PlayStation Plus in September: Assassin’s Creed III, Jak & Daxter Trilogy, more

Hi everyone! We’ve got a fantastic month lined up on PlayStation Plus for September and if you visit the PS Store and purchase a one year membership anytime between 21st August and 20th September we will give you an additional 90 days at no extra cost, meaning you get 15 months of PS Plus for the price of 12 (€49.99/£39.99)!*

New PlayStation 3 games:


I’m sure many of you caught the announcement during the Gamescom press conference but if not, I am exceptionally happy to announce that this September PS Plus members will have access to Ubisoft‘s incredible Assassin’s Creed III from 28th August.

Assassin’s Creed III invites you to experience the untold story of the American Revolution through the eyes of a new Assassin, Connor, son of a Native American mother and British father. You will meet legendary heroes of American history, and together you will conspire to annihilate those who threaten Liberty itself.


Next up, we welcome all action heroes Jak and Daxter to the service. In typical PS Plus fashion, we’re not just give you one title – we’re giving you the trilogy! That’s right, next month you will get our dynamic duo’s first three adventures Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II and Jak 3. Make sure you check them out – I’m sure you will not be disappointed!


Your final PS3 offering for this month is Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark, a fast-paced stealth platformer with over 80 levels, featuring brutal hazards, ruthless enemies, fiendish puzzles and red pixels galore.

Armed with only your wits and a pair of top-of-the-line stealthing goggles, it’s your job to sneak your way through a deadly facility that’s determined to extinguish your fragile little life.

New PS Vita games:


First up for PS Vita is Urban Trial Freestyle. Grab your motorbike and make your way through levels of varying obstacles as you try to stunt your way through the game! Graphically this game looks superb on the PS Vita screen and ultimately it’s just great fun!

Last but certainly not least – there have been a lot of calls for this one, so I am pleased to say Konami’s New Little King’s Story will be joining PS Plus this month. Assume the role of 14-year-old King Corobo tasked with reclaiming his kingdom from an invader known only as ‘The Nightmare’. The evil presence is running havoc and the populace lives in fear as it preys on them. Thus, as young King Corobo, the user must unite their subjects in order to fight back and reclaim the kingdom.

Don’t forget that from today, for one week only, PS Plus members also have exclusive access to the Killzone Mercenary beta and Puppeteer demo. Don’t miss out!

In summary

Leaving PS Plus this month:

  • 28th August: Need for Speed Most Wanted
  • 28th August: ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection
  • 28th August: Demon’s Souls
  • 28th August: LEGO Lord of the Rings
  • 28th August: When Vikings Attack

Entering PS Plus this month:

  • 28th August: Assassin’s Creed 3
  • 28th August: The Jak and Daxter Trilogy
  • 28th August: Stealth Inc: A Clone In The Dark
  • 28th August: Urban Trial Freestyle
  • 28th August: New Little King’s Story

If you are not currently a Plus member, visit our PlayStation Plus site to find out more about the service. Here you’ll learn all you need to know about a one year subscription to the Instant Game Collection all for a one-off payment of just £39.99 / €49.99. Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store. *Please note offer applies for purchases via the PlayStation Store only. Existing users are able to stack their membership.

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25 Author replies

Please answer … Looking to buy this today
The Last of Us – with Tokyo Jungle for free
Additional 10% saving for PS Plus members
Additional 10% isn’t showing up, any chance of getting this fixed


We are looking into this now

supersmith2500 22 August, 2013 @ 12:02

Not much for me this me except Assassin’s Creed III and Clone in the Dark, Is Clone in the Dark also for Vita?


Yes Stealth Inc Clone in the Dark is for VITA as well


Do Stealth Inc and the Jack & Daxter Triology have cross buy?

So its not staying 3 full ps3 games each month with ps4 coming?

And yeah great news with AC3 of course ;-)

Would be nice to list what system a game is for in the blog post?

TheLegendOfMart 22 August, 2013 @ 12:03

Definitely grabbing Jak & Daxter, I love me some Naughty Dog.


Really important question: is Stealth Inc. cross buy?



So disapointing that you put Urban Trial Freestyle in the Summer Sale and then add this to PS Plus!

Same story with Sleeping Dogs a few months ago. Please don’t do this again!


