Joe Danger 1 and 2 are racing to PS Vita

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Oh man! It’s so good to be back on the PlayStation Blog! PlayStation is where Joe Danger and our little studio began, so it feels really good to be able to announce that we’re bringing Joe Danger and its sequel Joe Danger 2: The Movie to PlayStation Vita next year! Our team owes so much to the PlayStation community…

We released Joe Danger on PS3 all the way back in 2010, which seems pretty much like a decade ago now. To us, anyway. Joe Danger was inspired by our love for the fun, colourful and challenging games that we grew up playing on SNES and Megadrive, and with your help our little fat stuntman gained a load of fans and highscore chasers, which made us incredibly happy (and frustrated with our skills at our own game).

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Anyway, the game did well enough to give us a chance to release Joe Danger 2 last year, which was the Joe Danger we had in our heads (before the realities of our little team actually getting it finished got in the way). With loads of vehicles, scenarios and settings, we’re incredibly proud of it.

This should all explain why we’re so pleased to be able to announce Joe Danger for PS Vita. It’s something we’ve been quietly (but excitedly) working away on for little while (if you could play it right now, you’d be excited too!).


One of the reasons we’ve fallen in love with PS Vita is its power. It’s super, super important to us that our games run really smoothly. Like, 60 FPS smoothly. There’s nothing like the super-slick movement and sense of responsiveness of a really well-made game. That screen just looks so lovely showing colourful, vibrant games too.

Another big reason why Vita’s perfect for Joe Danger is in its controls. On PS3, Joe Danger uses pretty much every button, stick and trigger for something, so all Vita’s inputs, from its touchscreen and rear Touch Pad to its dual analogue sticks, are essential. We aiming for Joe on Vita to play at least as well as it does on PS3! We’ve got some surprises in store for our level editor too.

JD2 CopBike

We want to bring the console games across without losing a single bit of what I’m proud about, so we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. But hopefully I’ll be able to tell you guys more as we get closer to launch. Maybe there will be a few surprises! (There will be.) Until then, thanks so, so much for all your support over the past few years. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be here, so I hope we do you proud :)
Speak to you again real soon!

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Will it be cross buy? I already have these great games on PS3!

Awesome! Haven’t put much time into the second game, but I did play the first one tons, and enjoyed every minute of it, will be an amazing fit on the VITA no doubt. Looking forward to playing them again :)

I know you won’t say the release date just yet, but are you aiming to have it release this year at least ?

Hoping that at least JD2 will be cross buy

I bought both of them for PS3 so please make them cross buy and cross play!

For some reason I thought this was going to be a renamed Rick Dangerous.

This is good news. Own then both on PS3 so couldn’t justify paying for them again when so many similar titles are cross buy now a days. Hope this follows suit and is cross but for those loyal fans who bought both titles first time round?

As a proud owner of 100% in both games on PS3, I’m really looking forward to play it again on my Vita.

Own both Joe Danger 1 and 2 on my PS3, now it would indeed be great if it would be crossbuy like I had Limbo on my PS3 and got the PSVita version recently through crossbuy.

Thanks for the port. vita needs more ports, not original titles.

Will the loading times in JD2 be better on vita? They really hurt my enjoyment of that game on PS3

Looks so vibrant! I want to eat it!! Those colours are going to really pop on that OLED screen. Hope it does reach the 60fps target at native res. That would be awesome!

theStoneSkull 23 August, 2013 @ 19:36

cool news. i’ve never played these games but have been tempted recently.. this is good timing.. i’ll be buying it for vita.

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