Rain: Developer Diary Vol. 1

Hello Everyone!

Your excitement over Rain at E3 was well received by the team and we’d like to thank you for your support since!

I hope you have all had a hot summer – as it should be!  We have certainly been enjoying the sun here, but I am guessing that some of you are craving some more ‘Rain’… perhaps? Without further ado, I am pleased to present you with our first Developer Diary for Rain.

In this video we meet Game Director Yuki Ikeda, Lead Planner Tomoharu Fujii, Art Director Seiichi Terashima, and Designer Tomokazu Oki.  They explore Rain, what it means to them and how they interpret it in the game.

Enjoy! Watch this space for more to come!

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Really looking forward to this :-)

The music and the visuals alone make me want to explore this world.
The game mechanics sound fun and engaging and could make for some fun gameplay. Looking very much forward to this game.


Had quite some lovely weather this summer but as I was wishing for rain… I meant news about this game but was given rain outside + thunder and lightning. I guess next time I should be more careful what I wish for.

By the way nice video. I want the game so much! :(


Getting this day 1. Can’t wait.


Looks like fun, but I feel like this should be on the vita not ps3

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