New Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD screenshots and video

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Okay, pay attention, there’s a whole bunch of great new Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster content to share with you today, and no time to waste! First off, we’ve got lots of stunning new screenshots from various iconic environments in the game.



Head to our Flickr page to see more screens.

Looking good, right? They certainly bring back fond memories of grinding for Celestial Weapons, especially in the Thunder Plains! Speaking of challenges, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster comes with full PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita Trophy Support for each game!


But wait, there’s more! As many of you may already know, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will contain content from the Japan-only International editions of the original games, but it will also feature a brand new audio drama scene.

Written by Kazushige Nojima, this 30 minute audio episode was created solely for the HD Remasters. We teased this a few weeks back in Japan, and a lot of our dedicated western fans have been asking when this would be out in English language, well, your wait is now over – here’s a little tease to tide you over until release:

And finally, I’d like to confirm that the HD Remasters will feature over 60 tracks from the original Final Fantasy X soundtrack, rearranged and optimised for high definition audio.

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dogwalker4000 12 August, 2013 @ 11:08

What’s the rough pricing for the Vita versions? Because at the moment the 2 Vita games will cost £60+ compared to the bundled together PS3 versions that will cost around £25. I’m hoping you guys haven’t set a firm price for the Vita versions.

If you guys want to sell Vita versions then you gotta set a more realistic price tag.

Release date?

My body is ready! Ehm, can’t hardly wait. Glad to see “Last Mission” included. Hope FFXII gonna get a Remastering too.

Hi :) will the PS Vita version be available as a retail version or digital download only?

bidbaldwolf86 12 August, 2013 @ 11:15

Screenshots look very good.

Do you know when we are likely to get more details on the Vita version? Price, confirmation of a retail version (a lot of places don’t even list it) as well as any details of a possible limited edition that bundles both games?

Any information would be appreciated.


Hey! I know it’s not want you want to hear, but right now we don’t have an update regarding the Vita version of the game. As soon as we do, I’ll be straight on here to post an update!

I second #2. Sick of waiting for a release date! it’s been around 2 years since this game has been announced…

mellan_Konsten 12 August, 2013 @ 11:30

off topic.

I need some help. I Bought when vikings attack for the vita back when the game launched and for some reason my download got corrupt and i asked here for a refound (wich i got). I didn´t want to risk buying it again afraid to lose my money so i bought Urban Trial Freestyle instead and it was great.

here comes my problem, I have been a plus subscriber since last year and now (this month) when I´m supposed to be able to download when vikings attack for free on ps plus I still can´t (I have tried both ps3 and vita veersion).

Can someone help me?

//btw can´t wait for ffx/x-2, so good to be a Vita-owner this fall.

supersmith2500 12 August, 2013 @ 11:36

It should get a retail release.


Screenshots look reallly good!

I pre-ordered the standard edition for PS3 from My question is do I need to pre-order the limited edition to get the art book or does pre-orders on standard automatically upgrade to the limited edition?

Also would love to know the release date. Also getting Kingdom hearts 1.5 and two other games which happens to be out around the same time so don’t want both Kingdom hearts and this to be too close to each other.


Hey, if you wish to get the art book you will need to pre-order the Limited Edition (or, confusingly, the Collector’s Edition as it is listed on

Also, I don’t have an update on the release date; but I’m asking everyday as I know everyone is eager to find out (including myself)!

VictorAnalogy 12 August, 2013 @ 11:51

Vita cross buy please.

Meh, worthless update. I’ll try again once you have some Vita info. Why is it so hard to talk about the Vita version?

Will there be Japanese voices?

looks good, will get it on vita and maybe later ps3.

VictorAnalogy 12 August, 2013 @ 12:16

Oh, also, any chance you could remove the laughing scene? It is the most uncomfortable thing ever. ;)


why amazon as cancel my command of final fantasy 10 and 10-2 on ps vita, it’s psn only? don’t said that you have no information it’s false

I can’t wait for this.

Although this isn’t necessarily about FFX and FFX-2, I’m guessing the art book included with the collectors edition is soft cover whereas the book included with the Kingdom Hearts Collectors Ed is hardback.

How large is the book with Kingdom Hearts because in images it looks to be the size of the game? Is that the size and is that the size of the FFX one as well?

X-2 is gonna look seriously def on the Vita’s OLED. Can’t wait for the freshness. 8-)

no release date and price for vita???

For the love of Yevon, please be retail on PS Vita.

pinkplaybunny 12 August, 2013 @ 14:02

I really hope the ability to be able to save at any point and not just at save points has been added or i’m not buying. I spent enough frustrated hours replaying this game where I died right next to the save point after 3 hours of play… I’ve just bought a new tv and its not ending up with a controller through it :-)


Final fantasy 10 is my number 1 rpg. i hope u guys will retail it since its one of the games i would love in fysical form i own both editions on ps2. Make it a septemeber release please:) i know its not likely but still i can hope right?

