DRIVECLUB: #PlayStationGC Challenge results trailer & new 1080p direct feed videos

Thanks to everyone that played the DRIVECLUB demo at Gamescom! And thanks to those of you who voted to support a club on the DRIVECLUB Facebook page. There were some blindingly quick racers, and even though my team weren’t the fastest overall, we earned the most fame points to win the challenge. So that means that the Gamescom trailer plays out with “Like A Boss” winning, which I’m obviously very happy about!

Also, in case you were wondering, the music track is Be Here Now by Hybrid (The Qemists remix). ;-)

The reaction we got at the show was fantastic, with over a thousand people trying the demo each day. I spoke to a lot of people playing the game and the key thing that stood out and really connected with people was the concept of “always having something to play for” and “always contributing to the success of your club”.

The fastest racers loved that they could aim for first place on the leaderboard and still play over and above that to beat every challenge in every event. Everyone else enjoyed being able to focus on the face-off challenges, rather than struggling to be the quickest around the track. It was great to see that people understood that DRIVECLUB is not just about the fastest racers getting to the finish line first, but that everyone can drive together and win together.

We showed a track from Canada for the first time and the enthusiasm we’ve seen makes us excited to show you even more of the game before the PS4 launches, especially because the game is already looking better and smoother than it did at Gamescom!

For those of you that couldn’t make it to the show, we also shared some direct feed video footage of DRIVECLUB running on PS4! The videos have been on our Facebook page since the show but we’ve just put them up on YouTube at a higher resolution for you (closer to showing the game’s native 1080p resolution).

There are more videos for you to watch and share with your friends in our YouTube playlist.

Just before I sign off, I should probably pre-empt the most common question we get asked by people when they see the direct feed videos: “how does it play”? It’s a tricky question to answer because it entirely depends on your experience with racing games.

If you come from a background of playing arcade-racing games, like I do, then you’ll have a lot of fun with DRIVECLUB. The first thing I learned is that you definitely need to use the brakes, which I wasn’t used to, but it’s really easy to get to grips with. It’s incredibly satisfying to get a feel for some of the world’s most exciting cars and there’s a lot of depth and individuality to driving each of the cars.

If your pedigree is simulation-racing games – or you’ve ever driven these cars for real, like our Design Director Paul [Rushy] Rustchynsky – then you’ll also be happy with how DRIVECLUB feels. He tells me you’ll instantly get to grips with each vehicle’s unique handling characteristics and you’ll be able to apply advanced driving techniques like ‘trail braking’ and ‘feathering the throttle’.

You can also choose to drive with manual gear transmission and we’re working on support for steering wheels to enhance your driving immersion too.

It’s really exciting that players from different backgrounds like Rushy and me can drive together (and win together!) in DRIVECLUB. So tell us, what’s your racing background, who will you be playing with and what do you think of what you’ve seen so far?

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Does my GT steering wheel work on ps4 with this game?

Phenom_Evolution 06 September, 2013 @ 14:35

The only steering wheel officially supported on PS4 right now is the ThrustMaster T80 – which DRIVECLUB definitely supports.

As and when we support more we will let you know, because the game feels great when you play it with a racing wheel!

And any idea yet where we can get these videos in a non compressed format and more close to the direct feed? You were saying on Facebook you will do this. Maybe Gamersyde will have it up too somebody was saying on GAF.

Phenom_Evolution 06 September, 2013 @ 14:38

We’re now in touch with Gamersyde so hopefully we’ll have news for you soon.

Also, in future we will use a capture technique without compression and share videos with you in a way better suited to native 1080p.

Keep up to speed with us here on the blog, on facebook ( and twitter ( :-)

Saves me some game cash, hope the handling is as good as the graphics.

Phenom_Evolution 06 September, 2013 @ 14:52

The handling feels great for me now that I’ve gotten to grips with using the brakes! I feel like a driving God when I nail a corner and still enjoy using the handbrake to kick out the back end for awesome drifts with a simple tap of the handbrake too.

