Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe discuss BEYOND: Two Souls

Today we have a new video featuring actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe talking about their roles within upcoming PS3 title BEYOND: Two Souls.

Ellen plays the game’s lead, Jodie Holmes, and reveals how she really related to her character and the emotional journey that Jodie goes through in the game.

Willem takes the role of Nathan Dawkins, a government scientist who helps Jodie to understand her supernatural powers, and Willem explains how this intense relationship forms a key part of the game story.

There’s just over a month to go now until launch, so keep checking back on PlayStation Blog for more news and trailers.

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I have pre-ordered the game and as a renter, I don’t do it often so I hope you don’t disappoint me quantic dream! Heavy Rain quality and i’ll be happy.


Not available as a download, that’s unacceptable.

kingofscotland 30 August, 2013 @ 13:23

I’m so excited for the PS4 and was anticipating that GTA would be my last PS3 game bought, but I loved Heavy Rain (one of only 2 plats i have) and i will definitely have to get this too.

Not going to risk waiting for a PS4 version that never appears.

Great work

This game is going to suck me in like a….

like a…like a Dyson DC50!!

Singularity_01 30 August, 2013 @ 14:00

any Information about Preorder on PSS?

Could we have a music special for that game? The little parts we hear sounds great, would like more of that.

No doubt that the actors and story seem great too. I’m just not that sure if the engine will do them justice. My expectations aren’t the same they used to be for Heavy Rain. ;)

I think it will be disc only like Heavy Rain. Pre-ordered steelbook edition

This game looks & sounds AMAZING :P + The ‘Steelbook Edition’ is only £32.99 on Amazon(UK) at the moment :P

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