Puppeteer – The Access verdict

Hello everyone, Rob from Access here with some tasty video goodness to kick off your week.

Our latest verdict video dives headfirst into SCE Japan Studio‘s beautifully creative platformer, Puppeteer. As little wooden hero Kutaro, it’s your job to thwart the evil Moon Bear King by jumping, running, swinging and climbing your way through an inventive side-scrolling adventure, with your weapon of choice a pair of magic scissors known as ‘Calibrus.’

These scissors can snip through pretty much anything, from cloth and armour to more smoke and water, and are the most fiendishly addictive gameplay tool we’ve got our hands on in ages.

Oh, and did I mention you can collect tons of novelty heads, each with their own unique ability? They’re all bonkers and absolutely hilarious, which very much describes Puppeteer as a whole.

See the game in action with a bunch of new footage in the video below, and don’t forget that Puppeteer launches in Europe on 11th September 2013 exclusively for PS3.

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This looks superb but with GTA V coming and Killzone Mercenary just out, I can’t stretch to this as well :-(

Oh go on Frodo – treat yourself!

I wish I could mate… :(

@frodouk @THE_FORCE I’m in the same boat. Got KZ:M, want Puppeteer & KickBeat but can’t afford everything in one month.

@THE_FORCE … you could always gift me the game? Go on…. treat me :-)

That bit with Rob(i think that is Rob) with his Teddy Bear at the beginning of that Video made me laugh HARD! :D


GTAV is gonna be better then this bore NUFF SAID


CoolRichy007UK spouting utter rubbish since 2004 (his birth year). Thanks for that insightful and most helpful comment. I’m also sure that the developers will take great delight and not to mention immense amounts of constructive criticism from it.

Well done. Come back soon – the internet NEEDS you (only because real life refused you).

Too many games that I still have to play before November 29. And even then, I just pre-ordered this one in the PlayStation Store. Puppeteer looks fantastic!


I hope the digital game will be unlocked tomorrow, and not on Wednesday. I really need to play it ASAP.

Hey have you guys at PS access thought about doing a podcast, it would be nice for Europe to have its own alternative to the blogscast. I would definitely tune in.

Looks really cool but unfortunately I don’t have the time (or money) to get this. with college starting and GTA and mercenary out this month and Beyond in October then my PS4 with watchdogs, driveclub and maybe Killzone and/or Knack I wont be able too :( Maybe Ill pick it up in the Christmas Holidays.

How do I ‘gift’ a game? :/

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