Your first look at stunning PS4 adventure Rime

Gamescom 2013. Where to begin? It was hugely emotional for us after being silent for so long. Not being able to talk about Rime publically or show what we’d been pouring our creativity into for so long was really difficult.

Lead image 03_Faraway_Tower_1377022544

Finally our frustration was at an end. But ends also herald beginnings, and Rime being presented to the world amongst so many other unique and creative games was the best platform for an announcement we could have hoped for.



For us, it’s not just about technology (although that’s important too!), it’s about how you create an experience – how you breathe life into your creation and set it free. Rime is a very personal project and, together with Sony, we have high hopes for our offspring!

We are happy. We create things with gusto.



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Beautiful artstyle. Instant musthave.

Loving the look of this. Very Journey-ish. Which is one of my favourite games of all time.

Indeed beautiful artwork! Everything looks so beautiful, a game of piece of art, just need more information – when is it released.. is it an indie title or not etc.


This is the game that caught my attention the most during the gamescom show.

If Journey & ICO had a Baby it would look like this :D


Looks amazing.

It is this sort of thing which persuaded me to get a ps4.

I am glad you had a chance to uncork your creative juices…


Excellent! This is really great looking game along with beautiful gameplay with superb soundtrack. This is the game which I’m going to really really looking forward to play more than any other game.

xXCandyMan342Xx 03 September, 2013 @ 17:49

This was my highlight of Gamescom 2013, this game reminded me of a cross between Ico and Wind Waker, I can’t wait to play it. Viva Tequila Games! Keep up the good work :)

Loving the art-style. Looks like a cross between Journey and The Old Republic.

I thought it would be released on vita to, am I wrong?


PS4 only, but will be playable on Vita through Remote Play.

This game looks like poetry transformed in a game.
The visuals and music are amazing!
I would love to hear a bit more of the game like what is the story and what kind of game is it?

Me gusta mucho!

It looks like a blend of Journey, Uncharted and ICO. The PERFECT combination.
You should check out this trailer Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas but I don’t think you would get it.


Please let this get a Retail version, since the Art work is to pretty to only be Digital buy.

This was the best game announced at Gamescom

Agreed, this was most memorable game at Gamescom. Reminds me of ICO, which is amazing.

Looks lovely! <3

If we can’t have The Last Guardian then this will do. The animation looks sensational!

I just want to get lost on that island.

Any plans for a Vita port? :)

Of all the announced PS4 games so far, this is the only one that managed to capture my interest. I hope it turns out to be good.

Wow. I want this so bad. It looks awesome. It sounds awesome. It gives me awesome feelings. I just want to know more about the game. What’s the story – is it linear or open? RPG elements? Quests? Leveling system? Will there be villages? Humans within the game? Companions? Will we be lonely (like in Journey)? Will we be lonely or will there be villages/cities? A huge or small title? Zelda?


it reminded me if SOTC,Zelda & Journey! Their love child! Gaming is all about escapism & that ladies & gentleman is the definition of escapism=RIME!!! Take my money!!!

Personally, game of the Show. Unfortunately i’m playing only such amazing Sony console named Vita. Rime will come on Vita some day I hope.

Absolutely gorgeous, somewhere between Journey and ICO. One of the important reasons to get PS4.

This looks amazing guys, I can’t wait to play this any info on a possible release date?

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