Rain release date, pre-order details and new video

Hello everyone. I have a few bits of exciting news to share with you regarding rain. We now have the second Developer Diary from the team back at Japan Studio and Playstation C.A.M.P. If you missed the first one, you can still catch it here.

In the second iteration of the series we meet Yugo Kanno who organises all original score composition and arrangements for rain. An important part of rain from the very beginning has been the music, here Yugo speaks of his journey working on rain and how his involvement with rain has panned out.

In the second part of the video Connie Talbot is introduced as the voice for rain‘s main theme. Connie is an up-and-coming vocal artist from the UK who made her debut on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2007. Her enthusiasm and excitement is shown in her interview with us. She also shares her experiences and the challenges she faced during the recording.

Our second bit of exciting news is that we are happy to announce that rain will be released on PSN on 2nd October 2013 for €12.99 across PAL regions!

You are also now able to pre-order on the PSN until 1st October. The pre-order will offer a few pieces of exclusive content. In addition to the full game you will also receive a Dynamic Theme, five hand-drawn Avatars, a Musical Montage (which includes beautiful music pieces and sound effects from the game) and a Static Theme, all for €12.99.

Once purchased, the goods will be available for download on 2nd October. This pre-order package will not be available after 1st October so please make sure you don’t miss out!

Hopefully we have tickled your excitement and that you are all looking forward to the release of rain – just as we are! Please ensure you check back here for more news on rain.

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What’s the UK price?


Hi,UK are on at £9.99!

Ohh man, just the music is worth getting this for. The first half of the video sounded a bit like Yann Tiersen’s Amelie soundtrack. Also a very well done video, very nice/peaceful outro with the rain.


thank you! :)

I can’t wait for this game :P + God, Connie Talbot has grown from her Britain’s Got Talent days :D (Lovely voice she has)


She was lovely to work with!

how big will the dl be when it will be released?


Just over 2GB

Think the video is missing some subtitles ??

Im really bad at understanding japanese

zalwelgoedgaan 21 August, 2013 @ 15:55

Love it when a game is $15 -> €13. Love it!

This game also looks appealing, but yeah, LOVE IT!

This is the type of game that makes me love Playstation. What an excellent game, really looking forward to it! And excellent price-point!


Loving the love for it!!

This is my type of game – i cant wait until it hits. Thank you for all the love and hard work poured into this game. I really cant wait to get my paws on it.


You’re very welcome, I will pass on all your excitment for the game, we can’t wait to hear more when it’s out!

yourlegaldealer 21 August, 2013 @ 16:41

Has anyone been able to pre-order yet?

Can’t wait!


You should be able to from here too (as well as the PSN store via your XMB):


I’m asking again: What for is free dynamic theme if the first thing you see when you sign in PS3 or eject disc, is always annoying Singstar app installer no matter which theme did you set?

When that vocal first played during the E3 press conference I got crazy goosebumps. And just now again.


Credit to Connie Talbot and the amazing Yugo Kanno!


I actually LIKE Singstar and approve of it being available on the XMB.

However I totally agree that it shouldn’t play a theme or change the background image. I hadn’t realised it did that seeing as 99% of the time my Singstar disc is in the drive, now I understand why people are complaining.

By all means keep it in the list for promotional reasons, but don’t mess up our themes to do it. Also, it should be made much clearer which is the XMB version and which is the disc, as I have launched the wrong one before and its problematic with them having a different set of trophies and slightly different UI.

yourlegaldealer 21 August, 2013 @ 18:01

Ahem, can we take all singstar related discussion to a less important thread please – it’s spoiling the Rain excitement :D


damnit Sony everytime I say I’m not going to buy another game you come and drain my wallet :@


haha, it will be worth it you’ll see!

Please can you list prices in £’s and not just €’s.


Will bear that in mind folks, thanks!! it is indeed £9.99!


@15: If I’m not mistaken that’d be 9.99GBP for UK folks.

xXCandyMan342Xx 22 August, 2013 @ 13:38

UK price is £9.99 I can confirm that, this game looks great, can’t wait to play it, thank you (^__^)b

The game looks beautiful! Can’t wait to play it.

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