya nothing wrong with supporting em but come the fudge on u were marketing it as a home console on the go. Get ur butts in gear its been like 1 1/2 year since its release and tbh the only titles that were good were the launch titles and everything after that pretty much sucked.(bsides the lego games but really who doesnt like lego?)

littlered786 23 July, 2013 @ 3:29 pm   9


Very well said

I don’t want indie games. I have a smartphone for those type of games. I don’t want to play old PSP games either. I bought a vita to play vita games!!

SuperJag86 23 July, 2013 @ 3:36 pm   10

Wow, there’s a surprising amount of negativity above.

I want to say thanks to Curve for bringing a brilliant game for the Vita, I have this on PC but the Vita is the natural place for it.

I’ll be picking this up tomorrow and I think it’s a fair price, although a Plus discount would be nice!

As for indie games vs full games, the Vita can be the place for both and while Sony need to start talking about what else big is coming out for Vita these indie games are gems that keep me playing my Vita until then.

zalwelgoedgaan 23 July, 2013 @ 3:43 pm   11

Yeah, keep deleting my posts all you want. If they have the guts, the developers should come here and explain to us why they keep the $1 = €1 ratio, while there are so many smaller games that price them accordingly to each region.

Get your priorities straight, we’re not the ones being disrespectful. We call out nonsense as we see it, that’s what consumers do to keep eachother informed and up to date.

    Fred Dutton 23 July, 2013 @ 3:48 pm    

    Your post was deleted for offensive language. Feel free to make your point, just please do so politely.

pressmyfoot 23 July, 2013 @ 3:49 pm   12

First world problems.

Danlisa 23 July, 2013 @ 3:51 pm   13

@ #8 and #9

You’re entitled to your opinion obviously but you should know that Stealth B* (not used to the new name yet) actually offers better gameplay and longevity than most full releases on the PS3 and Vita.

Nobody should dismiss the title “Indie” as a sub-par release. Most Indie games should be considered superior to full AA releases, if not only for the fact that the developers are free to build as they see fit and only answer to themselves, not some corporate suit.

I own Stealth B* on PC and I’ll buy it again for my PS3. Why? Because, Indie developers who can produce games of this quality should be supported and rewarded. I can only do that with my cash.

Has there been mention of what the DLC is? Is it the Teleporter Chambers?

Also, will any community chambers be brought across?

littlered786 23 July, 2013 @ 3:51 pm   14

Why do you keep deleting my posts may I ask? I don’t recall using offensive language.

    Fred Dutton 23 July, 2013 @ 3:58 pm    

    – You made the exact same point twice
    – You went off topic

    Folks, let’s keep it friendly if we can. Curve sweat blood to make phenomenal games. If they’re not titles you’re interested in, that’s fine – but there’s no need to disrupt the discussion. Keep an open mind – it’s a cracking game, this one. Thanks! *gets off soapbox*

XnoobsquadX 23 July, 2013 @ 3:52 pm   15

@10 theres nothing wrong with indie games m8 but the fact is that most titles in 2013 released(or will be) for the vita will be indie platformers/sidescrollers. Sony sure can promise 80+games by the end of 2013 by shoving indie titles in our faces hoping we wont notice the utter lack of good 1st or 3rd party AAA titles. thats what my rant really was about.

Danlisa 23 July, 2013 @ 4:01 pm   16

Just took the time to watch the above video.

You’re actually bringing over the Chamber Designer? 😮

Take my money!

INS1GHTFUL 23 July, 2013 @ 4:15 pm   17

i got this on a humble bundle android sale recently so wont be buying it again, but it is a good game.

I do think the price is high. I am ok with paying more for vita games over ios and android so that i can play using controls, but were seeing games priced significantly more on vita. frozen synapse is £3 on ipad, i’ll be interested to see if vita owners are charged a similar-ish price, especially with ipad controller support being introduced soon.

vita devs and sony need to understand that they are competing with smartphones for people’s mobile gaming time. If the same game is 25% of the price on a phone then its hard to justify buying the same thing on vita.