We are always going to have situations where content is in a sale and then in Plus as we do sales all the time so it’s unavoidable but we do our best to try and make sure that is not the case

dogwalker4000 22 August, 2013 @ 12:04

Awesome stuff as usual when it comes to plus :D

Picked up Urban Trials already but don’t have any of the others. Am I right in assuming that Jak Trilogy is cross-buy and we will actually get the Vita versions too? Happened with Vikings this month so here’s hoping ;)

Gonna grab everything… Need to know if Jak trilogy and Stealth are cross-buy… (hope so!)

Awesome content this month. :D Honestly, this month and last has been so great thanks to the variety we’ve got – keep it up!

Especially looking forward to Jak/Daxter and NLKS – had been thinking about buying the latter!

Looks a good month, especially New Little Kings Story. I suggest that everyone picks it up and gives it a go. It has to be one of the most fun RTS-esque games I’ve ever played. Will also be grabbing the Jak trilogy because why not. :D

wow amazing thank u

Will there be a sale on the ACIII content?


Possibly, look out for more details next week


“15 months of PS Plus for the price of 12” … “Existing users are able to stack their membership.”

Now THAT is what I like to see! :D

Good update!

Hope we get cross-buy for the Jak trilogy.

Looks good to me! Thanks Chris :):)


YES! Jak and Daxter HD Trilogy! Thanks for bringing this to PlayStation Plus Chris, never had the chance to play these 3 games back on PlayStation 2 — and next week too!

Also, I’ll gladly try out New Little King’s Story. And digital ACIII is a good reason to finish up the Tyranny DLC.

So that makes a great month for me :D

Now, I’d like to ask… Since the Themes are on halt due the artist leaving SCEE, why not make a deal with companies to make themes available at the Store grab-able for Plus members? Example: This month we had ACIII as Game of the Month, ACIII has a dynamic theme on the Store, so it could be part of the Plus update as well* (and if a game doesn’t have a theme on the Store, you’ve got a wide selection from first party games themes).

*I realize that it is too late for this month, it’s just an example.

Just suggesting :P

Already ahve the Jak Trilogy, but an awesome selection of titles nonetheless guys!
Will Stealth Inc and Jak & Daxter Trilogy also be available on Vita since they’re both cross-buy titles ? Thanks either way.

Great month, already played and platinum’d AC3 but to be fair I’m not bothered that I paid for it, it was so worth it. However I’ve never played Jak + Daxter and always wanted to try, so thanks.

Can’t wait until the Vita price drops kick in and I can get my full use from PS+, as if the PS3 content wasn’t enough already!

I already own the retail version of the Jak trilogy for PS3, so fingers crossed for it being cross-buy!


Already borrowed AC3 from my friend. Not the best AC game but still enjoyable. Going to add it to my download list.

Jak Trilogy is a good choice! Never played it at all so it would be good for me to finally get started on it.

Annoyed about Stealth Bastard! I bought it last week or so, great indie game for you to downoad it! ;)

pinkplaybunny 22 August, 2013 @ 12:10

Oh i wasn’t expecting AC3 this month, i thought they said October in the conference! Excellent!

I’ve never played Jak and Dexter either but looks good!

Little King story will be fun to play too!

Well Done Chris!

Great update! THX!!!! Killzone Mercenary is FANTASTIC! Pre-ordered.


I bought stealth on release date. Why would you release a game less than a month ago and then include it in the IGC? I want my money back :(

This is why i love PS+
Thank you guys soo much!


Excellent update, Thanks :)

Nothing much for me this month as I have the digital Jak & Daxter trilogy and New Little King Story. Will possibly give Assassin’s Creed III a go but Connor has such a soporific monotone voice that in the short bit of Assassin’s Creed Liberation he appeared nearly put me to sleep.

Is there any chance of a discount on EDF 2017 or Atelier Totori or even Dokturo? Will any of these be future plus vita titles?

Also as buying the digital version of Jak & Daxter Trilogy gave customers the vita versions for free does that mean all the people who will be downloading the trilogy as a freebie also be entitled to download the vita versions? If not then you might want to change things in the vita store and if they are well then vita owners will plus seriously make out like bandits in Sept


Great update!!! Although I already have the platinum on AC3 so don’t need that one but Jak and daxter.. now that’s a game I can finally play. Never got round to playing it before but always wanted to try it out. So thanks for getting us the trilogy!

I posted this into the sales post but there is no replies in it so will post here again. Really need to know if I’m safe to buy or not cos I want to get two Vita games and if there is a chance of it being on ps+ then I will wait longer.

