Kick & Fennick launches itself at PS Vita in early 2014


We didn’t count, but we must have saved the world thousands of times. Like many of us, we spent most of our childhood being superheroes dressed in cardboard armor with a towel around our neck, having the most amazing and epic adventures.

Thankfully, now that we’re adults *cough*, video games still allow us to immerse ourselves in imaginary worlds, without looking like fools throwing pinecone grenades at each other. But this image of us as kids, running around the woods with a big stick – that by happy coincidence has a small branch to the side making it the perfect bazooka – is thoroughly stuck in our minds.

This is where the idea for Kick & Fennick originated, remembering the fun we had saving the world and our friends with our massive stick weapons. There are no complications as a kid, but if a real ten year old boy would fire one of our imaginary super guns, he would surely launch himself through the air just from the weapon’s recoil… which would be pretty damn cool!

We love big, cinematic game experiences. We’re just a two-man team, but we couldn’t have Kick just jumping around a bit using his weapon. No, he needs to jump across huge skyscrapers, breaking through walls while shooting drones and dodging the massive claws of a towering enemy menace. Another passion we have is animation. We are big fans of Pixar with their ability to appeal to all ages with original ideas, great characters and sky high production values.


These things are what make us tick as developers and are at the heart of our love for making and playing games. Kick & Fennick is our first venture into independent game development and our big ideas get us in trouble sometimes, but that’s not stopping us from doing it anyway!

In true indie fashion, Kick & Fennick started out as a small mobile game, but quickly grew into something much bigger sporting cutscenes, cute characters, boss fights, more than 40 levels and an epic soundtrack by our friend and longtime colleague Jonathan v/d Wijngaarden.


After about a year of production, we were ready to show off the game at a small independent games event in The Netherlands called Indigo. We’ve met a lot of great people there, including Maarten and Martijn from Green Hill Studios. They felt that the game deserved a bigger venue and offered to help us get the game to PS Vita. They added our friends at Abstraction Games to the mix and here we are, working hard to bring Kick&Fennick to PS Vita in early 2014!



We couldn’t be more excited about what has yet to come and hope we have caught your attention. If you would like to stay in touch and keep track of what we’re doing, visit our website at or and follow us on or twitter @jaywalkersint and @GreenHillNL. Of course we’ll be hanging around the comment section as well to answer any questions you might have.

Hope to see you around! :)


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This is the kind of indie games I love to see and play. Not the empty screens and simple blocks but a truly beautiful game with awesome music and addictive gameplay. I can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty! how is this possible when in the uk we are getting told if we have not preorderd before the 6th of august u might not get it on release date ???????

Not feelin’ the colour palette here. The use of bright primaries is a major turn-off :( Enough to push me away.

Other than that I guess it looks ok-ish. Not really diggin’ the character designs either, to be honest.


Looks cool, good to see an indie sidescroller with beautiful graphics for once rather than abstract minimalist ones.

This looks nice. Maybe for me and my kid. Looking forward to seeing more of this :)

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