BEYOND: Two Souls TV advert unveiled

Hey PlayStation fans! Today we’re pleased to share with you the 60-second extended version of our “Guilt” TV Spot, which will be running in the Americas.

We set out with a couple of different goals with this clip. We wanted to give viewers a snapshot of Jodie’s story through a series of flashbacks highlighting some of the stunning situations she’s going to be thrust into by her mysterious connection with the entity Aiden.

Ultimately, we want you to get a sense for the incredible scope and diversity in Jodie’s journey, while hopefully understanding the touching and emotional experience that BEYOND: Two Souls is going to provide.

Even more so than most games, it’s difficult to truly convey what BEYOND: Two Souls‘ story really is about in a short 60 second video (and even more so in the 30 second version you’ll see on TV!) because of the fact that it spans such a huge section of Jodie’s life. The story itself is also told non-chronologically, so really to fully understand the game’s story you’re going to have to play it for yourself, but hopefully the little teases we’ve given you will pique your interest in experiencing the truth behind Jodie’s life.

We still have a couple more trailers to share with you between now and launch. October is right around the corner, so start getting excited! Plus, the demo will be available on 2nd October in Europe, and remember to pre-order the game so you can get your hands on the additional content on the Special Edition.

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looks like it will be great im really looking forward to giving it a try as i love both actors, this will be one of the few games that i do play for the story

COOL Advert :P

Love the trailer. I’ll be putting in my pre-order for this game during next week.

If I could make a wish I would wish for this game to have come out loads sooner. Was bored over summer with not enough games and now it’s coming to the time of year where we have too many games. I want this sooo much but there is loads others I want too. :( Maybe it’s time to start arranging release dates a bit better throughout the year and not all out around the same time. October and November are the two months where all the games I want the most ends up coming out.

When do we the answers to the questions we were asked to ask in the Beyond article of last week:

I’m also with dark_angel69, the release date is unfortunate but fortunately I don’t care about GTA so I’ll buy it (when questions of whether we get the German version in EU or not is answered).


Unfortunately it’s not a question of whether we’ll get the ‘German version’ or not, but whether SCEE deem it necessary to change anything because of Germany in the first place – because if so the EU WILL get censored by default.

SCE published games don’t get country-specific versions any more. There is one version for the EU, and that’s it.

There’s more info on

And I’m taking the lack of response on this (from a variety of questions I’ve asked) as a “yes, it is censored and we’re certainly not going to talk about it”.

Such a shame.

The wait is killing me…I just want to play so badly

Aiming to take my time and savour this game but virtually a month before the PS4 launch? Oh man so much goodness in the coming months :)

can’t wait i loved heavy rain david u the man : ) ive pre ordered

has to be one of the games of 013 hope it like last of us in game play ?

Damn! I really can’t wait till October!


This will definitely not have a gameplay like The Last of Us… This is rather something like Heavy Rain.

The waiting is the hardest part

It seems like the German version will be censored!

Here’s a video by, a German gaming site.

At 5:13 he says, they were told by Sony that the USK version will be cut. Specifically two scenes were made “lighter”.

Now the question is, if the German version is identical to the other EU versions.

Wow Keiyuu88 good find!

I run, the blog campaigning to stop blanket EU censorship of SCE games, and from past experience of The Last Of Us, Twisted Metal and God of War: Ascension I can say that, yes, if the German version is cut, that IS the EU version.

This is big news for me, so can I ask you a favour?

Can you transcribe the section you refer to in the original german for me so that I can use it in a blog post? I’ll give you a credit in the post and it means I can then send the post to different gaming websites and it gives them something tangible to be able to report on.

If you can do that, that would be amazing.

Please let me know if you can help.


I found someone at work who can do it, but I’ll still credit you for finding it, thanks Keiyuu!

Here’s the full blog post:

I sourced a translator who gave me this quote:

“By the way the German USK version will be unfortunately published shortened. As Sony told us, two scenes of the game were extenuated/weakened. One of those scenes did we play during our demo session.”

Very interesting, so yeah, cancel those preorders!

Thanks go to Keiyuu88 for this amazing development

Another great game ruined in EU because of SCEE Nazi censor spree…
Pre-order cancelled.
I will wait for more info about the general EU version and if it is the same as the Germany version, i will get it used from the US at a later stage, when my game backlog allows me.
Nice going SCEE! You just lost 59€!

I hope that Beyond Two Souls won’t get censored in Denmark. It probably won’t. Games pretty much never get censored in Denmark.


Read the article I linked to above, it explains that Sony don’t make different versions for different countries in the EU any more to cut costs, so if a game needs cutting for Germany that’s the version everyone gets. UK, Denmark, Sweden etc, it doesn’t matter unfortunately.

@Fred: Can you confirm theres only 1 version for EU? Game is gold so it should not be that hard to get that info.

Ill pass also if it gets censored. If Sony is too lazy and just releases 1 version for EU it will save me EUR 60,00.

I have some new information which indicates that the US version may also have cuts in erotic scenes.

Found it on a German online game shop. Here’s the product page:

The red text explains it.
My English isn’t perfect but I try to translate it as good as I can:

“According to our information, in the European version of Beyond: Two Souls two scenes will be slightly cut. This affects all Eurpoean versions (UK, AT and so on), as always with Sony. Reportedly, the US version will be slighty cut in erotic scenes. This means, according to Sony, that there won’t a real uncut version at all.”
In the last sentence they just explain that they can’t offer the US version because it’s not allowed by Sony to import them.

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