Real Boxing smashes its way onto PS Vita today


We’ve been training hard here at Vivid Games. Up until now, it was just to decide who buys the beers, but now it seems that all of our long training sessions are about to pay off!

Today we’re proud to announce that Real Boxing is available across Europe for the PlayStation Vita via PlayStation Store, priced €9.99/£7.99!

But that’s not all! We’re also hosting the very first Real Boxing Vita European Championship! Running until 11th September, you’ll be able to step into the Real Boxing ring and go glove-to-glove against other potential champions from around the world to compete for the title.


Entering the tournament is as simple as selecting the option from the multiplayer menu and duking it out with your fellow boxers. The more fights you win, the higher up on the leader board you’ll go and if you’re at the top in two weeks you’ll not only be the first Real Boxing Vita European Champion but you’ll also win a PlayStation Vita to bring another friend into the fray and help train them up to be as good as you. Or you can punch them really hard in the face too, it’s up to you.

We’re really thrilled that you guys can now get your hands on Real Boxing. It’s the first boxing simulation on PlayStation Vita and we’re really proud of it. There’s loads of single player content if you don’t fancy jumping into the multiplayer right away and thanks to the Unreal Engine 3 we think it looks incredible too.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy the game as much as we have making it, and maybe I’ll see you in the ring!


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How much different is it from the Android version? Bought it for my N7 so not sure if I should buy it again ;)

Jan Chichlowski 28 August, 2013 @ 21:43


There are lot of differences starting with improved graphics ending on new leaderboards and tournaments with great prizes ( actually one is already runing – Real Boxing European Championship with PlayStation Vita and Champion title to win ). We’ve redesigned completely the way you move you boxer on the ring ( you move, you can control right and left hand separately, place lower and higher punches ) introduced new combo system and what’s most important implement new sets of items.

here’s some more information:

Great news!

Hi! I just bought Spelunky for my vita, and it dowloads fine, but when it installs i get the error code:
C2-12383-7. What is also weird is that when i tried to dowload it again i only had the option to buy it again(??) – its in my download list (but not for ps3). Its charged on bank account, and i have the receipt. PLEASE HELP

supersmith2500 28 August, 2013 @ 13:17

Does it have more features than the Android version. I mean from looking at the screenshots, looks so high-res and even has great graphics for an Unreal Engine title.

Jan Chichlowski 28 August, 2013 @ 21:44


Please see my answer above.

supersmith2500 28 August, 2013 @ 13:18

Also one question, does it have create-a-boxer mode?

Jan Chichlowski 28 August, 2013 @ 21:49


You can create your boxer from top to toe…you can choose his name, nationality, facial hair and so on…so yes you can create your boxer.


Save it for the Store Update post. This isn’t the place. Look at the blogger, its the developer of this game, not Spelunky.

You should know by now that you need to wait a couple of hours after the store updates because there are always things going wrong.

Ps+ discount for ni no kuni has disappeared from psn store(Dutch) ,please return/fix discount so I can buy the game..thanks in advance!

If it is good I might give it a try because I love boxing. But when are we going to see a hajimeno Ippo videogame? :(

Any word on why it didn’t come out yesterday for the North American PS store update ?

Jan Chichlowski 28 August, 2013 @ 21:50


You’re right. We’re having some delays in US region for which we’re very sorry. I hope that in the next 2 weeks we will deal with it. We will keep you all posted and we’re alread working on some press release for the press. Sorry for any inconvenience.


What are the control mechanics? If it is sticks to punch then no thanks, I managed to trash my PS3 controller with that particular mechanic, I have no desire to do the same to my Vita.

Jan Chichlowski 28 August, 2013 @ 21:52

you can choose if you want to use stick to throw punches or just regular d-pad, s/t/x/o buttons. It just depends on you…so don’t worry about your console, it will do just fine.

Touchscreen, right stick or buttons – these are 3 types of control in Real Boxing :)
So buttons should fit for you, if you don’t want to use right stick for punches.



Anybody got a trophy list on this?

@13 there isn’t a trophy list yet, but I found an interview where the devs said that there on’t be a platinum either.

Jan Chichlowski 28 August, 2013 @ 21:52

yeahp – we’re working on it:)


This mobile phone game is nowhere near worth €10, you must be joking on the price right?

Jan Chichlowski 28 August, 2013 @ 21:54

Please see above…there are a lot of differences between those two version. Another thing is that at very begining of PS Vita version you have accesible many more items and one additional arena. In order to get that in mobile version you have to spent even more than 10 euro.

€10 phone game? uhm… nope. I’m going to spend my money on quality indie games.

Will there be a demo for this at some point down the line?

Jan Chichlowski 28 August, 2013 @ 21:54

We haven’t planned that yet but who knows…

I can’t find the game on the Vita.

Jan Chichlowski 29 August, 2013 @ 08:50


If you are US located than it’s because we have some slight delays with Real Boxing there. We will keep you all posted about the launch date as soon as we will know it.

one more time sorry for any inconvenience.

Vivid Games S.A.

is there a review out for this game

the dev lied about the cost of the mobile version in their last post so I would be hesitant to support them even if they weren’t selling an Android game at such an insulting price. A couple of arenas and better controls aren’t worth the price here and I hope sales are poor so developers understand they need to make console not mobile quality games to succeed on Vita.

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