Assault Android Cactus unleashes bullet hell on PS4, PS Vita


Hello PlayStation gamers! I’m thrilled to announce that our action packed shoot ’em, up Assault Android Cactus, is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!

For those of you who have never heard of Assault Android Cactus, it’s about a team of androids trying to rescue a spaceship by fighting back against a robot uprising. Over a 25 level campaign the androids will face screens of enemies, brave bullet hell style bosses and environments that switch, shift and transform around them.

These androids are pretty tough, getting knocked down clears their powerups but they can get right back up again. The catch is they run on battery, and when that runs out it’s game over! Putting the onus for action on the player turns typical twin stick pacing on its head – it’s not a game you can beat by playing cautiously, the only way to make it out alive is to careen recklessly through the stages and to tame the chaos from within it.


We wanted to create something that captured the spirit of what arcade games meant to us when we were growing up, being tough but fair and the kind of game you could come back to again and again and express yourself through skill. In Cactus, at first it’s a buzz just to survive, but the heart of the game is finding ways to master stages, and to do that you have to manage your score multipliers by keeping chains alive and shave precious seconds off your clear times.


We thought letting characters grow more powerful over the course of the game would undermine what we were trying to achieve so instead we went broad. There are eight playable characters and we treat them a bit like ships in a shoot ’em up – each has a different primary and secondary weapon to give them a unique playstyle.

Cactus, our heroine, is an all rounder with a Machine Gun and Flamethrower, while reluctant combattant Holly is great for beginners with a slightly weaker Homing Shot, but she is packing a Cannonball Launcher that will decimate a line of enemies with a well aimed shot.


Visually, I wanted to combine sci-fi with colourful characters and bright appealing environments. As small indie developers we set our sights on PC but we’ve always known the game had a console heart. Thankfully we weren’t the only ones that thought this way and with Sony’s support we’re on track to bring Assault Android Cactus to PlayStation Vita and Playstation 4. We’re aiming to release on both platforms near the start of next year as a Cross Buy title.

Our official page is also our development blog and you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Thanks for reading and I hope you’re looking forward to the bullet ballet!

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zalwelgoedgaan 23 August, 2013 @ 17:10

Just got my Vita today, would love to play a hectic game like that on it. Is it a challenge to tweak the Vita version visually so players can follow the action better?


The Vita screen is so large and clear that I’m not sure it’ll be an issue. It’s something we’ll be paying close attention to though, a big part of the game has been trying to maintain a clear read.

BarryBallache 23 August, 2013 @ 17:11

That looks really good and I dont normally like top down twin stick shooters! But waiting on delivery of a Vita (so I can stream PS4 to it) and looking out for decent games for it, so this looks perfect!

Damn, PS4 and PSVita are the truly home of indie developers/games. I’ve seen so many announcements now on the PS blog, this is close to borderline insanity!

I do hope that Sony doesn’t forget to announce enough AAA games for PSVita especially, as it shouldn’t be JUST an indie device with the good specifications the hardware has. We need more Killzones, Tearaways, LBP’s etc too.

But this specific game looks like it needs to be played, no doubt about it. Can’t wait for 29th of November to pick up the PS4 and games like this! BRING IT ON!

II love shmups. Curious if its only online co-op on the PS4 version


It is local co-op on PS4, our network modes for PS4 and Vita are still TBD at the moment

This is crazy looking!!! Hope the Vita’s visuals match those in the trailer. Game looks perfect for a portable.
Oh man, these recent vita announcements are just too much to handle. Plus the Killzone beta is currently underway and blowing my mind.
Plus there’s probably still Tokyo Game Show announcements incoming.
So good.

LieutenantFatman 23 August, 2013 @ 22:15

I really really wanted this game and then you went and said it’s cross buy. And now I want it even more, looks great! I hope it has a platinum trophy as those are fun to hunt down but will be picking it up either way I’m sure, nice work! :o)


Wow this looks amazing, very reminiscent of an arcade game I used to play.

Smash TV, that was the game!


One of our original influences! The game’s diverged a lot since then, but if we retain some of that crazy feeling I will consider it a success!

zalwelgoedgaan 24 August, 2013 @ 14:13

Thanks for the reply bro

Reminds me of minigore only sci-fi. Minigore was great for a 5mins of hardcore gaming now and then, so i’ll look forward to this. Graphics looks pretty sweet too, fast paced.

Have you determined whether there will be online co-op mode for the Vita yet? None of my friends own a Vita so if multiple players are needed at certain stages then I would need to join with random players online to do so. This will make or break whether I purchase the game or not.

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