Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX launches on PS3

Kingdom Hearts fans rejoice! Your wait is over – Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX is now available in stores across European and PAL territories, exclusively on PlayStation 3.

For many, you’ll be taking a trip down memory lane, re-joining Sora, Donald and Goofy on an incredible adventure exploring magical Disney Worlds. But for those who are newcomers to the series, this is your opportunity to see what all the fuss is about! So without further ado, here’s our official launch trailer:

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX is jam-packed full of Heartless-stomping goodness, including HD versions of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Re:Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days (HD cutscene movie).

Since announcing the game last year, we’ve been inundated with anticipation from fans of the series. We’ve loved reading your feedback and hearing your favourite Kingdom Hearts memories – the series wouldn’t be where it is now without such devotion from our fans!

So, whether you’re a fan of the series or not, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX is an experience gamers should not miss out on – and it looks utterly gorgeous to boot!

What are you most looking forward to in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX? Let us know in the comments below.

For more information on Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, please visit our official website:

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Any chance of bringing this to Vita? I’m not interested in PS3 games anymore, moving to next-gen.

This game would be a perfect fit for my Vita :( And we don’t even have the the older Kingdom Harts PSP games on PSN such a shame. Get your head out of the ground Square Enix.


Any chance of a digital copy?


Hey jellyhedgehog! I know it’s not what you want to hear, but I have no information on plans for digital copies or PS Vita versions of the game.

Damn I want to play this so much, but my old friend you have to wait… Other new games which I haven’t played yet needs to be played.


Any chance of a digital copy in the near future?

Got the Limited Edition, it arrived today! Everybody knows what I’m playing this whole weekend! :D

Ive been playing it and the graphics are surprisingly good. Ive never been so excited to play a 10+ year old game that I think I completed to 100% twice.

The place I’m looking forward the most is Hollow Bastion, I have some great memories from that place. New tough enemies and boss’s, damn those good old times, but I first need to buy this game for PS3, but it can wait for a while :O


Hollow Bastion is a great world! But I’m not looking forward to getting there, as I always used to get stuck when I was younger!

Any word of other Square Enix masterpieces – Final Fantasy Type-0 western release, Chrono Cross and Xenogears PS1 classics in EU PS Store? Is there any chance or rather we should forget about them.

Nice sadly I have to wait at least week until I get my limited edtion even though I pre ordered it 3 months ago :/

Any chance we will get the dynamic themes the US got on the store?


I received my copy two days ago. YAAAHOO!! Couldn’t make up my mind to start or wait for after GTA V. The moment I held it in my hands I couldn’t help myself had had to put it on! Man I love it!!!! Thanks for making this!!!

I’m ashamed with myself for not buying this back in the old days and never knew about it back then. Hope you guys have 2.5 in the makes!!! Hope the wait for KH3 doesn’t be as long as they say.

p.s. Love the limited edition art book! It’s amazing! A perfect way to tell a story


Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! If you started with Final Mix, did you manage to beat Riku in the race on Destiny Islands? I still can’t beat him :(

Will there be a Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX in the planning for PS3 or PS4 release? If so, which games will included with Kingdom Hearts 2 and will it be released before Kingdom Hearts 3?

Hollow Bastion. Best soundtrack in entire series. And, probably, colosseum. I have scores to settle with Sephiroth.
But that’s not gonna happen soon, physical copies take weeks to get here. <_<

I preordered the game a long time ago on the offcial website (square enix boutique)… i’m still waiting for my game. They send the game too late and i ll receive it tomorrow if im lucky or by monday…

Any chance of a digital copy? Many of us do not buy disc-based games anymore.


I don’t know what the plans are regarding digital copies. I’ll ask the team, but it’s probably not something I can confirm.

I’ll pass the game for now, I will wait and see if there is a future PSN release.


Just want to make sure I got this in the right order for the story but do I play Chain of Memories before I watch 358/2 Days or is it other way around?


You’ll want to play through Re:Chain of Memories first, then watch 358/2 Days :)

I will definitely this time get it(But not on release as i have bought and ordered stuff to buy), I will not miss it like Dream Drop Distance, And see why my friends like KH


Thanks for your reply Lee. To both comments. :D And yep I managed to beat him on my 2nd or 3rd try. Was easier on the way back. When heading down, it sort of goes back and forth between the two of yas then on the way back it’s mainly you that takes the lead. If you can keep yourself beside him, he may just fail to take his path and that can give you an advantage

Got my copy yesterday and play Final Mix all evening yesterday. The game looks real sharp and so far i enjoyed every minute playing. I did beat Rikku on Destiny Islands so you should practice more :)

Is there any new info on KH2: reMIX and will it be released before the release of KH3? KH3 is gonna look so good on PS4, cant wait to play that.

Thanks Lee for answering questions even if the replies would be “not what we want to hear”. It’s good PR. I hate when asked “If you have any questions, please just add them below and I’ll reply as soon as I can.” and no replies.

Kingdom Hearts is on my to-buy list. I never played Kingdom Hearts (I skipped PS2 console). If you Lee have any influence on Square-Enix, try to get them finally revive Chrono series. Still hoping that Chrono Break is released someday with time traveling elements (including more worlds than just 2 which was the case in Chrono Cross) and multiple endings.

Im only interested in FFXHD to ViTa its coming soon but no realise date sowhy will I now after TGS 2013?

I could not resist and bought KH 1.5

Rememberining Expert difficulty to be a breeze in original KH i choose Proud Final Mix.

Hell, that is difficult – especially on some bosses. I remember that if one grinded for couple of first bosses then it was easy, but here Guard Armor and Ursula were pretty annoying.
Still I am excited and happy to bought that collection.

What are the KH 1.5 sales numbers in western world? Satisfactionary? I cannot find it.

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