Hands-on with the PlayStation 4 console out the box

Greetings PlayStation blog! As anticipation for this year’s PS4 launch bubbles into a froth of frenzied excitement, we know a few of you will be asking stuff like ‘but just how big is the damn thing? Will it fit snugly under my television? Can I stand it up? How many USB ports does it have?’

That’s why we’ve taken PlayStation 4 out from behind its Perspex curtain and thrust it into the capable hands of PlayStation Access Community Manager, Hollie Bennett, who in our latest video gives you a close-up look at the gorgeous new console from every possible angle.

There’s also a look at the swanky PlayStation Camera, so check out the video for a first-hand glimpse and what you’ll be taking home with you later in 2013. While you’re at it, why not check out the rest of the PlayStation Access YouTube channel? We’ve got loads of PS4 video content for you to chew on.


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Holy crap! Wow I thought the Camera was going to be alot larger then that D: Looks so tiny when it sits beside the Dualshock 4.


Another useless hype building post.
Summer Sales please!

Good video thanks!

Where is the HDD slot?


Halfway down her chest by the looks of things Bjarno. :/

neutronbomb 30 July, 2013 @ 14:50

There is something else I’d like to get my hands on in that video.

The dualshock 4 – of course ;-)


Stonesthrow 30 July, 2013 @ 14:59

@1 Maybe that’s because the DS4 looks huge now compared to the previous controllers..? This even kind of reminds me of that horrid boomerang controller for ps2, with the long handles and all..
Hope it atleast doesn’t feel too different from the DS3, in terms of looks I think it’s uglier too. Disc slot looks good, hope it’s quiet too.

Will I be allowed to change my PSN name but keep my trophy progress?

ReviewedJay 30 July, 2013 @ 15:23

summer sale come on guys

VERY DISAPOINTED in the number of USB slots and their placement.

Two slots on the front is great to connect a gamepad or put a USB stick in to put music or movies on the system. Only problem is because they are sunken some bulkier USB sticks won’t fit.
To put the camera in there you can’t put it in the back and have the cable go behind you system out of sight when you put in under your TV. No the cable will go out of the console to the front and under your TV, that looks horrible. Also a extended HD needs to be put in the front USB connector and will look awful. If we would have at least 2 extra USB ports on the pack added to the current once the system would look much better.

i’d rather get 2 know when europe will get Gaikai or if we even get it or if the service’s for psn will ever improve instead off constant missing content.

@ OttoT – I believe the PS Camera has a propietary connector on the BACK of the PS4. “The new PlayStation Eye, a depth-sensing device with two cameras, plugs into the PS4 with a proprietary connector, not through USB.”

andrewsqual 30 July, 2013 @ 15:51

The camera has an auxiliary port OttoT. It does not use up a USB port. Ports in the back are pointless.

@ptpete Thank you very much. I was expecting it would be a USB connector. That makes the whole thing 1 bit less awful.

UnrealPirate 30 July, 2013 @ 15:55

That’s just such an teas. Sony – Give us the release date already! :-)


I think we might find that out during a games con that due very soon on the release date front

Timethriller 30 July, 2013 @ 16:22

Will the PS4 come bundled with a vertical stand pictured on the box art?

The PS4 is going to look tiny next to my phat PS3.

i want too know does thropies transfer 2 your ps4? cause if it isen’t i won’t be buying a ps4 in a long while hell with the europeans service the way it is who wants 2 get a ps4.

Why are the comments on the – disabled for? It says – ‘Comments are currently disabled’ & has been like that for a few days?
Anyway can’t wait to get my hands on the PS4 :P Looks better each time i see it :P

Awesome. Can’t wait. Does it have a lag-switch installed by default? Or do you have to buy one for 1$ on e-bay to become an online champion, like you do on the ps3 and xbox360?

Since it is apparently a method to win you approve of wholeheartedly, and actively encourage people to use — I certainly expect it to be there pre-installed.