About the soundtrack you guys keep mentioning, is it standalone or just available in-game in some kind of form?

It will be retail on Vita too, if walking dead is then this will too.

I am still wait to pre-order the collectors edition. I can’t find it anywhere. There is nothing on or

Also can we get an example of the remixed music?

its been weeks now that i cant watch videos in the blog ios app…

Any fix?

If Vita was getting physical release or not, they would know by now. These things planned and budgeted for long before release.

They aren’t saying because the answer is no and they don’t want the run up to release full of Vita owners badmouthing the company and release.

Is also the reason Amazon cancelled all orders of Vita version and removed the listing and why pretty much every retailer except shopto only list a PS3 version.

infernalmonkey1 12 August, 2013 @ 15:42

Square Enix is doing such a horrible job with the Vita version of this. For about a year now people have been asking if it’ll get a retail release or not, and Square’s like LOL DUNNO. Over and over again.

Awsome.Cant wait for this collection and the KH collections. Square enix hd remasters done right!

obiadekanobi1980 12 August, 2013 @ 15:56

If this don’t come out on the vita, after KZ merc its getting traded this is one of the ONLY reasons i even picked up a vita, yes its been awesome to own one but man ill be mad at square if they are not releasing this it would be a huge insult to all us vita owners…..

also here’s a idea for you square……….. how about you release some original FF games because you sir are failing with all your FF HD X-16,660s…..

Also if there is some slim chance this comes to the Vita then do us loyal fans a favour and price it accordinly i.e not £29.99 for one game when its going to be no more than £30 on the PS3…

Thanks, a disgruntled former Square(soft) fan,adding Enix has ruined you…….


Yup, at this point I think you are right. I am taking the silence as confirmation. SE is continuing the downward spiral. The unwillingness to talk about the Vita version is frankly insulting.

They still release Vita screenshots and the last trailer said coming to PS3 and Vita so until they say otherwise it’s coming this year to both systems.


So pumped for this but I really hope this a Cross-Buy / Cross-Play compatible release…

obiadekanobi1980 12 August, 2013 @ 16:59


LOL the words “SQUARE-ENIX” and “crossbuy” will never be in the same sentence lol that made me chuckle so much!!

Something tells me this won’t be a cross-buy title, which is a dire shame, because if there were any game I would play at home, transfer the save file and then take on the road, it would be this one. Most other games aren’t worth the hassle (Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time comes to mind).

Considering the PS3 version will include both at a decent price of £30-£40 and the Vita version will be split into two at £30 each, I doubt cross-buy would even be remotely possible.

Square Enix, when will you go back to being you?

supersmith2500 12 August, 2013 @ 17:31

I don’t think it’s cross-buy because the Vita versions are sold separate.

Cross-buy… from Square Enix? Yeah, not going to happen. These guys are not going to provide customer service / added value like that. That’s for smaller studios/publishers (and Sony first party) who actually care about customers and see them as more than cattle to be milked. It’s an entertaining thought though :)

We’re lucky if we get physical Vita releases, priced 30 Euro each, for this HD remake.


Will the International content from X and Last Mission from X-2 be on the disc or are you cashing in on it making it DLC?


Ah, I have such fond memories of FFX which, in my opinion, is the last great Final Fantasy game. What I’d give to go back to the turn-based system of old. Even though I still own the PS2 copy, I’ll likely pick the FFX Vita version up on release.


I think exactly like 36. But it is hard why dont you have a release!? You are only making people angry……….

I see more and more of the these PS blog entries backfiring on the marketing people. They want to send out their little marketing message, but in many cases, like this one, people have questions. Uncomfortable questions, apparently. Then we have silence and non-answers as usual. It’s all awkward and silly – and it’s definitely not good marketing.

more intrested in jear abo on ff a realm reborn = 1 jear =100€
+ info ps3 karakter i make + stats go whith me to ps4 ?

al other ff games i refuse to buy = no remakes + bring back old turn-based system ore same system like ff a realm reborn = 1 carakter ( like skyrim ) + no random batels, but enemy on screen .

cowbanana 38 = jes totaly agry


Meanwhile, US gets great sale on japanese games.

And this sale alone beats sh#t out of our summer “sale” – .

Keep up good work of failing to deliver deals to EU customers, guys!


Yup, that sale is pretty awesome, and US only! It’s so frustrating being under SCEE and their sad approach to pretty much everything.


For anyone looking the Vita version it looks like you can get it here.

I wanna play this “Last Mission” :D


Definitely picking this up, although the ps1 era are my favorites. I’ll probably get it on ps3 to enjoy it big screen.

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