Lunatic side-scroller Gunslugs coming soon to PS Vita

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Hi everyone, I’m Tj’ièn, creative director at Abstraction Games and I’m more than excited to tell you that we’ll be bringing Orange Pixel’s highly addictive, retro-inspired, roguelike, side-scrolling action-game Gunslugs to PlayStation Vita.

We came into contact with Gunslugs’ creator Pascal Bestebroer “indie game developer extraordinaire” through the nice people at Sony Computer Entertainment who suggested he get in touch with us after they were amazed by the work we did on Hotline Miami for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. We were tremendously honored to be referred by Sony and we were thrilled to be working with Pascal as he has created so many great retro inspired gems, that we felt we had no other choice than to jump onboard straightaway.

After we had worked on Knytt Underground and Hotline Miami we’re all really excited about the tremendous potential of the PS Vita and its unique input systems. But the more traditional, natural feeling of the physical buttons combined with the amazing OLED display is what made the idea of bringing Gunslugs over a no-brainer from our perspective. In fact, we believe in the appeal of Gunslugs and the fact that it belongs on the PS Vita so much that we decided to publish the game ourselves.


We added leaderboards, cloud saving and trophies to an already extensive feature list that includes everything from screen filling endbosses, hellworms, princesses, jetpacks, hidden worlds, train rides, drivable tanks, sandworms, armor shops, and sooo much more! Oh, and I didn’t even mention the thumping sound track created by Gavin Harrison, which has quickly become part of my daily playlist since we started working on Gunslugs a while back, it is really great!


Expect to be able to populate those new leaderboards soon as we’re working hard to get the game into your retro-loving hands somewhere around October 2013.

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mite b cool

another NES game


is minecraft voor de PS4 VITA and PS3 ???? coming

Looks like good old school fun to me. Ill be picking this up when it’s out.
Good work. Any idea on price and file size?

With all due respect to developers, what’s with all these 8-bit like games on the PS Vita lately!? Do they know the resolution that the console is capable of!?

Sony, if your plan for the Vita was these kind of games all along then why make a portable with an OLED display with high quality?

Just borrow the gameboy display you drop the portable price to €50 and it will less like honey.

Another side scroller with 8 bit graphics for the Vita – never saw that coming!


@#6 I know right, who would guess -.-‘

Love the music

This is exactly the kind of game I would LOVE to play, but I absolutely cannot stand this 8 Bit graphic style!
It ruins the game for me and I cannot understand why anyone would want to have graphics that look worse then on 20 year old 16 bit consoles! Why??

Finally! I’ve been wanting an 8-bit Side Scrolling Shooter, but I haven’t encountered that many. This is probably the first one. Will buy this, no doubt. What’s price of it?

Well I love 8bit and 16bit style pixel art games, aswell as the modern ones.
Looking forward to FEZ and would love to see Super Meat Boy on the Vita too.


Looks great.


pmf (looks great too)

If you had Metal Slug quality sprites and animation, you might have been on to something, but this looks too much like an elemental schooler’s first attempt at a game. Sorry.

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