Superfrog HD out now on PS3 and PS Vita

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers! Well, it’s been six months since we originally revealed that Superfrog was making his return in glorious HD on PS3 and PS Vita, and in that time we’ve been super busy over here at Team17.

Superfrog HD on PS3 and PS Vita

We’re really excited to announce that Superfrog HD is out now on PSN for €7.99 / £6.49 ! As a bonus, PlayStation Plus members will receive a 20% discount.

Superfrog HD features 24 reimagined levels based on the original designs, spread out across six differently themed worlds: Magic Woods, Spooky House, A Day at the Circus, History Lesson, Ice Caverns, and Factory Failure. Fans of the original levels needn’t fear — the 24 original levels can be unlocked by winning a spin on the Fruit Machine!

We’ve added several new features for Superfrog HD, including an endless runner mode, Frog Trails, and a Level Editor for players to create their own crazy courses for our favorite amphibian to navigate!

Superfrog HD on PS3 and PS VitaSuperfrog HD on PS3 and PS Vita

Those playing Superfrog HD on both PS3 and PS Vita can use their Vita as a controller while playing the PS3 version. Doing so will give you the added benefit of uncovering secrets, which are displayed on the PS Vita screen! Go through a portal on the PS3 version, and Superfrog might end up in a hidden area on your Vita!

Similarly, you can move your save file between your PS3 and PS Vita, so you can keep Superfrog moving — even when you’re on the go!

We hope you enjoy Superfrog HD. Don’t forget that if you purchase it on PS3, you get a copy free to play on PS Vita! And vice versa!

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Game bought last week, great price and crossbuy and with cross controller action. Old school platforming at its polished best in HD. Thanks now when can we see worms Vita styled?

i was already planning on getting this on wed as i always buy team 17 stuff and this post has cemented that sale many thanks.

asked this on pretty much every team 17 post an in the past, are there any plans to bring back the fantastic worms blast?
the multi player was so much fun in that :)

You’re announcing a game that was released last week…..

supersmith2500 05 August, 2013 @ 14:50

Great indie title really worth the price. Bought it and I really enjoyed it. So glad this title even has Cross-Controller input, gonna try it soon. I’d recommend this game to anyone who loves platformers. Never played the original but really wanted too anyway. = )

Carnivius_Prime 05 August, 2013 @ 15:24

Despite a couple little problems I’ve really enjoyed playing it so far. I still have the original on Amiga. Also I’m just happy when Team 17 release something that isn’t Worms. I don’t mind the odd Worms game now and then (though I only really felt like I only ever needed to buy just one of them) but variety was one of the reasons I loved Team 17 so much back on the Amiga before it pretty much became ‘that company what makes Worms’ for so many years now.

Glad to see Superfrog back and a HD revamp is nice (though there are aspects of the original low resolution graphics I felt were superior) but he’s been waiting 20 years for a sequel with new features and maybe multiplayer and everything. :)

Yup, I also picked up Superfrog HD last Wednesday, and have been really enjoying one of my standout platformers from yesteryear!

The HD visuals looks beautifully crisp and clean, but just like you guys did with (the also excellent) Alien Breed, it’d be beyond awesome to have an option to toggle between the new HD visuals and the original games pixel art. Heck, if it was reasonably priced, I’d even be happy to shell out for such an option as paid DLC.

Either way, grabbing Superfrog HD is a very nice of stepping back to the good old days, when everything was better. Hang on, I’ve only gone and left my rose-tinted contacts in! Silly me


Yes i brought too love Super frog has it for my Amiga in 1993 nice to see classic games get another chance to shine.


Yep, still have the Amiga version too. Bought this on release (on my birthday), it destroys 90% of other indie titles that are available.

Team17 – showing indie devs how it’s done since 1990.

Bought it the second after the PSN store was updated and it was there cross PS3/PSVita.

Very nice. It seems to play faster on the PSVita than the PS3, or maybe it just feels that way because the screen is smaller than the TV.

PS3’s Superfrog is slightly more controllable to avoid missteps, but I love it. I love to see some of my favorite old Amiga 500 Team17 games back in crisp graphics, especially on the nice OLED PSVita screen.

Special request:

Make me Project-X please, cross buy again :-)

I’d love those Project-X beats pumping on my headphones on PSVita, or connected to BlueTooth speakers for the extra bass, oh yeah I’d love that!

Thanks for Superfrog HD though, with PS+ discount for 6.49 that was a steal!

Whilst on the subject of Amiga games – I would love to see SWIV re-released. Loads of hours were wasted on that game!!!

Loved it, and already finished it on ps vita, now I am looking forward to you remove the “HD” and relaese a full sequel aswell :)

Williamflipper 06 August, 2013 @ 08:05

Awesome, I love the crossplay feature…

Now, what would be nice is that Team17 not only puts this article out as an extra marketing push, but also reacts on people taking the effort posting messages here and asking some questions :-)

StefNighthawk 06 August, 2013 @ 10:23

Love the cross-controller functionality!

Sony should add this more in AAA titles instead of relying on third parties and indies to incorporate this feature.

“Cross controller” functionality is standard on Wii U games and works much better than PS3+VITA and 360+Smartglass. I know, because i own all consoles.

Anyways.. I already owned Superfrog on CD32 and Amiga, but i bought it instantly last week.
A Content filled remake at a very nice PSN+ price!

Now they should release Project X and Assassins remakes and hire Allister Brimble to remake the music.


I’m sorry dude, but WiiUpgrade got no games. What is the use of cross controller, when there are hardly games to play with?

The only games now worth owning a WiiU for is ZombiU (good, not great) and Pikmin 3. So meh. WiiU doesn’t have Superfrog HD with cross controller either, nor Guacamelee with cross controller, nor LBP2 with cross controller.

So WiiU loses. And don’t forget, PSVita was build with PS4 in mind, it’ll have cross controller on every game (just not the move ones logically). Integration with PS3 ofcourse was more of an afterthought as the PS3 is out since 2006 and PSVita is a new beast.

But hey, congrats for owning the WiiU, I know no one in real life that owns one, the games are already cleared of the shelves in shops to make room for PS4 and Xbone.

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