BEYOND soundtrack composed by Lorne Balfe and produced by Hans Zimmer

We’re very pleased to announce the addition of two more Hollywood greats to the BEYOND: Two Souls team, with Lorne Balfe confirmed as the composer and Hans Zimmer as the producer of the game’s soundtrack.

Hans Zimmer surely needs no introduction – he’s composed some of the finest Hollywood soundtracks of all time, including Gladiator, The Lion King, the Pirates of the Caribbean series and (not forgetting) The Rock. And working alongside Lorne Balfe, the pair have been responsible for some of the most memorable soundtracks of recent years, such as Inception, Sherlock Holmes and Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight movies.

Lorne himself is also no stranger to composing for video games having scored Assassin’s Creed III, Crysis 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with both Hans and Lorne in London to discuss the original score they’ve created for BEYOND: Two Souls. Here’s what they had to say….

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TargetFinderKing 22 August, 2013 @ 14:39

Why not give new young composers a chance hans zimmer does nothing on his own anymore anyway



Gladiator, The Lion King, the Pirates of the Caribbean, The Rock, Sherlock Holmes, AC3, MW2 and Crysis 2. Loved all of them and yet I never even knew who they where. That’s news for me

This game is seriously gonna kick butt. I can’t even begin to imagine what Quantic have got lined up for PS4. 8-)

This looks more and more promising…if the plot is as good as the rest of the game, this is gonna be a masterpiece!

I hope, at Gamescom, we could finally hear more info about the game’s non-linearity/linearity. Like number of endings and a few example of path choices -> story would get a new direction (probably not possible).

By the way, are all extras of Special Edition digital? The “making of” too? And is the “making of” just these publicly available videos?


Come back here tomorrow for more on this!

I’m waiting Beyond, its avatars, its sountrack, everything about Beyond


Thank you QD and David Cage for doing what you do. We need more games like this that focus on emotional impact instead of just pasting together gameplay sequences with cutscenes. Following a character around for her whole life sounds incredibly interesting too, character development at its finest.
Thank you for making games that make me feel.

Zimmer is OK, but he’s no John Williams.

Wow, Hans Zimmer, that’s awesome. Because of this kind of games our industry will grow in importance. This is by the way the main reason I stick with Sony. There is only 1 platform that can deliver this kind of games on this scale. I think it’s important for the industry and as an adult gamer I like my shooting and jumping mixed with amazing new experiences like Beyond.
I have never ever pre ordered a game but the special edition is locked and loaded at Zavvi for months now.
Please keep up the good work and can’t wait what you guys do on PS4!


I’m not watching this video unless somebody confirms to me that Normand Corbeil gets a mention. He was working on the music to this game after doing Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain, even the Kara demo and I could not wait to hear more from his work in Beyond.
Sadly he died of cancer in late January 2013. Please tell me they are going to use some of the music he had lined up for Beyond?
BTW Hans Zimmer, awesome. Lorne Balfe, the killer of Assassins Creed III for me? Seriously the reason I didn’t even get to New York was because of lack of Jesper Kyd in that game.


Now that the publicity wagon’s rolling steadily on Beyond, can we get confirmation if the entire EU version is censored?

Seeing as this was the case for Twisted Metal, God of War: Ascension and The Last of Us, I’m assuming that Beyond IS censored until I hear otherwise. So it would be great to know in advance so I can import the US version instead of buying Beyond lite.



Wow, Fred, Sony is spending the big bucks on this game, eh? So, will there be a CE with bonus music, or at least a digital order bonus for the score?



Unlikely. I doubt Ellen Page is going to be chopping off any limbs in this game :)


Hanz Zimmer, Wow. The list of reasons to get this game just keeps on growing.



Thanks Fred, I surely will. I have made an exception and preordered Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition as Fahrenheit & Heavy Rain were excellent story games (Heavy Rain was the main reason of PS3 purchase for me after playing Fahrenheit on PC so I have a high faith on Quantic Dream to deliver an emotional thrill ride).

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