But my comment says “Is it safe to get Resistance Burning Skies? Any plans on coming to PS+? Or are you at least trying to get it for it? Even for the long term IGC in November?”

Also for a second game, would like to know the same about LittleBigPlanet. Just after trying out the trial and love it! Seems to play so much better than the PS3 version so might get that too if it wont be on PS+


Resistance Burning Skies is not available in quite a few regions for various reasons so it is very unlikely it will go into the IGC

Poor Vita line up…


Very poor month in my opinion, AC3 is awesome but I all ready own it ,Jak an Dexter im sure are good games but not for me and the rest are really poor…i suppose Urban Trials looks at least a bit decent…


Please better Stuff next Month.. Give us some JRPGs finally or atleast one J-Game! Persona 4 Portable or Atelier Totori?

Afaik Jak and Dexter has cross-buy for the PS3 version and Stealth Inc generally. Thus an excellent month for the Vita. :)
AC3 and NLKS are great anyway. UTF is not my kind of game, but that’s okay.

Good month, thanks Chris!

OnionMarmalade 22 August, 2013 @ 12:18

As someone who has never played an Assassins creed game, Should I start with 3? Or wait a bit and play 2 first? I hear better things about 2 but might that have been a first love thing?

gbgamesmember 22 August, 2013 @ 12:19

Amazing Update , Thanks a lot Chris !

can we get one piece pirate warriors on ps+ please.


I’s not scheduled for Plus anytime soon, there might be a discount on it coming up soon though :)

Another awesome update! Thank you! :D

Urban Trial Freestyle? I bought it on sale less than month ago. It’s not fair…

Crumptastic_86 22 August, 2013 @ 12:22

@31 – Really?

LKS is not my cup of tea but surely more up your alley…and despite the noise on here J-games are in a massive MINORITY in terms of wish lists.

Good lineup this month, heard nothing but good things about Stealth B*stard since it came out and I have both Trials games for XBLA.


Hi Chris any chance of getting Tales of Grace F or One Piece Pirate Warriors on psn plus and will The Jak and Daxter Trilogy and Stealth Inc: A Clone In The Dark be cross-buy on ps vita, i will love to play that on the vita


If Jak Trilogy, Stealth inc and Urban Trials are all cross-buy, then its a great update.

But it’s still damn good with Assassin’s Creed3 (I thought IGC was for older games, how are you guys pulling these deals Arkham City,Most Wanted and Deus Ex off so soon after launch?)

What are the chances of the following making an appearance on IGC?

LittleBigPlanet Vita?
Hotline Miami?
Far Cry 3?
PixelJunk Monsters Vita?
Plants vs Zombies Vita?
Need for Speed:Most Wanted Vita?
Assassins Creed: Liberation Vita?


Two of those are planned but I can’t say which I am afraid

sandystrachan 22 August, 2013 @ 12:23

Hope the ps3 ver of Urban Trial is added too .

Hi Chris

In the DriveClub post the other day it was announced that purchasing the full game either retail or digital will give 50% off a year of PS+. Does this offer also apply if we upgrade DriveClub PS+ Edition to the full game?


No it is a retail offer for those who buy the full game in the shops

New Little King’s Story!

I am… sort of… happy! :) yay.

I wanted to play this, but I didn’t want to pay too much for it due to the technical issues (frame rate). It’s still not fixed despite what some people seem to think.

But I’ll take it “free” on IGC!

Stealth Inc. is a pretty good game. But I bought it when it came out. No regrets there. Very challenging and entertaining game, imo.

Please, don’t add LBP Vita or Little Deviants to IGC this year…


hope stealth incl. is with vita, but great great update

Nice update :) Looking forward to Jak trilogy, been a few years since I played the first game & Stealth Inc should be a blast! Thanks guys. Keep up the good work!!

Carnivius_Prime 22 August, 2013 @ 12:32

Was hoping for DmC as long rumoured. I already have Jak & Daxter Trilogy (though for some reason I only really enjoyed playing the first one) and I don’t like Assassin’s Creed at all… I atill like Plus though. Still enjoying Most Wanted despite the constant freezing problems and other bugs :P

Robinworldwide 22 August, 2013 @ 12:32

Logged on just to compliment yall on yet another great update, thank! :D


Awesome month. Thanks Chris.


Please note offer applies for purchases via the PlayStation Store only. Existing users are able to stack their membership.

