New games added to PlayStation All-Stars Island for iOS and Android

We have some great new updates to the PlayStation All-Stars Island app for iOS and Android with two new games available to play on the island.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or from Google Play using the links below. Or, if you already have the app you just need to download and install the latest update to play as Kat in a perilous floating landscape of pits, monsters and laser beams in Gravity Rush: Infinite Skies.


You can also play Uncharted: Drake’s Pursuit on the island, where you will need to make a daring jungle escape by running, jumping and diving over raging rivers and towering cliffs to guide Nathan Drake to safety.


Achieve a score of 600,000 plus in any game on the island and you will unlock LittleBigPlanet: Epic Race. Tear up the track Sackboy style in this simple, helter-skelter race against the clock. Make sure you use the in-game tokens and boosters that make it easier to achieve high scores.


In addition, our partnership with Coke Zero will see Drake from Uncharted, Kat from Gravity Rush and Cole from inFAMOUS appear on limited edition Coke Zero cans and bottles across a number of markets in Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland).


A variety of PlayStation prizes will also be up for grabs so make sure you look out for competitions that Coke Zero is running over the next few months.

PlayStation All-Stars Island is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play for smartphones and tablets (available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK).

Keep checking back for more details on when the next game, inFAMOUS: Survival, will be available to play.


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See you on the Island!

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Oh dear. Maybe support the real game and not some crappy mini-game for a device I will never own? Maybe I would get an Android device that would support something like this eventually but by the time that happens you will probably have dropped support for this too.

Is it going to be the Spanish App Store? And if it is, when? Thanks ;)

Is it going to be available in the Spanish App Store? And if it is, when? Thanks ;)

P.S.: Sorry for the double post (I wrote it wrong in the first one)

Any chance of this coming to Australia?

As bad as they look, iOS is still getting more first party ip’s than the Vita.

People can never be happy, can they? If you honestly believe that iOS is getting more first party titles, and more importantly if you believe that they are better than the Vita games, sell the Vita and move on with your life.

As for comment #1 … What real game? This is NOT Playstation All Star Battle Royale. Read the title of the game. And again, as I’m sure you’ll try and come back with a ‘funny’ comment. See how it’s different? Move on.


You clearly don’t understand sarcasm.

Oh, trust me I do … it’s just sometimes lost in the written form and when the sarcasm is regarding a topic that has been done to death here (you know, the Vita has no games … that one), I tend to gloss over and just react with the standard ‘yawn, sell up, move on’ comment.

I’m not with the people who say the Vita has no games. I’m well aware that it has hundreds. It’s just unfortunate that the large group of people saying otherwise are just too damn picky.

I have Killzone Mercenary and Rayman Legends so i’m happy anyway.

My wife and I both have modern mid high range Sony phones…none of which are compatible with this app. I don’t care too much but it does seem strange.

Carnivius_Prime 09 September, 2013 @ 12:57

Seems it won’t install on my Sony Xperia L (which I got recently and was happy to find it does support PlayStation Mobile so least I can buy thooose games now)

I’d quite like one of those Drake coke cans (and wouldn’t mind the inFamous one if I could see what it looks like) but UK not listed?

Might check it soon when i feel like it, Looks like something i might play on the bus coming from the school

Any chance of a ps vita or psm port please?

I don’t have enough facepalms for this. If all you care about is money and peddling out your franchises to the lowest bidder you should probably get Naughty Dog to develop The Last of Us 2 for… Nintendo 3DS!

I mean just look at Nintendo they know how to sell handhelds with the right software which is more than what can be said about Sony’s abysmal handling of the Vita.

Helloooo Sony… Does the name Vita even ring a bell for you?

Sony is the best when it comes to quality games thus i’m really glad that they’re starting slowly to make games for other platforms & i hope they will continue so.

i own android tablet & just downloaded the All Stars island & i like it.

Complain all you want but it’s just a couple of temple run style games that are fun to play and cost nothing. What’s the problem? It’s not going to ruin your life if you don’t download it, and if you do then it’s a quick blast of gaming when you’re on your phone.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a glass of delicious Coke Zero. THE BEST DRINK.

please place this on the Portuguese store. come on guys.

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