Diablo III launches today on PS3

Diablo III on PS3

Greetings from Sanctuary! Our devilish team of developers has poured blood, sweat, and hellfire into bringing our epic action-RPG to consoles. While the reviews are still coming in, we’ve been excited to see that the critics are loving Diablo III on PlayStation 3!

I hope that you’ll love it too. You can pick the game up on Blu-ray disc this week or save some gas money by downloading a digital copy from PlayStation Store. Either way, you’ll be primed for countless hours of fun with one of the most action-packed adventures around.

Don’t forget about the five PS3-exclusive in-game bonus items you’ll score:

Diablo III for PS3: Hero's Journey (exclusive PlayStation item)Diablo III for PS3: Leoric's Gauntlets (exclusive PlayStation item)

  • “The Hero’s Journey” – A Legendary shoulder item that includes a Journey style scarf
  • “Drake’s Amulet” – A Legendary amulet that bears a striking resemblance to the ring that Drake wears around his neck in Uncharted
  • “Leoric’s Gauntlets” – These Legendary gloves summon a ghostly skeleton to fight for you
  • “Crimson Angelic Wings” – Call forth a set of red Angelic Wings
  • “Leah’s Ring” – A Legendary ring that provides bonuses to Magic Find and Gold Find

Diablo III for PS3: Crimson Angelic Wings (exclusive PlayStation item)Diablo III for PS3: Infernal Helm

Be sure to invite your friends over too – Diablo III on PS3 features local co-op play for up to four players on the same screen. Here’s a taste of what the Lord of Terror has in store for you and your friends:

Pick up and slay
Take a stand as one of humanity’s last defenders, choosing from among the most badass demon slayers gaming’s ever seen: the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, or Wizard. Directly control your character against the hordes of the Burning Hells and unleash devastating powers – we’ve custom-built this version of Diablo III to feel perfect with a controller in hand.

Dodge all the things!
Avoid incoming attacks or reposition yourself for more strategic use of your skills with a simple flick of the right analogue stick. This manoeuvre is especially useful for ranged classes, but even a Barbarian can appreciate being able to sidestep a fireball.

Items and loot
You’ll find epic loot on your adventure and the PS3 version of Diablo III provides you with an easy way to know whether something you’ve picked up is an upgrade—without having to pause the action. Simply hit Up on the d-pad to scroll through the latest pieces of gear you’ve gathered. A green arrow pointing up lets you know you’ve found an upgrade . . . so press X and equip it!

No escaping your deadly skills
It’s always smart to focus fire. If you spy a demon that looks particularly menacing, you can hold down the left trigger while targeting it to lock on. All your attacks will then be aimed right for its face, right where they belong.

Did someone say “Epic loot”?
The game features targeted loot drops, too, so you’re more likely to find upgrades that are tailored for the class you’re playing. And since Diablo III is an equal opportunity treasure hunt, everyone playing together in local co-op can reap the rewards!

Hellish monsters
The more you journey through Sanctuary, the more demons and monsters you’ll encounter. Be careful when you see a pack of enemies with a blue or yellow glow around them. This glow means they’re an elite pack – far more powerful than their peers, but they’re also carrying better treasure!

Treasure goblins
You’ll meet these greedy little fellows occasionally, each carrying a sack full of riches. Let your team know you’ve spotted a treasure goblin and focus your efforts on beating the treasure out of ’em! Watch out, though. These sneaky creatures will try to lure you into packs of monsters as they make their escape!

One couch to rule them all
It’s no fun having to wait around while your local co-op buddy answers the door or takes a bathroom break. We’ve designed the game so that when a break is needed, the rest of the group can keep playing – idle party members will automatically keep up with the group while they’re away!

After spending months laser-focused on creating a true Blizzard-quality console-gaming experience, we’re super excited that the game is here – and we can’t wait to see you all in Hell!

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Can’t fricking wait! I’d be playing it right now if amazon didn’t decide to dispatch it 19:42pm last night won’t get a chance a play this till gods now when :(

3 questions

Will there be a demo?
Will we get loot 2.0 update
When will we get the exspantion 2013 or 2014?

Why am i unable to play my psn preorder in Denmark? Game has been out for 19 hours in Dk. And yet my game wont launch.

Any release window planned for the PS4 version yet?

That’s all I’m interested in

Another company that hasnt announced it their game can be upgraded ps3–>ps4 for cheap.

So im skipping it till ps4 version comes out.

jes i also want info on upgrade to ps4
( if u buy ps3 version on psn store smal fee to buy ps4 version ?)

im loving it! it feels so good playing with the dual shock! ! in one woord

good work blizzard


all future ps3 games will NEVER beat GTAV not even boring final fantasy

Just a few points/questions –

1 – I’ve played the PC version & this makes a lot more sense control & menu wise. This game is fantastic!

2 – No stupid ‘you have to sign in & be always online to play’ rubbish. This in itself is a godsend. The amount of times I had to sign back in on the PC version was insane.

3 – Will we get any additional DLC/Characters?

4 – Will our saves from PS3 version be compatible with PS4?

5 – Have we got a release date for the PS4 version? Will we get a discount if we already have the PS3 version?

Just a side note – @CoolRichy007 UK What the hell has GTA got to do with Diabo 3? IF your over 18 (which I totally doubt from the comment) you should just wait for the game to come out instead of talking rubbish on here!

i have an issue with the game, 3 characters have corrupted in one day, i bought the game this morning, played about 4-5 hours with one character, had to go run some errands, came back to the game, character has corrupted. no biggie, start another, get to level 10 then proceed to start a hardcore character (played PC version, i like hardcore) come back to the game now, both of those characters are gone as well. both saved, but no characters in game. its annoying when 1 character goes, but i can deal with it, but 3 characters, thats just infuriating.

I think we have a fourteen-year-old around here way to excited about GTAV…

Sorry, not interested! But you can start by removing the auction houses and always online DRM from the crappy PC version I bought when it came out. With that crap gone, I might consider getting the upcoming expansion. Until then… Blizzard getting more of my money? Bwahahahahahaha… hahahahahahahah.


Whats the point of complaining about the PC version on a playstation forum. Grow up

Personally I’m holding off on this until I see how the public reacts after the hype dies down.

Would be good if saves are compatible with PS4 version and even a cheap PS4 upgrade route would be greatly appreciated.

Overall though I think the game will be a hit and cant wait to delve into the bowels of hell on PS3. I think this is the way the game way intended, just lost there way a little with the PC release.

Happy days

“save some gas money by downloading a digital copy from PlayStation Store”

Unless it costs me fifteen quid to drive two miles, I won’t be making much of a saving there.

I have no idea how Sony can justify the prices on PSN, and if a move toward mainly digital distribution is going to work, it’s a practice that needs to change.


I have 100+ hours on PC version of D3, and I beat the highest difficulty level. Really great game, and I played D1 and D2 when they came out.

The console version of the game seems to be the definitive version (no AH, better loot, no online requirement), and some of the new features are really exciting. And you don’t have to hunch over a computer to play. I’ll be playing hardcore on consoles.

Having said that, I will be waiting for the PS4 version to get my second copy of the game.

Diablo 2 was the only PC game I ever finished and its the only old game I would still play today. Diablo 3 is great. Thank you so much for bringing it to consols. I have bought the PS3 version of the game and I will buy the PS4 version.

I really hope you consider bringing expansions to the PS3, if not possible then definitely the PS4 version.

Just a few quick questions. Where’s the Dynamic theme for pre ordering on PSN? and will you be releasing updates for the consol version?

really good game :)
i really hope we can import our saves to the ps4 would love some feedback on that ;)


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