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Everything you do in DRIVECLUB earns fame points for you and your Clubmates, and there’s plenty of ways you can earn fame with Overdrives and Face-offs. These allow you to compete against friends and rivals across the world in every section of every track; whether it’s maintaining incredible speed through a section of track, drifting with skill round a bend or taking specific corners with the perfect racing line, there’s always something to play for, no matter how far ahead or behind the pack you may be.

Who wins the final challenge will be determined over the course of gamescom 2013. Voting on Facebook or playing the demo at gamescom will help contribute to the overall success of both clubs – and the ending of the trailer will play out the final result of your votes next week!

If you can’t get to gamescom, you can get involved and vote on the DRIVECLUB facebook page, where we will be keeping you updated with what’s going on at the show and sharing direct footage of the demo in action.

To help you decide who to support, there’s a little more background on each Club: LIKE A BOSS & LUCKY 7 LEGENDS:



Be sure to show your support for the Club of your choice and cast your vote over at the DRIVECLUB Facebook page!

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Great trailer! Can’t wait to play this. Think I would much prefer this over GT6. Would like some more information of the difference between the retail version and the PS+ edition. Things like how much content will get missed out on, can the ps+ version play with someone that has retail version, if we play the ps+ version does it pass onto the retail, etc.

I’m with dark_angel69. We need to know exactly how much less we get in the PS+ Edition.

For you it’s the defining factor in whether people will buy the full retail game.

Lovely as ever and I love the sentiment of Drive Club.
I just have to wonder though if and how you’ll try to prevent that cheaters exploit your rating system(s). Imho your ideas are very vulnerable for those who want to abuse them in collaborations.


is minecraft voor de PS4 VITA and PS3 ???? coming

Nice to see the One-77 in there! 8-)

I’m still none the wiser as to whether the handling will be sim a la GT or arcade a la NFS?

If it’s the latter then I’m in like sin, but if it’s the former then I’ll have to pass unfortunately.

That blue light at the end of the Video was well cool :P (just before you see the PS4) Looks COOL this game :P But i am sure i will lose 10/0 playing other people online :D


That’s not relevant to this post, ask it elsewhere.

Looking great, but indeed as mentioned above, details about the exact difference in cars and tracks compared to the retail version would be good to know. I hope DriveClub PS+ version won’t be what Killer Instinct on the 360 is, with one character to play and each new character will run one like 5 to 6 Euro.

I’ll play DriveClub non stop at launch, no doubt about it! And please after this return to Motorstorm for both PS4 and PSVita, but make a sequel to Motorstorm Pacific Rift (not to Motorstorm Apocalypse) as the 2nd part was the best in the series. I still hate it that Sony pulled the plug from the online servers of MS2. Like how Killzone Mercenary feels more like KZ2 than KZ3, sometimes the older versions of the game just feel better to build on!

In november/december it’ll be on the road with DriveClub though, can’t wait!

1st ps+ ofer on ps4 = not to me ( i not like )
only game i like whith cars = burnout paradise


to me ff a realm reborn ps3 next week ( retail version )
then ps4
kilzone shadow fal of men ( free dlc = ++++++++++++++ )
mincraft ps4/vita , tank u = best news from gamecom buth why no new trailer?
then ff a realm reboarn on ps4 ( hope u have digitale edition then )
also i hope u talk to squire enix 1 jear abo 100 € please

i hope % of on mincraft ps+ % = no meaning enimore = on ps4 everibady needs ps+


Hope the PLUS edition won’t be too basic because it’s the first time I actually want something that’s part of PLUS.


@8 I would also prefer them going back to Motorstorm after this, but Apocalypse was the best by far imo. Having the environments crumble down around you while racing isn’t something you see in every racer. It was technically way better too, never liked the controlls much before that. And there were awesome new vehicle classes like the superbikes and racecars that offered some variety on top of the previously exclusive off road racing. To each his own.

please tell me the Scottish track is in the plus edition

Lifesavingairbag 22 August, 2013 @ 16:51

You guys really need to get videos to display on the IOS app!

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