Does that mean if I buy a year now, my account will stack 15 months on the membership?


That’s correct

Awesome update. Thank you very much.

New Little King’s Story!!! Thank you!

this is actually the first month where there is literally nothing i don’t already have :(

nice update but and i cant win every month so i hope everyone enjoys the new games.(until you all get gta 5 and no one plays this stuff;) )

thegreatnolive 22 August, 2013 @ 12:38

I hope there is a chance or blazeblue on vita next month.

How come in the USA they get 50 dollars of vita why is uk not getting this ?????????????????!


Great month – pity I bought Jak trilogy last month, stealth inc on launch (because it was on sale) and urban trial freestyle last week (because its on sale). All of them were worth the money, but still a little disappointed they are now all free, particularly the last two.

Ah well, more people on leaderboards for stealth inc and urban trial.

55 comments and not 1 reply Cheers playstation


Two months awesome games, but 2K and Ubisoft not added russian language into electronic version. This saddens(((

How can Anyone conplain is beyond me… AWESOME update Chris!!

If u could answer my question it would be great.

Any chance we see the following titles on IGC?

Ps3 : killzone 3 , street fighter vs tekken , max payne 3 , PlayStation all star battle royal and darksiders 2

Vita : ultimate marvel vs capcom , everybodys golf.


None of those are planned at present for various reasons but that doesn’t mean they won’t come in the future

Good month. Incidentally I’m thinking about picking up Resistance Burning Skies in the I going sale – that’s in no danger of appearing as a plus offering soon does it?


Wow I wanted the trilogy of Jak so so so much.
If Jak and Stealth Inc can be taken cross buy which i guess so, this is such a BRUTAL month for Vita. Really really the best one so far.

3 jak games, plus king story, plus stealth inc, plus urban free style… I dont own any of them and it makes 6 really good and interesting games for the Vita.

Not to say Assassin Creed for PS3 as well… So many savings here i will give a try to some summer festival deals such as Everybody golf.

Wow thanks a lot!!!!

Sweet! Jak & Daxter Trilogy, nice for grabs, but New Little King’s Story. That’s a game I’ve always wanted for my Vita. I’ve got my money out by a long shot.

btw its great to see a psn title as part of this months offerings we dont get them much now mainly retail.

id actually quite like 2 retail and 1 psn title a month every month (if the psn title is free at launch(like hell yeah wrath of the dead rabbit was when it launched or stacking) gets some of these smaller titles good exposure and every month we get something new and interesting.

just a thought

also are there 4 titles free on vita this month?
i have jak and daxter digital and the vita versions became free for me and clone in the dark is also cross buy?

TargetFinderKing 22 August, 2013 @ 12:58

Why vita gets all the content these kids only come to the blog to complain all day. Guess it worked.

great, I bought J&D last week :), but rest is great. Will be stealth inc. also for Vita? I prefer to play such indies in bed :)


Assassin’s Creed 3 (PS3)
The Jak and Daxter Trilogy (PS3)
Stealth Inc: A Clone In The Dark (PS3 + PS Vita)
Urban Trial Freestyle (PS Vita)
New Little King’s Story (PS Vita)

TargetFinderKing 22 August, 2013 @ 13:08

Assassin’s Creed 3 (PS3)
The Jak and Daxter Trilogy (PS Vita)
Stealth Inc: A Clone In The Dark (PS Vita)
Urban Trial Freestyle (PS Vita)
New Little King’s Story (PS Vita)

yourlegaldealer 22 August, 2013 @ 13:09

Chris, would you be able to clarify for us if there are any ‘rules’ regarding which titles end up ‘free’ for plus users?

What I mean is that it feels pretty hit or miss whether or not it’s worth buying a game or waiting to see if it is released for free for plus users.

I, amongst many have bought games only to find that they are then released for free. I know there will always be an element of bad luck but are there any guidelines we can go by to help with the decision making?


ps fantastic update IMO.


No there are no rules, we work with publishers and our own studios to work out the best time for a title to go into Plus. There will always be an element of bad luck involved if you happen to have brought a title just before it goes into Plus but I guess that is just like for exmaple buying a TV and then seeing it two or three days later in a sale


Any chance we’ll see the new Tomb raider, Bioshock Infinite, or Far Cry 3 on plus?