@#5 ROFLMAO you pig LOL

Weird. I don’t see a unremovable Singstar logo burned into top of the console box. But it’s OK, she said it’s the prototype. We need obviously wail a little longer. Maybe few years, like with PS3, after SCEE ignorantly decides whats good for us.

badgerboy1977 30 July, 2013 @ 17:39

Nice vid, well presented and good to see it up close but what’s up with referring to the release date as “holiday 2013”. That means nothing in the UK which is clearly where the presenter comes from and I wasn’t aware that that period was referred to as that in the rest of Europe either (happy to be proven wrong however). Can we please in the future get actual dates, months or seasons and not some annoying Americanism that has no real meaning over here. Small thing but it really does annoy the hell out of me.

ashton_philip 30 July, 2013 @ 17:54

I was just wondering if it is possible to log in to accounts on the same console for local multiplayer (including earning trophies when playing together), as it was missing on the PS3 will it be possible on the PS4 as it was one of my minor frustrations with the system on PS3!

Any answer would be much appreciated :)


“. Can we please in the future get actual dates, months or seasons and not some annoying Americanism that has no real meaning over here.”



1 = can not wait untile ps4
2 = if sony not give date : store where i buy = big companie whith lots of stores only them are not advertising ps4 ( reason = no month )
so from 16/06 them are prordering xbox one but no ps4 = bad advertising to sony .
u want proof ? =

colruyt = big distrebution of food + non food + online store + subsidiary company : dreamland( game store + lots of other tings )


so basically everyone needs to buy new usb’s especially designed to be small enough to fit into that small gap?

KenMarinaris 30 July, 2013 @ 21:24

What a shame that PS4 is so ugly:(


Man wanted to pre order that but too many bills ATM. January for me though. Looks awesome Hope I can launch my first small title on it.

It must be awesome to hear everyone go through the alphabet. All the difference ways to say letters. In this particular one the letter “H”. I guess the cable is pronounced Haetch-DMI cable instead of Atech-DMI. You can already say the letter “H” or perhaps its just the sound of the letter. “Huh”. Gets me everytime.


Love the look, but a potentially huge issue with there only two USB ports compared to a potentially huge list of peripherals.

1: cables for charging controllers
2: the Sony Pulse Headset/Turtle Beach headset
3: specialist controllers such as racing wheels or guitars
4: wireless keyboards
5: HDDs and memory sticks
and probably more that I haven’t considered.

This means a lot of swapped of cables, and the ports are sunken into the casing now as well making this a bit of a chore. What about nano receivers? They won’t even fit due to them being smaller than the gap between the port and casing.

Looks like a powered USB hub is going to be absolutely essential for any PS4 owner who owns more than a single peripheral.


wow, why can’t the camera be little bigger.otherwise i like it.totally suits my geeky needs of Video Games.Just Waiting for it.Please hurry up pre-ordered and expecting first day delivery if i am lucky.

Stonesthrow 31 July, 2013 @ 17:09

@33 Besides the headset, does any of that really needs to stay connected 24/7? Charching controllers you can do with a laptop too, specialist controllers are only once in a while so nothing permanent like the headset, same goes for wireless keyboards, sticks and hdd’s.. I mean yea, there’s gonna be a lot of swapping but personally I always had enough with 2 usb slots. 1 for headset – permanent, and one for all the other stuff, which is mostly empty here (recharge DS3 via laptop)
I definitely never used 4 or even 3 simultaniously on my fat ps3’s.



I personally charge my controllers with a spare smartphone AC adaptor but I do have a few peripherals that are just easier to leave connected such as my wireless keyboard.

It’s more that the sunken ports are going to make swapping a right pain. As a result I’m going to have to have some ugly USB hub hanging out of the front of it (unless we get something similar to the stands for the PS3 slim with built-in USB hubs like the one I use now)


Does anyone know that if it’s ok to change the PS4 Disk the minute it arrives…if it doesnt void the warranty…I’m thinking in buying a internal HD 1 TB or 1.5 TB…And of course if it sony will release the firmware at launch to put on the new HD. And another thing, if the 500 Gb HD that comes with ps4 , will work with the ps3?


Can you also play ps3 games on ps4? because that would be great

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