New Final Fantasy X HD trailer arrives from gamescom

You might have gathered that it’s Gamescom week, so expect lots of new goodies incoming — like a lovely little trailer comparing some of the gameplay from the original Final Fantasy X with footage from the new HD Remaster version.

It shows off a sequence of battles, focusing on the Overdrive attacks. Check out the difference between SD and HD!

But the new thing we’re showing off here, is the arranged version of the battle music!

It’s worth pointing out that over 60 tracks from the original Final Fantasy X soundtrack have been rearranged or remastered in HD audio in the new edition.

Excited much? The game’s currently slated for launch this year, and will be available for PS3 and PS Vita. We’ll have more soon, so keep checking back!

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Nice with a new trailer, but where is release date :P

Seriously still no release date?

Quite worried as a recent comment by a member of staff on here last week, possibly, regarding the status of the Vita version, saying he hasn’t heard any updates on it for quite some time. Anything new to share?


It’s nice to see that the rearranged music still has the same “sound” that the original has. One of my concerns was that a whole new instrument bank or orchestra would be used and the feel of the original would be lost. Loving what I see!

Can’t wait.

There are some rumours fling around saying the release date would be the 16th of October.

Nice trailer


is the game releasing on physical format on PSVita ?


bidbaldwolf86 23 August, 2013 @ 12:07

I like the new music and the comparison with the battle is very nice.

We need to know if the Vita version will be at retail. The lack of any news or confirmation regarding this is becoming really annoying. I don’t understand what the problem is with getting confirmation on this.

Oh and the release date would be nice as well :p


Hey! I know it’s not what you want to hear, but unfortunately I have no information on this as of yet. It’s something I’m working on, and as soon as I have any updates I’ll make sure to post them on here.

Can we have the release date soon? Lots of people are worried it’s slipped into 2014.

Also, can you confirm what resolution the game is?

The majority of the screenshots have been 1920×1080.

Can you confirm whether the game is:

or 720p upscaled to 1080p?

Personally I’m not worried if the release date slips into 2014. I’ll be playing Final fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn and Kingdom Hearts HD is out on the 13th of Sept. I can’t play them all at the same time.

We know it’s coming, it’s not like The Last Guardian where one is infinitely waiting

Vita isn’t getting physical release.

A company would plan it many months or even more in advance so would know or not by now. Is in their interest to tell us if it was, but if it isn’t they want to anger potential buyers early so will not tell us. They are not telling us.

No physical listings anywhere but

Other retailers have cancelled pre-orders for a physical version.

It will get a retail release, I’m pretty certain of that.
I’ve preordered and paid off the PS3 LE but will be playing it on my Vita.
If it were digital only people would just get the PS3 version.
I already own both the games on PS2, and SE can sell me the games another 2 times, once on PS3 and again on Vita.
If the walking dead got a cart release I don’t see why these won’t.
A lot of fans and Vita owners will go mental if this is DD only!

I heard the release date will be Oct 25th or 27th.


The marketing crawl for this game is agonising, new information is nice but i dont want to see these new snippets unless it answers the big questions. Release date and release details.


a physical format on PSVita or not ???? don’t said that you know anything


If Vita will have retail version, I’ll buy it. If not, I’ll buy ps3-version on BD. Don’t like digital format, especially on vita with expensive and small capacity memory cards.


@bidbaldwolf86 Nothing personal against Lee but Square Enix Europe are by far the worse video game publisher to communicate with. They leave things hanging or when you want something confirmed you get absolutely no reply. It was nice of Lee to actually reply to you there though. I’d say some higher ups are saying “What did you just DOOO???” lol.

looks good, looking forward to knowing the release date


Nice trailer. About the release date, I don’t mind if it slipped into 2014 either. In a way I think that would be better. For starters we will have Kingdom hearts 1.5 very soon so want to enjoy it and take my time without rushing through it and then go straight to this. Also with GTA V and PS4, many of us will spend a lot of time on them too before deciding to get this. So early 2014 would make a perfect date when we have settled into the PS4 and ready to buy another PS3 game


Do not wait I dont care about KH Vita needs FFXHD NOW!


Once again no news on the vita version =( i just hope for some really good news with it when it comes!

I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a delay into next year for the Vita version, but can you at least tell us if the PS3 version is still a lock for 2013?

Limited Edition with art book, nice. Already preordered KH Limited Edition, gonna consider this one too once it gets release date.

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