Or even better when Naughty Dog will announce their next game ;)

jack and dexter is perfect for ps plus its a game ive always wanted to try but never have.
assassins creed 3 isnt anything exciting though. it was a horrible ending to the story of desmond, I sold it 5 minutes after I bought it it was that disappointing

Amazing PS3 lineup, good Vita lineup, overall great update!

You just put Urban Tral Freestyle in a sale with a PS+ discount, do you not think you should have warned us it was in the IGC the very next update?

You warned us with other games like Hitman and so forth.

vigilante_man 22 August, 2013 @ 13:23

This is why PS+ is the most amazing game service ever! AC3 and Jak & Daxter Trilogy.

Was playing Jak & Daxter on my PS2 just the other week. Glad it is not the Vita version as I’ve heard it is a bad port. And Assassins Creed 3. You guys at Sony are really pushing the boat out.

Was not impressed with the Lego on Vita this month. After the long wait it was lame. But will try the new additions and also When Vikings Attack. That is the beauty of PS+. You get to try out games you may not normally play.

Good month overall, but you’re playing a bit of a dangerous game making stealth inc free just a few weeks after release. I bought it day 1 and feel a little shafted. You don’t want to be setting a precedent where people wont buy your game cos they think it may be free just a couple weeks later, just make it free day 1 or at least offer a significant discount.

Its not fair on early buyers and not fair on other indies whose sales might suffer as a consequence. I now may hesitate before buying lesser known indies if this is going to be a trend…

TargetFinderKing 22 August, 2013 @ 13:25



Woah woah woah I did not expect Jak and Daxter. This is awesome!


I would assume that stealth inc. Only is PS3 since the developer still wanta to make money and it’s on Vita everyone wants it (= you try it on PS3 through PS+ and realise how good it is and then ‘have to’ buy it on PS Vita).

Jack and dexter vita hasnt even come out yet, have it??

Great update btw! Already own Stealth Inc and it plays amazingly on both PS3 & Vita! I highly recommend to try it! :-)

Thx for this amazing service!

So happy about the additional 90 days…except for the fact I just renewed my Plus membership on Monday (20th Aug) and therefore miss out on your generous offer.


Good games this month looking forward to play little king story :)



Can somebody please let me know how can I check when my PS+ membership expires?

Thinking of buying additional year, just need to know first.


It is a very nice line-up of titles this one. I already own the Jak & Daxter Trilogy, and if I ‘m not mistaken it’s Cross-Buy with the Ps Vita version, as is Stealth Inc.

I ‘ll give Assassin’s Creed III a try, cause I was not sure if it would be on par with AC II, which I loved. New Little King’s Story and Urban Trial Freestyle should be a nice addition to the PS Vita collection.

Chris, could you add Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Dead or Alive 5+ (PS Vita) either in the IGC or a PS Plus sale?


Dead or Alive 5+ might have a discount coming up, stay tuned!


Not too shabby this month, was about to buy AC3 and Stealth Inc but held out for Plus.
Seems a bit unfair that games go into + not long after launch though.
Need For Speed Vita looks set to replace Gravity Rush or Uncharted as a yearly….



I’ll try this AGAIN.

MGSHDcollection and Rayman Legends were released for Vita’s IGC earlier this year. Is it safe to assume that these will not appear for PS3’s IGC?

And a follow-up. Binary Domain/NBA2K13 were released instead of other IGC-titles in specific countries. Will these appear at all “globally” (europe)?


To your first question – no there are no plans for these to be in the PS3 catalogue anytime soon

and your second one – no it is extremely unlikely now that they have been used for one country that we would use them for the rest


please, can you somebody explain me the thing with ps+ 15 month membership?
I already have ps+ (it will end on november 2013).

So, If I buy the memberhip now in september, will the actual membership end on november 2013 and then automatically starts for next 15 months? Or am I gonna miss these months (from now to november)?

thanks for the answers


If you buy another year’s membership in september your membership will automatically tick over and you will get 15 months added


I think there’s a mistake in the video. Says Catherine is still available until August 28. Nevertheless I tried to get it and its not free… Clarifications?


The video is incorrect, I will ask them to pull it down, ICO and Shadows and Demon’s Souls will be leaving on August 28th

Jak Trilogy, nice.

Any chance for Skullgirls or Tales of Graces in the future?


GO to
>Account Management
>Transaction Management
>Services list
>Find Playstation Plus and click on it
>Click on Playstation Plus option (not subscription one)

It tells you expire date.