LionheartRonin 23 July, 2013 @ 4:27 pm   18

Don’t like it? Don’t buy it! Voting with your wallet is far more effective than delusions of grandeur using terms like “you have the nerve to…” and “if they have the guts!”

You are not the voice of the voiceless – you are begrudging hard-working developers of the credit they deserve based on a regional pricing issue. Again – if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

I will of course be buying it – the game looks amazing and well worth the price. Free DLC is just a bonus. Thanks for the hard work guys – roll on tomorrow! 🙂

Huono_peleis 23 July, 2013 @ 4:42 pm   19

European price 10€, US price with Plus discount 6€.

I think I’ll pass.

cosmic_uk 23 July, 2013 @ 4:43 pm   20

Day 1 purchase for me. Loved the look of this since the naming competition and will be the next puzzle game for me on the Vita after Quell Momento. Can you say if it’s a shared or separate trophy list for Vita/PS3?

zalwelgoedgaan 23 July, 2013 @ 4:48 pm   21

@ LionheartRonin: Implying that we don’t work hard for our money? Our careers aren’t at stake here, theirs are. Respect your customers, get money and goodwill. Disrespect your customers, ask EA.

By the way, voices help. Remember the PS4NoDRM campaign? Remember all the complaints regarding the early PlayStation+ that made it into the valuable service that it is today? Remember the extremely poor Xbone pre-orders compared to PS4? Remember the price fixing Nintendo did in the 90s and got a huge fine for?

I don’t think there’s any reasoning with you, because you prioritize the irrational needs of developers (let’s make some quick bucks over ignorant European customers who don’t know any better!) over your own. Do you want to know what happens when you let companies off the hook too much? Street Fighter x Tekken on-disc DLC controversy.

But seeing your point of view, it seems you didn’t mind that, either. What’s best is voicing concerns AND voting with wallets, don’t act like a communist and tell people to be pipe down, that’s not effective.

Meh, enough off-topic. Let’s enjoy the nice weather, I guess. Fwiw, Italy has very nice tiramisu, we don’t get that here. =(

FraRPetO 23 July, 2013 @ 4:54 pm   22

The game looks great, I’ll get it

ownjoouk 23 July, 2013 @ 5:01 pm   23

I was never a huge indie fan but I have to say the indie games that have landed on ps3 and vita have been great. People should actually try playing them instead of shouting and being negative about them. If you don’t like them don’t play them.

I may have to pick this one up as it looks fun. While I desperately miss a big budget GTA or saints row on vita these little gems are filling the time until we / if we get a huge amazing sandbox title.

I’ve spent more time on indie games recently than anything else.

LionheartRonin 23 July, 2013 @ 5:03 pm   24

1 – I don’t recall telling anyone to pipe down, I just honestly find it hilarious when people with an inflated sense of self-importance honestly believe in their minds that they are Robin Hood.

2 – Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Xbox One pre-orders incredibly healthy? Of course, I’m sure you believe that’s entirely down to their back-pedalling. It isn’t – people will complain, but they will still buy, and their purchase is what matters, not their complaint.

3 – I’m fairly sure EA are happy to trade the trophy for Most Loved Company for massive profits, seeing as how they are a business.

4 – It is depressing how quickly you swam to the Communist label.

If everyone is so concerned with comparing us to other regional markets, why does this never arise when we get the better end of the deal, such as PS Plus? Honestly, the sense of entitlement some gamers have baffles me.

SonicAlpha 23 July, 2013 @ 5:07 pm   25

I’m planning on picking this up the moment it hits the store.

I have the PC and Android versions (under the original “Stealth Bastard Deluxe” name), and I love it 🙂

MASPALOMAZ 23 July, 2013 @ 5:08 pm   26

Blog still loads forever even tho I see some design changes. .