Well, I did feel a God, until Rushy showed me some of the advanced driving techniques you can use, like the ‘Scandinavian flick’ which is basically an incredible drifting technique which requires you to pre-load the suspension as you approach and enter the corner. I bet that’s even more satisfying but I still earn a lot of points for my club with my more basic approach lol.

woah! this looks insane well done EVO

Phenom_Evolution 06 September, 2013 @ 14:54

It looks even better on PS4! And will look EVEN BETTER when more hard work has gone into it and you get your hands on it in November. :-)

All the information like the names and times and photo’s really destroy the driving experience when I look at the video’s. Maybe it’s better in real life but for now it’s an emerging breaker.

Also still not sure what you guys want to achieve with this game. Need for speed, Burnout Paradise, Forza, GT?

Still no info what is missing from the neutered Plus version and how much the full version is going to cost.

Phenom_Evolution 06 September, 2013 @ 14:56

Pricing details will be announced closer to launch. :-)

If you’re a serious racer then you can turn off the OSD and face-off challenges and just focus on your racecraft, winning races and setting blindingly quick lap times. It’s your choice.

youtube 1080p is worse than normal 720p its so highly compressed and blocky. wish you would just post a link to a high bitrate video so we can really see how it looks in 1080p

Phenom_Evolution 06 September, 2013 @ 15:11

Please see my reply to #2 :-)

As far as I know PS4 will support Move controller. Will this game support Move Wheel?

Phenom_Evolution 06 September, 2013 @ 15:16

Only the DualShock 4 controller & official steering wheels are supported.

DRIVECLUB does make use of the DS4 to allow you steer with motion controls, mapping 1:1 with the car’s steering wheel, which is a lot of fun to play. Unless I’m trying to beat a challenge, in which case it’s back to using the awesome new analogue sticks and triggers and sitting on the edge of the sofa leaning toward the TV… ;-)

Thanks for your answer. It’s great to hear you can turn of those onscreen messages. Bit disappointed about the silence about the upgrade price. It doesn’t make me value Plus with PS4 (unlike with PS3 and Vita) and it doesn’t push me to a pre order…

Fitzmonkey_Devil 06 September, 2013 @ 15:21

Hi will the finished game be still running at 30 fps or 60 fps? High speed racing games like this really need to be running at a fluid 60 fps.

Was that other car Roadyacht? (I know the other was Pagani Huayra)
If so.. I’m glad to see it as usually racing games has only the most popular cars :)

The steering wheel issue is the last issue I have with PS4. I’m split on buying one because of it.

I’m not willing to spend another £300+ on a new wheel, I’m not buying that T-80 thing because I’ve got a better wheel already. Sony have to push manufactures and even pay them to get the SDk’s on the PS4.

I’d rather they opened the wallets for that than an hour in Ass Creed and Watch Dogs.

Wooooo they are up now on Gamersyde, well 2 right now. They will put up the other 2 when their servers are not taxed by so many people :)
That is awesome the way you are going to get us higher quality sources going forward. Please tell the rest of Sony’s studios too.
I still want that gameplay of Infamous Second Son from E3 in at least a 20000 bitrate video please :)

Just downloaded the GS vids and it doesn’t look that hot. It looks like it’s under 30 (could just be the vid player) but apart from the environment looking huge in scale, it doesn’t wow me. This will probably be the first gen since PS1 were I don’t have an arcade racer in my launch collection :(




Hmmm, I’ve never been a fan of Simulator Racing, and this looks too much like GT to be of any interest for me. I’ll wait and see if The Crew will appeal to me more.


You know, this game has this GRID feel to me. =P


Game looks great. Cant wait to play this! Do you have your very own DriveClub wheel planned to come with this?

When and from where can I purchase the ThrustMaster T80? If I live in South Africa what would be a good website to use to import it?

Also more questions on the ThrustMaster T80
– Does it connect wirelessly to the PS4?
– How many can be connected to the PS4 at a time? In case a future driving game has split screen or SimulView multiplayer

Speaking of Simulview and 3D, Motorstorm supported both, will DriveClub support 3D and/or SimulView?

I would like to buy a PS4 at launch, but I live in the Caribbean and thus cannot purchase anything on the PSN Store using my PS3. I have a international credit card outside of North America, which the store wont accept. Please, SONY!!! change this, so others like me can purchase from the store. Their are many millions of gamers who are losing out because of this policy.

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