We need you for the Dark Souls II beta!

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Greetings PlayStation Blog readers. Visit PlayStation Store to register your interest to be one of the first players to get a glimpse of the challenging experience offered by Dark Souls II and contribute to the game’s optimisation by providing valuable feedback throughout the beta.

Simply download the Dark Souls II Beta Registration Ticket from PlayStation Store. It can be found in the ‘Games’ section under the ‘Latest releases’ tab.

Developed by FromSoftware and due on PlayStation 3 in March 2014, Dark Souls II is the highly anticipated sequel to the punishing 2011 break-out hit. The unique old-school action RPG experience captivated the imaginations of gamers worldwide with its incredibly challenging gameplay and intense emotional reward.

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Doing that right now… hope I will be chosen when the beta starts :D

cant wait for dark souls 2. demons souls and dark souls were two of my favourite games ever.
hope i get onto the beta

March 2013? Can’t wait.

Aw darn… should never have sold my time machine. Now I can’t go back in time to get this cos it’s due on PlayStation 3 in March 2013.

Hope I can get into this beta. Would love to take part in it and have an opportunity to try the game out. I’ve always wanted to try out the first and have it in my ‘to buy list’ but never got round to getting it due to too many games. This beta would be a great opportunity to allow those of us to try the game out and perhaps consider getting the first before “going back in time” to get this one.


It’s a good job I was the buyer of your time machine.

I just went back to March 2013 and asked Namco Bandai to postpone the launch for a year. We are now targeting March 2014 :).

Done!, thanks.

Awwww, yisssss. Loved Demon’s Souls, adored Dark Souls, can’t wait for Dark Souls II. Taking week off to play it before spoilers surface, mysteries are no longer mysterious and while there still are secrets to find.

Now why would you do that? :( How much you willing to sell it back for? I want to go back in time and fix it. March 2013 sounds nicer. :)


On psn store, I click download and the loading bar appears for a second but then does nothing, no normal download or background or anything. I don’t know whether or not just purchasing it registers my interest, or is there an actual download, because I have tried it on two different accounts (second ps3 in the household; not working on that either)


All you need to do is purchase :).

Dark_Angel’s comment below (no. 11) will help you check that it has gone through.

It seams like its not yet available in my country :(


Hi MatijaxD,

We have checked and it is correctly showing for Croatian accounts.

Try this link (make sure you are signed in to your account)…


I’m scared that I won’t get in, because I accidentally downloaded it two times, because it seemed like nothing happened on the first time..


Guys go to Account Management – Transaction Management – Services List and you should see it appear there. That should mean your fine

I found the ticket last night by accident, hopefully I get picked… ^^


I was wondering, I’m in the US and keep getting told I’m not eligible for the ticket. Is it not ready for download in my country yet? I at least need to try getting access.

Well I found it alright but when I press download it just shows the store buffering then it disentangles open the usual download window… ><


I really really hope i get into this, Dark Souls/Demons Souls has been my One True Love for hardcore gritty dragon fantasy action.

Would love to sign up but it would be spoil the game 4 me I’d rather wait for release

Scarlet_Antidot 05 September, 2013 @ 12:25

Well I look everywhere on I cant find the ticket , im from houston tx , so I dont think is here yet


@alex burrow That is crazy that you used that time machine joke!! I’m watching The Time Machine on TV!! xD weird coincedence.

ON TOPIC: how are we going to be contacted? Via our PSN email?

I signed up for the beta, I played a bit of Demon’s Souls and liked it, Never played Dark Souls, I hope it isn’t just a PvP Beta and actually has stuff to do in it

Carnivius_Prime 05 September, 2013 @ 12:43

Is Dark Souls any better than Demon Souls? Cos I got Demon Souls free on Plus and it was a total waste of time downloading it. Awful game and judging by some of the comments I saw on my PSN friends list around that time I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

Awww it says I’m not eligible for the ticket…is it not available in US yet? When will it be available for the US? I’ve waited all week just to sign up for this, I still play Dark Souls like a mad man on a regular basis.

@21 Carnivius_Prime

Dark Souls is awesome, so is Demon’s Souls.. I think the game is not for you, so why sign for the beta? Souls games are truly innovative and original games, which I enjoy a lot. I have platinum in both games and I love PVP. You can go now back to play your Call Of Duty and bye.

Done, so here’s hoping to get in… :-)

after searching for it.quite hard to find goto ” games” then click on the access playstation video and its on there.hope i get in loved dark souls and demon souls…

Ok I purchased ticket how long do you have to wait to see if youre picked? Im cashed up to in case it costs.


Looking forwards to Dark Souls II, completed both Demon’s Souls and the first Dark Souls. Looking forward to more lore and cryptic story telling.

I just purchased the ticket but i cannot download it even in Account Management – Transaction Management – Services List…

Not available in germany? I can buy it but it tells me to try again later when I try to download it.

Ready for it!!!


@ darkmege
You don’t download it from the Account Management. There is nothing to download. It only lets you know it went through to your PS3. As long as you can see it in there, then your fine.

Praising the sun, ill display my might
Ill walk through the darkness by bonfire’s light

Demons, dragons and zombies await
Ill have to be quick or ill be on their plate

Accepting this beta and im feeling alright
Umbasa my warriors cause tonights the night

That’s some great news! Count me in.

SecurityDrone_x1 05 September, 2013 @ 14:58

nice realy hope i get accepted, played both demon and darksouls allot and can’t wait for darksouls 2 i hope that they changed online so its easier to play with friends now,no matter what i know i will love this game too :D

I am SO in.

I’ve vowed to spend nothing on games until I can get a PS4. This is the only exception.


Looks like Amuriguh is left out. Will it come to the states? I just wanna know so I can keep a look out if it will.

I only get “The page you requested is not available.” :´(

Hmmmm, the link doesn’t work for me and i surely can’t find it in the store at all… hope it comes back!

I am going to download the ticket.
I hope that i will be one of the lucky ones :P

Will a Dark Souls platinum trophy increase chances to get in? ;)


It seams like its not yet available in my country. it say im not eligible… is it normal? im from Canada

Entered this morning 20 mins after the fb post and I front paged it on the site I work on http://www.gbatemp.net
Really hope I get it I platinumbed both games and think DS is the best series to come out of this gen!


Hi PS Blog,

I cannot see the download option in the US PS store and I really really want to be a Beta tester. Any workaround on how to download it??

I am being told I do not qualify i thought it was open to every one?

The link has been removed.

not eligible
Link removed :(

Damn it, it double posted.

Hoping for beta access!
Got triple platinum for Demon’s Souls and platinum for Dark Souls.
Some of the best games ever imo, easily in the top of this generation.
March can’t come soon enough! :)


I have problems for got my ticket for beta
this show me the page: “The page you requested is not avalible”
please help

“We’ve encountered an error while processing your order. The transaction has not been completed. Please try again later.”

yepp this works fine :(

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