Nice we see more and more sony customers complaining at the currency and competition scams.

frodouk 23 July, 2013 @ 5:20 pm   27

Looks superb. Love this sort of game on my Vita – and even though the pricing model isn’t exactly fair, the free DLC makes it a cheaper option than the US got.

Gary485 23 July, 2013 @ 5:41 pm   28

About this free DLC. How much content is in this DLC and how much is it going to cost normally? Also about the level editor. Can you play community created levels online ala LBP or not? Trailer just said about creating your own levels, but didn’t specify whether publishing levels online was a feature. Can you shed some light on this?

Jam2212 23 July, 2013 @ 6:07 pm   29

So much hate on the comments. Guys need to give these indie devs a chance. It looks an exciting and interesting game think I saw a trailer for pc of it when it was called stealth b@@@@@@ and I for one am pleased with the amount of indie games coming out 🙂 any other indie enthusiasts I highly recommend hotline Miami and Thomas was alone. Both games are highly addictive and two of my favourite games of the year! Thanks for the opportunity to play them Sony 🙂

Silurus 23 July, 2013 @ 6:52 pm   30

Stop your moaning kiddies. We are getting a better deal than the US.

Witcher70 23 July, 2013 @ 7:56 pm   31

I l

Witcher70 23 July, 2013 @ 7:57 pm   32

I love indie games….. Instant buy 🙂

solarwind12 23 July, 2013 @ 7:58 pm   33

not really my kind of game, but it IS nice to see people (mostly) backing indie dev’s, the pricing issue is a bit complicated mind, both in the $to£ (non)conversion, but more so on ios/android platforms, i think a above post stated a good point, mentioning the immenent ipad controller, and that ‘most’ people will opt for the cheaper tablet/phone version, however this brings Me to a topic i been dwelling on for ages now, trophies, or more importantly, the sheer amount of ‘easier’ obtainable and more numerous numbers that now ‘seem’ to be a justification to both charge more and produce more indie, over AAA games, well i used to be a ‘collector’, now, after the vitas ways, i view them as obsolete, go on, tell me This game hasn’t got a (2even?) plat, Fed up with it.

Grey__Ghost67 23 July, 2013 @ 8:42 pm   34

Will this be available in New Zealand? I would like that 😀

WiiPlayPro 23 July, 2013 @ 10:21 pm   35

I’m buying it tomorrow.
Thanks for bringing it to my VITA!!!

Carnivius_Prime 23 July, 2013 @ 10:26 pm   36

Hm “Why do stealth games have to be so slow?”. Same question I’ve pondered when trying to play that genre. I’ve got patience for those games at all (reminded myself of that when I foolishly bought Metal Gear Solid 3 HD during the recent sale and just found it almost unbearable to play) so I’ll probably check this out if there’s a demo or trial version before making purchase.

@28 personally I hated ‘Thomas Was Alone’ and rate it as one of the worst games I’ve played on PS3 since I bought one back in 2008. Pretentious and dull. The Lost Vikings did the whole multi-character platform puzzler thing so much better and more fun 20 years ago and had graphics that actually had some effort put into them (oh for the days of quality 2D pixel art instead of ‘arty’, ‘minimalistic’ crud)

Blenderernz 23 July, 2013 @ 10:42 pm   37

This looks brilliant, I’ll definitely be purchasing this! Cross buy is also a big plus.

Why all the negativity here? If you don’t like indi games or platformers etc then don’t buy them, they aren’t being forced on you! Personally I’m loving all these indi titles coming out and look forward to many more. They are the only reason I’ve actually purchased a Vita.

I like rogue games and this one seems to be decent. But I have the impression that tactics or an intelligent approach matter less than movement control. And the jumping seems a bit weird to me.

Anyway, I can wait for the reviews. And meanwhile Mark of the Ninja will satisfy my stealth needs, thanks to Steam’s summer sale. What a brilliant indie title.


now, that is frustrating – “Your comment is too long. Please shorten to 1,250 characters.” But my whole message is gone …

In short – +1 from me re indie games; -1 from me re negativity and complaining; +1 from me re vita as a gaming platform

TheJungler 24 July, 2013 @ 12:42 am   40


It’s not ‘Day 1 DLC’ as the game’s been out for ages on PC. By the time they ported it to PS3 and Vita they’d had time to work on the DLC too. And it’s free for 2 weeks, or do you have a problem with free added content too?!


