Spelunky ventures onto PS3 and PS Vita tomorrow


Spelunky is arriving on PlayStation Store tomorrow for PS Vita and PS3, with a 20% discount for PS Plus members! Yay!

This is Spelunky‘s PlayStation debut as well as its handheld debut. It also happens to be the first game I’ve ever released on a handheld, which is personally very exciting, as portable gaming has been such a big part of my life. And I can’t think of a better game or system to do this with!


Spelunky has two qualities that make it a great portable experience, in my opinion. On the one hand, it’s very much a classic arcade game – challenging, but short. It may take you a thousand tries to finally beat it, but each run will last under an hour (some only a few seconds!).

On the other hand, Spelunky also borrows a lot from roguelikes, like the randomisation, freedom of choice, and numerous, surprising possibilities. The result, I hope, is a game that you will play for years and years on your PS Vita: on your bed, on the train, and abroad (maybe even in a real cave somewhere?).

BlitWorks has done a wonderful job bringing it to PlayStation, making it feel right at home on PSN. It looks and sounds great. And since Spelunky features Cross-Buy and Cross-Play, you’ll be able to buy the game once and immediately play some ad-hoc multiplayer between your PS3 and Vita.

Also, on Vita you’re no longer tethered to the “leader” player during cooperative play – because you have your own screen, you’ll be able to move around each level freely. Use that newfound ability to scout around and clear the way for your friends… or, if you’re feeling mischievous, to create havoc and grab items before they can get to them!


A big thanks to PlayStation, BlitWorks, and all the fans for making this happen. And to the PS3 and PS Vita owners who are about to enter the caves for the first time: enjoy! You’re getting a great edition of Spelunky. I’ll be pissing off shopkeepers right alongside you.

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I didn’t see a PS+ discount for dive kick when it got released why was that ? and will this be like it too ?

So Spelunky get’s a 20% discount but Divekick didn’t even though it got 20% off in North America. What’s the deal with that?

Great so whats the actual price?

Is this the Specky or Commodore version?


At last we get it, have been waiting for so long. Can’t wait to pick it up tommorow.

Also wanted to ask, why there is no Daily Chalange on PS3 version? Is it because of technical limitations? Could it come later to PS3 version?

Also you could add death cam feature to game, if that would be technically possible, that shows about last 5 seconds before death. That would be really hilarious to see all deaths, because sometimes you can’t even understand what kiiled you :D

I advise everyone to get it, really great and addictive game.

Was looking forward to this and usually would have bought it day1 but after what happened with Stealth Inc, I.E giving it away free a few weeks after release day I think I’ll wait it out a while.
Nice work though, looks great and I will pick it up but it’s going to be later rather than day 1.

Anyone know if Lone SurvIvor is next month?

Gamesgbkiller 27 August, 2013 @ 19:37

I might get this for Cross-play .

Thanks :)

Been waiting for this for months!

Will those version include the daily challenges?

What about cross-save support?


What is price?

chipofthehead 27 August, 2013 @ 20:49

Seriously what is the price?

I’m going to assume £9.99 and £7.99 with plus judging by the American pricing.

T-H-U-N-D-E-R 27 August, 2013 @ 20:50

I’m ready to play this on my Vita. Thank you for bringing this over to Playstation :)

Carnivius_Prime 27 August, 2013 @ 20:53

OK. Does the PS3 version support online multiplayer (I have no local friends who are into video games)?

And does it include the original low res pixel art version? I just prefer pixelled sprites to HD 2D stuff.

@12 never assume anything with Sony. £11.99 before 20% discount wouldn’t surprise me.

Hope walking dead vita is on the update this week.



Congratulations on Spelunky’s PS3 and Vita release for tomorrow Derek! I’m a huge fan of old-skool, hard as nails 2D platformers, and I really can’t wait to play this on my Vita (and to a *slightly* lesser extent, my PS3 too) as soon as the store updates tomorrow!

Once again, many congratulations on your Playstation debut, and I wish you all the success in the world with it.


chipofthehead 27 August, 2013 @ 21:54

@15 you’re probably right but I’m surprised they haven’t told us yet, surely somebody must have noticed the lack of a price!

