SCE Japan PlayStation press conference 2013 livestream

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is holding a press conference in Tokyo this morning to make a number of PlayStation announcements. While we stress that the presentation is tailored specifically for Japanese gamers and that not all the reveals will necessarily be relevant for Europe, we are very happy to host a livestream of the event for your enjoyment.

The show is set to kick off at 7.00am BST/8.00am CET, and will feature a live English translation. Grab your cornflakes and a cup of coffee, and enjoy the stream above!

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I’m in Osaka, Japan. Looking forward to this (3pm local time for me)! I’m hoping for a 2013 release date for the PS4. I don’t mind if its after US and Europe get it, so would happily settle for a December release date. Let’s see what else is going to be announced!

1= new games ( no more indie = we have seen to many )
2= list of transfer games of ps3 to ps4 like
diablo 3
ac iv
cod goast
gta 5
also price to convert to ps4 .

Thank you, Fred. I’m looking forward to it.

Fingers crossed for some new info regarding Rain. Knack too.

PLEASE show The Last Guardian.

The last Gaurdian reveal would be epic.


Damn… Why do I have to go to school now!? :'(

Well, I just hope it’ll go up on Youtube, so I can watch it later. :)

I have a feeling that most people will be disappointed after this press conference based on what I’ve read on different sites and also on this blog. I think the main clue lies with “While we stress that the presentation is tailored specifically for Japanese gamers”, I’d assume it’s much more the launch plans in Japan and related to that.

Though I of course also hope for something big to be revealed, but I don’t expect it. I’m in general just very curious about what plans they’ll do in Japan, which is the reason I’ll watch it.


Don’t know why exactly, but I’m quite certain The Last Guardian will be re-announced.

Sony needs to show respect to the Japanese market, which means they need to announce something significant. TLG is a Japanese game so it makes sense to re-announce it here, today.

IronfistChris82 09 September, 2013 @ 07:02

Hoping for another Ridger Racer announcement!

Look SCEE, Fullscreen videos. That’s how it used to be. :)


Not online


That Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Vita bundle. I want it. So much.

oh no poor japan feb 2014

Hoping for another Ridger Racer announcement!レビトラ通販

woke up just for this, it isnt over yet and it was already worth it =)


Of course they will. Sony and PlayStation are Japanese anyway. They get way more stuff than us, most of which never see the light of day here.

PSVitaTV looks interesting. Hope it makes its way here.

connected :)

I want to express my interest in PS Vita TV… So, Please PLEASE bring the PS Vita TV to Europe! I already own a Vita and wouldn’t hesitate to buy this on day one! The ability to play PS Vita games and PS4 remote play on the big screen is huge! Please make this happen! Don’t let us down!

No The Last Guardian? ;(

i hope it will be recorded and put live again

i missed it :( anywhere i can watch it?


I’m speaking to colleagues in Japan and will let you know asap if it’s going on YouTube.

I want the PS Vita TV amazing any ideas if we will see a release over here.

R.I.P the Last Guardian


Wow 7am. A little heads up would been nice for this. I had no idea about this and the post was only up today. :( Some of us don’t get up that early so maybe heads up next time?


Sorry you missed it! Keep an eye on the @PlayStationEU Twitter feed if you can. We posted there on Friday that we were planning to stream it here.

PS Vita TV is a great idea, I hope it comes to Europe. Sony would be mad not to

Hope we see a good price for Vita TV here in EU.
And also hoping that this means we finally will be getting Netflix on Vita in Europe as well as Ps Mobile games.

new ps vita no oled screen = step back
mem cards down in price = good but u not find lots of 32gb where i live .
fantasy star nova ++++ ( hope Europe to )

PS vita TV!
Thats a freaking must have, at least for me.

PS vita TV is a must have!


Thanks for posting this Fred it was great to see! I really hope we get the PS VITA tv that looks awesome! Great price too if its converted from that price.

I’m very impressed with Andrew Houses language skills too, was funny that he was being translated back into English :-)

Showing a new PS Vita and PS Vita TV on the EU Blog and then not confirming if they’re even coming to Europe is just cruel!


Just done my little catch up on Kotaku and wow that Vita TV sure is nice! Just the thing I need to enjoy my games better on the bigger screen. Would be great for Killzone too. Most likely released for us sometime in 2014 wouldn’t it?


That’s if it ever makes its way to us. The PSX was Japan only.

Ive got a vita, but I still want a vita tv. its a great idea. with the PS1, PSP and vita catalogue it could destroy Ouya!


I don’t see why it wouldn’t come to us. It looks to be a big thing for the Vita. Also when PS4 comes out we can stream PS4 games on another television via Remote Play so it seems the chances of it coming here is great. Would be too good to pass up on especially when it can make Sony good money.

There’s a Slim Vita coming too with bigger battery life. I’d rather have more games than a new system.

Hey, do you know if we can use PS Vita as a controller for the PS Vita TV ?
Or the only way to play Vita games is to patch them ? :/


I would assume so. The Concept Trailer shows it accessing the Vita’s LiveArea content, streaming through Vita.

can we get subtitled version?? here you go. With translation :)


Which of these Japanese games will be available in Europe?


I’m afraid we can’t confirm these details at present. Keep an eye out for announcements from the relevant publishers in due course.

w00t me gusta ;)


People do know that they can just re-watch the stream in the video above right? Right? That’s what I did.

PS Vita TV looks good. Would like to release dates and local pricing for that and the 64GB card.

can you release more info on ps vita tv,also will you put the chips in it so it can play ps 1/2/3 games,say download the game to ps4 then have it sync to the vita box wirelessly then send the data back to the ps4 sort of like a local gaiaki but without the lag also will it stream ps4 games onto other tvs will the ps4 still be able to be used for somthing else in the other room(say im playing killzone with vita box and someone else is playing battlefield where the ps4 is,and what about netflix

I sure hope Gravity Rush och Shinobido 2 will work on the PS Vita TV, but I don’t see them on the compability page?


I bet Namco won’t bring their games to the west. -_-

Btw, the Vita slim looks real nice and I hope SCEE releases it.


Also, really hope SEGA and Namco gets their head’s through and releases their games for the west. Football Manager 2014 Portable and even a Sonic racing game is just not enough. If only these games do get release in the west. It will dominate sales.

And I got a bad feeling Europe might get the shaft with the Vita slim (even though we got PS3 slim) and gotta admit, the SCEJ conference was interesting to watch and putted E3 and gamescom to shame.

Looking forward to buying a PS Vita TV taking it home, plugging it into my projector and playing Vita games on the side of my house in full 300″ glory!


PlayStation Vita TV = Yet another amazing and innovative idea that only the true visionaries of Sony can deliver and the new PSvita slim is awesome too, nice work you guys. ;)

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