Game looks great Curve, awesome stuff :). Funding is a little tight right now, but Stealth Inc is deffo on my must play list, and I’ll be hitting it soon :).

Mr-Matt13 24 July, 2013 @ 4:00 am   42

I’m getting this today. I don’t see the problem with releasing the DLC at the same time as the Vita version because this game has already been out for a while on other platforms so it’s a positive thing that we are getting free DLC, you moaning fools!!

I notice that all the complaining killed the replies from Curve. If you’d been smart enough and kept the criticism constructive and I’m sure they would’ve still been communicating with us instead of trying to avoid more negative press with every comment.

pressmyfoot 24 July, 2013 @ 7:37 am   43

Sometimes this place resembles a witch-hunt…..

“I accuse Goody Curve..”

pmf (crucial crucible)

FriendlyFireOz 24 July, 2013 @ 8:15 am   44

My first post on the blog – had to log in and say how great this game looks.

Congratulations to Curve on bringing this onto the PS3/PS Vita.

Loving the indie games on Vita, keep them coming!

THC_PRITCHARD 24 July, 2013 @ 10:16 am   45

First of all love stealth games they have a cool buzz when u take people down. Second of all good one to the developers who are keeping calm over the trolls on this comment section.people moaning over a few cent,euros,pound seriously you should just go and sit in a old folks home shouting at stuff passing Windows.. I live in the UK and stuff are always over priced, I deal with it.. Well good news I wI’ll be buying this game and I wI’ll enjoy it, catch you later trolls.oh and to them who buy this game enjoy.

Nightmare966 24 July, 2013 @ 11:00 am   46

Look what just appeared on the web…!/cid=EP4395-PCSB00317_00-STEALTHBSVITAFG0

😀 (Not sure if Cross-Buy is active yet, though).

Rochala 24 July, 2013 @ 11:18 am   47

Just got the Vita version, it unlocked the add on and the ps3 version, but not the ps3 add on.
Not sure if its a bug or not, since i havent downloaded it yet.

R6_Krycek 24 July, 2013 @ 11:19 am   48

First post here just to say I love indie games and the PS Vita is the perfect platform for indie developer, my hope is that more and more indie games will be ported to the Vita (I can’t wait for Lone Survivor late in August)
Going to buy now as 9.99€ for the cross-buy plus the free DLC is like stealing it, I’m just curious if level made with editor can be shared online.

matdub69 24 July, 2013 @ 11:22 am   49

@ the many complaining about more expensive games outside the US I say take the good with bad. The americans get cheaper games, expensive health care and a minimum wage that hasn’t change for over a decade. We (in europe and australia) pay more for games. My daughter broke her leg cost of care was approximately twenty dollar..for petrol to and from the hospital. My eldest daughter makes more in her first year at McDonalds here in Australia than ten veteran managers do in the states. Let them have their cheaper games.

BartsBlue 24 July, 2013 @ 11:28 am   50

Hi Curve Studios! Thanks for bringing Stealth Bas… oops, careful with profanity, Stealth Inc (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) to PS Vita,

I’m surprised by the amount of negativity in the comments – yes, prices are often higher here in EU, haven’t we all already discussed this gazillion of times? Isn’t it something that is decided not only by the devs, but to some extent by Sony reps / policies / whatever? Why vent out frustration on small indie studios?

Truth be told, I already own Stealth Whazzisname through Humble Bundle, but I will be buying it to play on my Vita. I initially intended to buy it when the price gets decreased, but if there are so many grumblers and cheapskates around, heck, I might just buy it today, just to give indie developers some love (not to mention spite the naysayers).

Keep on rocking, Curve Studios. Cheers!

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