You always get stacked Plus subs. If you purchase now you’ll simply enhance you current sub by 12 months + 90 days. Nothing to worry about.

Great month again! Dont own any of these games

Does anyone know that once PS4 is released will there be less PS3/PSV content or will PS4 content be added on top of what we already get?

deviousscissors1 22 August, 2013 @ 13:46

Kickass update! Thanks!

Don’t your questions have rather obvious answers?

Just imagine if the reaction if they’d release the very same games again for one system, that they already offered for another.

And if they offered Binary Domain / NBA2k13 for other markets too, they’d have to find replacements for those who already got them once more. Not really something that Chris is desperate to do.

5 games for ps3 alone wow. never played ac3 before or jak & daxter good month. How does per orders work on ps3. Does the game download when you buy & gets unlock on the release date Or does it download on the day. Thanks chris or anyone else who can help.

P.s. loveing ps plus creating a backlog but still love it.


For pre orders the game will download the minute that it is available as a live product on the store as long as you have the money in your wallet for it to go through


Jak and Daxter Trilogy to bring back some memoriesand of course AC3….These months were amazing Sony well done..SR3,NFS MW,AC3,Jak and Daxter…WOW..keep it up

Will AC3 DLC get a discount?


Keep an eye out for something next week


@KylieDog, thank you!


Great month.
Good job guys.

All new games for me!! all games I wanted to try XD

JammieDodgerz 22 August, 2013 @ 13:54

Is anyone else keep getting an error while trying to purchase Resistance: Burning Skies? I tried on my PS3, Vita and even the PSN Store Online but still keep getting an error. It’s discounted to £8.99.


Sorry if this has been asked before, but I have a retail copy of AC3, if I download the plus one, will it use the same save file, trophies etc? If so my freedom edition is getting sold….

Great update tho


@33 OnionMarmalade, I’d give 3 a try, see if you like the mechanics and gameplay etc. and then if you are a fan, play through 2 first. Don’t bother with the first, just read up on the story online. I’m trying to decide if I should finish Revelations before playing 3…


Eyy como así a mi de los juegos anteriores sólo me dieron hitman adsolution, alguien sabe porque no me llegaron los juegos need for speed


Jack & Daxter Triology have cross buy?


Chris, any chance of an old game called SkyDrift coming on sale soon? Preferably with all DLC included?


I don’t think it’s planned anytime soon but let me look into it and I will see if theres a chance


Chris, last question haha. Is it safe to buy Everybody’s Golf for Vita on current sale or will it be on IGC before the year is out?


No plans for it at the moment but the end of the year is still quite a way off


Heres a question:

I plan to purchase a PS4 in around march time. I’m interested in Driveclub, but by the time I get round to getting a PS4 it will probably be off PLus.

Is it possible to download the game via the store, then download it when i buy the console? Or will that not work?


DRIVECLUB PS Plus edition will still be in the service in March


Hi Chris,

Any chance of seeing Motostorm RC, LBP vita, Injustice, Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, God of War Ascension, Battle Royale, Tekken 6 or tag?



crashb648 – yes you can do that. I ‘purchased’ (activated) some of the PS Vita games when they were free on PS+ a few months before I bought my Vita. Once you’ve purchased them online on the Sony PS Store you can download them once you get a PS4.


Thanks for your reply Chris. Much appreciated. Will buy that game today. If it’s not to much trouble, have you any thoughts about what should be done with the LittleBigPlanet? Should I buy it too or wait?


LBP will not be in the IGC

Oh whould have wanted Jak and Daxter Triology on the psvita :(. Oh well might as well play the ps3 version then.

SourceCodeOfLife 22 August, 2013 @ 14:13

can someone comfirm if it is for the german users too, or if it is just for the us and uk user?

somebody tell me size of each game plz. thanks


is minecraft voor de PS4 VITA and PS3 ???? coming

“Leaving PS Plus” games are different here then in the YouTube video. Which one is correct?

Amazing like always, I’m so buysing extra 3 months :D


already own all the ps3 games. My Backlog is too big at the moment anyway :) At least i can trade in ac3 now. Trials looks awesome too.

When i saw Jak & Daxter i thought ” I just bought the game to play on my vita!!!”, but the game is only for ps3, close call!!
Good Month, like usual.
One question, any news about vita memory card price drop?