And I’ve just imported TWD from the US because 400 days is on the cartridge, going on previous TWD issues with SCEE I didn’t want to wait.

Okay I can finally purchase this title.
Any word on walking dead vita, muramasa rebirth, dragon fantasy 1 or 2 ?

TWD won’t happen this week, they would certainly announce it with alongside Spelunky :) but that’s alright, Killzone Mercenary is incoming!

Rejoice! My main reason for getting a Vita were The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Spelunky! Can’t wait to play it everywhere! :D

Yes! I’ve been waiting a long time for this! Can’t wait!

Nice! I love great indies on my Vita. It’s good to see a steady flow of quality titles. I skipped the PC version to play this on my Vita.

You_Better_Hide 28 August, 2013 @ 07:15

Awesome, will be picking this up. Looks AWESOME. Vita is getting some great indie games. Looking good, can’t wait for Rainbow Moon, Terraria (when ever that may be) and Tear Away.

loadstone007s 28 August, 2013 @ 07:35

Looks very good, I’ll probably pick this up.

@17 I bought TWD too from amazon UK for £19 and £4 postage from USA. Should arrive today or tomorrow.
It won’t come out here for months.

OK… so word on the street is that the Vita version has some severe frame rate issues. Guess I won’t be picking it up after all. I can’t stand lazy efforts.

What is your input on this, Derek? Will you fix this ASAP? Why did you release the game in such a state?


Link for Vita issues? Have just read a review for the vita version – no mention of issues? Also theres an article on pocket lint at the moment which says there are no issues? Unfortunately their site has just gone done!


Edit – pocket gamer not pocket lint


@cowbanana its not true , the report was about the video capture is laggy not the game

infernalmonkey1 28 August, 2013 @ 09:57

Will this actually be released in Australia?

I’m getting error code C2-12383-7 when the vita version tries to install. Will this resolve itself eventually?


I’ve bought it, downloaded it, but it won’t install. The installation goes to 15%, then i get hit by an error code; C2-12383-7. Hopefully it’ll work for you atleast!

Error C2-12383-7, last time I got this error it was with PS all stars, fixing took weeks, maybe you could be a little faster this time please sony? There seems to problems quite often with crossbuy titles.

Same error here, bought on vita and it also has not added the ps3 version to my download list :-( please fix this today!!!!!

There’s slow down in the undead / ice caverns levels. There’s multiple reports of this on GAF. Just read the Vita/Spelunky threads.

Looks like the Vita port is bad and needs fixing.

Derek… you posted this. Please comment.

PSN fully updates around 5 CET, give them some time, hopefully the Error will be fixed

Bought it – no problem with cross-buy though, eager to play!

I have the exact same error. Really looking forward to this game, so any update would be much appreciated.

I_Am_FatsoJetson 28 August, 2013 @ 11:22

I’m also getting the install error.

I had no problems downloading it, not sure if it’s matters but I got the free trial first and then upgraded.

BTW New Little King’s Story is already free for ps+ users :)


The PS3 version is also missing from my download list and now *drum roll* it isn’t even marked as bought anymore.

I just played the demo and it looks great on the Vita. The tutorial runs fine as well.

I’ll buy it once I hear the slowdown in the later levels has been fixed. Or at the very least have the issue acknowledged by the developer, with the promise of a fix.

Helvedeshunden 28 August, 2013 @ 11:35

c2-12383-7 here as well. Tried downloading several times and rebuilding the database. Oh well, now I can sort games into categories once again while I wait for a fix :-/

Helvedeshunden 28 August, 2013 @ 11:37

Actually the error is now C2-13270-3.


I grabbed the demo and it installed just fine. Kinda odd… I would think it’s the same file, just without an unlock key.

I have this issue too (#43) after buying the PS3 Version :

And I can’t get the Vita version. :/

I’ve just paid for it again now that a new version is listed on the Vita store and that installed fine. Have emailed support for a refund on the first purchase.


Good luck with that. I’m still waiting for my Pixel Junk Monsters refund where I got wrongly charged, got gloriously ignored.

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