New free Soul Sacrifice DLC hits PS Vita today


Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying the free new episode “Heretic Savior” and a new map “Luna Wastes” that we released via patch 1.20. If you haven’t downloaded said content yet, please update your game to version 1.20 from the LiveArea.

There’s no need to download unlock keys from PlayStation Store to start playing this episode. After installing the update, simply go to Read Journal > Mad Chronicle > Inside Avalon > Fellow Sorcerers > Heretic Savior to play the episode. Download now and find out more about the secret society “Sanctuarium” and its member “Sympatha“!


We’re excited to announce that there will be eight more quests and two new boss characters — “Cat Sith” and “Beelzebub” – added today, 7th August! Be sure to download the free unlock key after the PlayStation Store update to play these quests.

To play the new quests, go to Mad Chronicle > Inside Avalon > Avalon Pacts > Forgotten Pact > Hour of Cypress. Game progress to a certain point may be required.

Read the back stories of two new bosses and be prepared for the fierce battles!

About the Cat Sith
There once was a small kingdom, and in it lived a mischievous prince. He was the apple of his parents’ eye; no luxury was spared on him. The prince, however, felt nothing but pressure from their lavish attention. He took every chance to slip away from the castle and down into the city. The city folk knew his face well, though, so it was never long before he was discovered and whisked back home.

On one such day, the prince was walking the city’s back alleys when he found a small kitten. From that day on, the prince kept the cat in secret. He envied the kitten. It was free to live as it chose, as the boy so longed to be…

Cat Sith

About the Beelzebub
Once there lived an aristocrat of exceptional pride. He left all but the most important matters of his daily life to his servants. “How ought a man of my station be expected to perform such menial tasks?” Such was ever his refrain. But that opulent life would not last forever.

Struck barren by disaster, the fields of his lands produced no grain, nor could his people pay their taxes. The aristocrat was ruined. The fallen noble’s manor soon fell in turn, degrading into a mountain of rubbish. A den of flies. Perhaps due to this squalor, the aristocrat took ill. Still the same refrain continued. “Someone bring me medicine. Someone fetch the finest doctor in the land.” The man’s pride would soon quite literally be the death of him…


After these quests and boss characters, there will be more new contents added throughout the summer (exact dates subject to change)!

21st August: “The Cobbler Triplets and the Old Master”
4th September: “The Iron Lady’s Tears of Red”
18th September: “The Fall of the Gods”

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supersmith2500 07 August, 2013 @ 12:04

New free additional DLC is always great. One question though will the Japanese voice DLC be released. Will going to play Soul Sacrifice for the DLC later on. ; )

Any chance to get the voice over pack dlc on psn store?


same question as supersmith2500, when will the Japanese voice DLC be released?


this looks awesome, Thanks for the free dlc :)

support for soul sacrifice since launch has been amazing. other publishers should learn from this approach. if they want to reduce second hand sales then give people an incentive to keep the game, and free dlc goes a long way to do this.

Still haven’t started a proper DLC run as yet. So many pacts. This game has a boatload of content.

I’m also curious about post#2, when are we getting the original voice pack? Hope it does eventually come. Librom sounds good in english, but is absolutely outstanding in Japanese!


I bought this game a while ago, but still haven’t gotten around to actually playing it. Persona 4 has taken up my Vita time (and taken over my life, I might add).
I just want to say I appreciate the amazing support you guys are giving this game, with all the free DLC. This is how it should be done.

European_Gamer 07 August, 2013 @ 12:50

I’ve only just started playing this game.


Been a long time I played this game. Started it up again yesterday and downloaded the update. So much stuff I haven’t got round to doing yet and here comes more. lol

hitman_stephen 07 August, 2013 @ 13:09

Excellent dlc, even more excellent that its free! You guys are putting other games and there support to shame, keep up the good work!

Soul Sacrifice is really great. And the post release support has been spectacular.

More DLC, you say? I say, yes please and thank you :)


No better way to build rapport with your customers than to support them and your game without attempting to nickel and dime them for every little piece of content. :)

Keep up the good work SS team.


I liked Heretic Savior but found it too easy, which made it disappointingly short.
Thanks for mentioning the date range for the remaining content.

It’d be nice to see the Dancer raiment available on the store at some point.

I still need to pick this title up. I will be in the next week or so. But is this title anything like Demon’s/Dark Souls? I loved them games. After looking at some youtube video’s it looks like them but at a faster pace?


Soul Sacrifice has pretty much nothing in common with Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, save for the word “Soul” in the title and thematically dark graphics.

Soul Sacrifice is probably best described as a fast paced, combat arena action game.

Soul Sacrifice is great, but don’t expect it to be anything like the FROM Software games. Soul Sacrifice has pretty much no exploration and the combat is entirely different and based in arenas.


Not so much. More like Monster Hunter series.

I have only played so little (my vita is new), but it has so far been really great. And knowing I will have more content for free ? <3 More games should follow suite to keep the games in our library longer.

We want jp voice dlc

Tank u very match soul sacrefice team u game = best on vita , also u understend howh peopel want dlc = top .
so peopel are not intrested in selling the game .

only 1 negatieve point = why i need too go looking manuely to get dlc ????




@ Zankes jp voice over was exclusive for the people who pre-ordered soul sacrifice

I love this game! It’s very grindy though so bear that in mind. But grinding online with other ppl is awesome! Send me a msg if anyone wants to play. I need more SS friends that can voice-chat.


The new Soul Sacrifice DLC “The Prince Of Cats And The Lord Of Flies” is not listed in the PS Vita Add-Ons section of the PlayStation Store. I had to use the search function in the PlayStation Store to find the new DLC.

The latest DLC is completely missing from the Australian PSN store please fix it.

The latest DLC is completely missing from Australian PSN store, please fix this.

@INS1GHTFUL Totally agree man, other publishers should learn from these guys. Soul Sacrifice’s team is awesome! Keep it on guys.

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