There will be details about that coming soon but I don’t have a date or anything for you as of yet

dominik501731 22 August, 2013 @ 14:29

Oh just in time sony! I wanted to buy Stealth inc. but i will get it for free now. I love you!

Playstation Plus never disappoints, y’all! Value for money is what I say. Or at least type.


any chance on getting lego lord of the rings for ps3

Two words:

Hi everyone! We’ve got a fantastic month lined up on PlayStation Plus for September and if you visit the PS Store and purchase a one year membership anytime between 21st August and 20th September we will give you an additional 90 days at no extra cost, meaning you get 15 months of PS Plus for the price of 12 (€49.99/£39.99)!*

UK only or US+ too?

According to a lot of buyers the extra 90s days on the yearly PS+ sub is not being added.

Is this going to be fixed?


This should be working absolutely fine, if anyone is having any problems please contact customer services who will fix it for you

could we possible get portal 2 to connect the community of psn even more ?

@ CHRIS….I noticed you answered a comment earlier as to whether or not Jak n Daxter trilogy is cross buy or not and you said no its not cross buy but according to the store it is a cross buy item, i just checked.

BTW, Great update. I already own AC3 and Urban Freestyle but the rest will be a nice treat come the 28th. Also my girlfriend goes away for a week with work the same day so loads of extra time to give these a good blast, woohoooo!


In just over two years this is the first time that I’ve had any disappointment with plus. I bought Urban Trial Freestyle last week because it had a Plus discount and so I didn’t expect it to then be given away for ‘free’. I know that there are always sales and this may happen, but I feel cheated. However, one disappointment in the time that I’ve had plus isn’t bad and I’ve nothing but praise for the rest of my experience so far. I’ll just now be wary of buying any sale items in in future in case it then appears in the game collection. Keep up the good work.


that’s a great month for PLUS members!

i’ve already completed AC3 but it’s a good chance now to go for the platinum :)
also, all three Jak & Daxter?? Awesome :)
i don’t know though if i’m that interested in Stealth Inc.

good job guys :)


Includes Assassin’c Creed 3 on PSN czech subtitles?


@L777_AR Like downloading user created levels for Portal 2? Would be great! I think it was planned for PS3 (there were some news years ago), but Valve probably decided not to add the level editor / support for PC created maps.

Good Plus month (for now my last). Might consider renewing later when/if I find time to play Plus games.


jak and daxter for the vita too would have been a winner. vita is a bit poor here.


I cannot purchase MotorStorm® RC Complete Edition for Vita, from my PC, PS3 or PSVita, keeps saying error, Whats that all about?

can jax be cross buy

Not that I’m disappointed. I’ve been eying AC3 for month but I bought The Jak and Daxter Trilogy because it was on sale a few times with additional Plus discount. It sends out a bit of a mixed message. Upon that it’s a PS2 game…
Still a good deal.

again 00000000

On ps4 ith wil change = i wil not buy lots of games ( 1 day them wil hit ps+ )

Give option 25€ ps+ whithout games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brilliant PS Plus choices, however I’m grateful to be playing all these new games every month regardless of what they are. Simply put, if i already have the game then I just trade in the retail version. It gets you at least a small contribution to some DLC. Which to me is a bonus. Not everybody is going to be happy with all the choices every month. But for £40 a year I don’t think we have the right to complain about it.

To Chris; I have one question which will greatly affect whether i do end up getting a PS4 on launch day. In terms of PS Plus, when the PS4 is launched, will the instant game collection for the PS3 continue as it is, be reduced (in terms of free games per month) or ended entirely in favor of PS4?

Cheers in Advance

Great update, never planned on getting AC3 since i haven’t completed 2, but this may be an excuse to go back and complete it and maybe ever get brotherhood and revelations, so the ps+ plan is working well. Very happy with Jak and Dexter since that was on my list of HD classics to get, along with ratchet and clank. Stealth inc looks interesting and very happy with new kings story.. i don’t have a ps vita yet but will be getting one with the new price drop, an new kings story was a game i wanted to play. So great job SCEE

Can i just ask if there is any possibility of terraria coming to ps+ or even getting a discount. I am really stingy with my money when it comes to buying anything off psn thats over £10, and i have it on pc.
Also tales of graces f would be a great addition to ps+ if possible, we dont get many jrpgs from ps+ but with the new tales game out, it may get a few more ppl into it and then buying the new one.. since i have never played a tales game before i would personally ...

