Wuzwhat?!? Rogue Legacy is coming to PS Vita, PS3 and PS4!

Rogue Legacy Vita

“The dude in that picture is level 101… only”

So if you guys have been surfing the web, you might have heard that Rogue Legacy is coming to PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. Well… it is! Pretty crazy stuff. If you guys didn’t watch the Sony gamescom conference, you can check out the video below. Feel free to watch for like, 30 seconds, even though the rest of it is really cool.

The game had only been out for about two weeks before we were contacted by Sony, so we’re blown away by how fast they reached out to us. But Shahid Ahmad and Shane Bettenhausen have been great guys to work with, and we were able to get the a-okay to develop Rogue Legacy for all Sony platforms in a ridiculously short period of time. So yeah, go Sony!


“The clown is wise beyond his years”

If you’ve never played Rogue Legacy before, think of it as a genealogical Rogue-LITE. It takes a bunch of roguelike elements such as procedural generation, tough difficulty, and perma-death, and puts its own spin on it.

For example, when you die you don’t start from scratch – instead your children take up your sword. Each child has their own unique genetic traits which make them special. So one child might be a Knight with Hypergonadism, which lets him knock enemies back really far, and another could be a kindly wizard who is near-sighted and also gigantic. So it’s a different game every time.

Also, each time you die you will pass on all the money you’ve gained to your children, which you can then spend on permanent upgrades. And you WILL have to spend it because all the money you have left over is taken by Charon, the toll keeper, at the start of each castle (which randomises each time).

So you have a randomly generated child fighting in a procedurally generated castle, with permanent upgrades in a Castlevania-style setting, all while you play the game on the bus on your Vita. That pretty much sums it up.

Rogue Legacy Vita Bus

“Fun Bus + Rogue Legacy on PSV = Fun Bus + Rogue Legacy on PSV”

We’re super excited to have it on Sony’s platforms, and we’d love to hear which Sony system you’re looking forward to seeing it on most!

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http://www.psu.com/a020674/PS4-and-Xbox-One-pre-order-second-chance-for-release-date-collection-from-Walmart how is this possible when in the uk we are getting told if we have not preorderd before the 6th of august u might not get it on release date ???????

I look forward to it.

All Sony needs to do now is to get game pricing in line with what it is on Steam, or at least get some meaningful exclusive content to make it worth the extra price.

I’m looking forward to the Vita version.

As much as I’m usually harping on about the Vita needing more unique retail-type games, first and third party, to sell systems (and for me to play, obviously), I do enjoy a good indie game on the Vita. PS Vita is actually my preferred platform to play indies on due to the portability factor, the screen and the tight controls. I’m not really interested in playing these games on consoles/PC, with a few exceptions going to my PC.

Bring on the high quality indies. I’ll buy them all as long it’s top shelf stuff. Hotline Miami and Guacamelee! can easily compete with games costing millions of dollars when it comes to pure gameplay.

I agree with cowbanana, the Vita is great for indies and this will fit right in


I too agree with Cowbanana

@Teddy lee can u answer my question ???


I don’t know the answer to your question. Sorry dood. I’m just a guy who’s making a game from home.

Amherst_Wind_4 22 August, 2013 @ 19:39

This game is amazing & you guys are amazing for making it, I love this game on PC & can’t wait to play it on my Vita. I remember one time I couldn’t stop laughing when I stumbled upon one of your “our previous games” rooms and saw you guys were behind… a certain flash game involving a toilet, that game almost made me cry with laughter when I played it years ago! Keep up the good work guys :) (and make Rogue Legacy 2!)


If we make Rogue Legacy 2, there will be a portrait of Rogue Legacy 1 in it.

It will be weird.


How could he answer your question? He is the game designer of Rogue Legacy, he doesn’t work at Sony.

Bought this game early on Steam, only to find it didn’t run very well on my laptop (Constant slowdown). So I’ve extreamly excited to see it on it’s way to PSVita, this game looks just my kind of thing so I don’t begrudge having to pay again. I have played it…On a more upto-date machine, and I have to say this game is just brilliant.

The first thing I thought was how great it would be on handheld, and now it is… Very pleased, the Sony scouts done us a good one here!

Who has tickets to the fun bus, and I heard rumours of a fun train, can you confirm?


Don’t get on the fun train, it goes off a bridge.

RockLobster2074 22 August, 2013 @ 20:02

I’ve been interested in this game ever since it came out on Steam but I’ve never liked playing platformers on PC. Really happy to see it’s coming out on Vita now and I can’t wait to play it!

Remember when this game was first announced I really wantec to try it but I don’t game on PC!
Great news it’s coming to Vita I can’t wait to play it but 2014!?? Damn that’s a long wait!
Nice work everyone involvec ;)

This and The binding of Isaac, are two of my most favourite indie games, can’t wait to get them on Vita !

Will it only be playable on Vita through PS4’s remote play or will the Vita be getting it’s own version?

Nearly spat my tea all over my screen when I read the line about hypergonadism. Has to be that condition’s first appearance in a video game since Viz: The Game in 1991, surely?



@mony24 Talk about off-topic. The guy writes a blog post about the upcoming PlayStation ports of his nice little game, and you reply with a link about second chance preorders of the PS4 at Walmart in the US, and demand that he answer why it may (or may not) be happening at a retailer here?? What’s that got to do with the price of eggs? And how on earth would this guy know the answer? Truly bizarre behaviour!

Can’t wait to get ride on the fun bus!


@mony24 – i second waaaaayyy off topic!!!! I’ll give my uninformed view though. Walmart is probably one of the biggest retail power houses in the world. They’ve probably just decided to throw their weight behind ordering up some stock. Or are making marketting choices based on guestimnates of stock levels. The Uk is a completely different market.

Back to topic, this game looks amazing. I haven’t played many indies on PC i prefer console gaming as its more relaxing, this sat by the canal with my headphones in sounds like a good day!!

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