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Great update, never planned on getting AC3 since i haven’t completed 2, but this may be an excuse to go back and complete it and maybe ever get brotherhood and revelations, so the ps+ plan is working well. Very happy with Jak and Dexter since that was on my list of HD classics to get, along with ratchet and clank. Stealth inc looks interesting and very happy with new kings story.. i don’t have a ps vita yet but will be getting one with the new price drop, an new kings story was a game i wanted to play. So great job SCEE

Can i just ask if there is any possibility of terraria coming to ps+ or even getting a discount. I am really stingy with my money when it comes to buying anything off psn thats over £10, and i have it on pc.
Also tales of graces f would be a great addition to ps+ if possible, we dont get many jrpgs from ps+ but with the new tales game out, it may get a few more ppl into it and then buying the new one.. since i have never played a tales game before i would personally love to see if i could get into it.

Wow wow this is good for me. JAK

Did Chris just remove his previous answers saying that Jak and Daxter was PS3 only? :P

Wow! Although I’ve had the first three games in the list, I’m still excited about this month’s IGC, because of the New Little King’s Story. Thank you a lot! As long as there’s at least one game that I really want (almost purchased), it’s a good month to me. Please keep the good work and pick up part of the games that would be preferred by female gamers as well.

If I may suggest, I’m looking forward to the

Atelier Totori plus

on Vita.


Nice additions to my endless backlog :)

FriendlyFireOz 22 August, 2013 @ 15:31

Fantastic line up for PS+ September for both the PS3 and PSV!

Oh.. My.. God! Ive been waiting for new little king story for so long! Im really satisfied being a subscriber. Thank you for making this game available in ps plus. Killzone and NEw little king story for september Yay! Any news about the date for ffx?


How do I access the games that are “leaving PS+” for free?
I tried to grab a copy of Need For Speed Most Wanted, but it is listing it as $39.99 for me. Does this update in the basket or am I missing something?


Oh my god! I wanted to buy the Jack Collection next week but I guess I’ll just get it for free! :D


Another great month of PS+. Seriously, AC3 is still a mid price game, you can almost justify the entire PS+ with one game.


Thanks (Chris) for answering my question. Cheers.

@Golwar – Just needed to make sure. I don’t even buy games anymore since I started Plus, but I’m willing to do so for games that are highly unlikely to (ever) appear in the IGC.


Oh lord did I run out of luck this month. Paid full price for ACIII at xmas (for the gf, which she didn’t even finish due to it being unbearably bad), and the likes of Jak & Daxter and that other pikmin ripoff thing hold zero appeal.

On the bright side I will definitely be grabbing Trials and Stealth B*stard!

So anyway, bad month for me, great month for an awful lot of others.

As a request though, any chance we could get some sort of vita RPG? I’m off on holiday in November so need something to occupy me during a week with the family.


Aww guff I bought stealth inc last night:( oh well ill recoup my money by selling all my game cards as now I have everyone digital….. I love PS plus!

I love how Xbox live gold members got ACII last month.

Now PS+ members are getting ACIII, plus a load of other good games. Looking forward to Jak & Daxter.

Great update esspecially with the crossbuy.

I was deeply wondering is there any chance of releasing diablo 3 for vita as well. And if yes when?

A few questions..

Is the Jak and Daxter trilogy available on Vita, also?

I’d love to see Borderlands 2 on PS Plus, also love to see Far Cry 3, too!

Regardless, another brilliant selection.

AC 3 Here i come


PLEASE ANWSER: so i got ps plus 5 days ago… so i wont get those 3 free months ? And my second question is: Are Urban Trial gonna be downloadable for ps3 ?


If you buy a 1 year membership now you will get 3 months on top free and no Urban Trial is only on VITA

New Little King’s Story for free? You guys made my day! I’m going to buy a 3 month subscription! Thank you!! :D

BGTenjeraSBob 22 August, 2013 @ 16:05

God damn it, I just bought AC3 for PC

Thank you so much for the Jak and Daxter Trilogy, those games were my childhood and it will be wonderful revisiting them. Just a quick question. Do you guys, by any chance, have anything planned for Ni No Kuni?

Hey , will sly cooper ps3 or ps vita will be added to IGC anytime soon? I am planning to buy it soon, please tell.
And thanks for awesome ps plus update again .

RedSquirrel87 22 August, 2013 @ 16:21

And what about Dokuro? Any possibility to see it in out igc soon?