PlayStation Plus in October: Far Cry 3, Street Fighter X Tekken lead the way

Hi everyone! We’ve got another fantastic month lined up for our PlayStation Plus members this October. Don’t forget, if you visit the PS Store and purchase a one year membership before 20th September we will give you an additional 90 days at no extra cost* – that’s 15 months for the price of 12 (€49.99/£39.99)!

New PlayStation 3 games:

This October PlayStation Plus will be bringing another huge title to our members – Ubisoft’s FPS masterpiece Far Cry 3.

In this open world adventure you take on the role of Jason Brody, a young man stranded on the lawless tropical paradise of Rook Island, a place ruled by piracy and misery. After escaping the clutches of the mentally unstable, slave trading, pirate leader Vaas, Jason must transform himself from coward to killer in an attempt to save his family and friends.

Next up, from the very talented team at Black Forest Games we have eccentric platformer Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, the successor to the 1987 Commodore 64 title The Great Giana Sisters.

You’ll play as plucky Giana, who enters the dark, dangerous Dream World to rescue her sister who’s been abducted by a giant dragon. Harness the power of Giana’s dreams to jump between her “Cute” and “Punk” personas, in an effort to be reunited with her sibling.

Giana Sisters

Your final PS3 offering for this month is Capcom’s action RPG Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen! For those that missed Dragon’s Dogma the first time around, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen provides the opportunity to start your journey from the very beginning before tackling the all-new content.

New quests await the Arisen on the cursed island known as the Bitterblack Isle. You will face fearsome new enemies and discover valuable treasures in this adventure of epic proportions!

Dragon's Dogma

New PS Vita games:

First up for PS Vita is the crossover dust-up Street Fighter X Tekken, which leverages elements from both series to deliver a beautiful brawler for our favorite handheld device.

And last but certainly not least, Touch My Katamari completes our October update. Roll up some fun with this portable entry in the beloved Katamari franchise.


As usual, our PS Plus members will also be privy to some great additional discounts over the next few weeks so make sure you keep an eye on PlayStation Blog for regular updates, including some huge savings on Worms and Alien Breed titles, kicking off with 50% off Worms Revolution from 25th September until 8th October.

In summary
Leaving PS Plus:
25th September: Assassin’s Creed 3
25th September: Saints Row the Third
25th September: Payday: The Heist
25th September: Urban Trials
25th September: New Little Kings Story

Entering PS Plus:
25th September: Far Cry 3
25th September: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
25th September: Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen
25th September: Street Fighter X Tekken
25th September: Touch My Katamari

If you are not currently a Plus member, visit our PlayStation Plus site  to find out more about the service. Here you’ll learn all you need to know about a one year subscription to the Instant Game Collection all for a one-off payment of just £39.99/€49.99.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

*Please note offer applies for purchases via the PlayStation Store only. Existing users are able to stack their membership and a one year membership equates to 365 days.

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Ehi Chris, any possibility to see Dokuro free for Plus users in the near future? Thanks

It’s not scheduled anytime soon but you never know

not a fan of fps games but a few people i know that dont like them say farcry is still good fun so ill try that.
was going to buy The Great Giana Sisters but now its free so bonus there.

i won street fighter x tekken in a weekend debate so dont need that one but ill deff give Touch My Katamari a go.

i know its hard to give us hints but i wish you could as i was planning to buy pixel monsters hd today (as its not in plus) but as you mention discounts on the way im now back to not buying it and waiting to see if its discounted in next few weeks lol

Re, Pixeljunk Monsters, check out Jawad’s blog tomorrow for details of a discount

Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen and Street Fighter X Tekken! Good work!

Already got most of these titles. But fantastic lineup. Keep it up Chris!

Whoa! Awesome update!
How the hell am I supposed to play all these games?
We are for sure spoiled for choice!


I would love to play Dragons Dogma and Street Figher X Tekken!

Now I only have to clone myself in order to get enough time for my games…

I still have 7-8 games on my shelf with foil on them…

No doubt the best time to be a gamer is now! All people without PLUS shame on you!

Nice one. Recently traded Dragon’s Dogma so will be good to play the updated version, FC3 will get traded just before I get it free on PSPLUS and no idea if I will like Giana Sisters but I’ll give it a try :)

Wow looks like a great lineup, I’m impressed!

Very nice update, especially on the PS3 games. Not much of a fighter lover myself, but there are definitely going to be people happy with the SFxT offering.

Far Cry 3 is a sure-hit game, of course! :-)

Nice update!
I’m actually almost done with Far Cry 3, but I’m looking forward for Dark Arisen and Katamari!

You guys crazy or what? Amazing update!

btw. any chances for Amalur’s DLCs in Plus sometime in future? Or discount even. Right now price is not very cool, and since Reckoning was in PS Plus offer, I guess it would be nice if we were given a chance to play DLCs :)


We might look at doing a DLC sale at some point in the near future so obviosuly we have had some Plus titles with seriously good DLC available. No promises though ;)

Farcry 3 and Dragon’s Dogma Arisen??? I’m hoping this applies to US members as well or I will be very rustled :(


i was planning to get a cheap copy of far cry 3. getting it free on ps plus is so much better. great job yet again guys.

Any chance of metal slug xx appearing in the near future?


best month ever! fantastic diverse lineup, thank you especially for Dragon’s Dogma, I was requesting this one in comments section for quite some time, guess it was worth it :)

let’s hope you won’t drop a ball when PS4 comes knocking

All brilliant games, having completed Far Cry 3 (minus a few mp missions) 100%, I look forward to getting my long awaited Platinum on that when more people are online!
Dragon’s Dogma is an absolutely brilliant game too, and hope to see a next gen version with true multiplayer.

Also…SFxT for the Vita! GAME had this for £5, but was sold out everywhere by the time I heard of the deal, so getting this for free is absolutely amazing, thank you ever so much!

awesome games :) i have already far cry 3 platin trophy. Damn i need a Vita…

so far this has been the worst month for me, i have already plat’d far cry 3, what a superb game to have on ps+ this month for those who haven’t played it, but the other games dont really interest me that much, i think ill give dragons dogma a go…

Hope everyone enjoys there games this month!!

i was going to buy dragson dogma just a few days ago. so glad i held off. And far cry 3 too! I love PS+!!

well i have beaten both far cry 3 and dragon’s dogma
but anyone who didn’t totally should
amazing games
so this should be an amazing month for those who have missed them before

Holy Shizz you guys rock!

Simply…… WOW!!!


I don’t have enough time or HDD space to work through the + games….

Just a couple of months off, let me work through them, that’s all I’m askin !



WOW this is great update :)
i was about to buy Far cry 3 thank you Chris for this great lineup

Nice I just subbed up for PS+, and it’s really awesome!
Only problem is the lack of time, to finish the games that already downloaded.
Can’t wait for Far Cry 3! :D


OK, I wasn’t expecting the news to be up on Tuesday so early.

So, thanks Chris for another great month :) One of the greatest, if memory doesn’t fail me. That’s going to keep me busy lots of days — perhaps I’ll pick up SFxTK again for PS3 with the Vita version here…

I was wondering, though, why have you moved up the dates from the first week of the month to the last week of the previous month? Just asking, but it’s been like this for the last knths.

Thanks again Chris :)


No the dates can change depending on the amount of weeks in the month and the way we structure the contracts with the publishers that’s all :)


thanks for that you have made my day more with that news than the whole update lol(not implying its a bad update btw) as i think pixel monsters is one of the best games to EVER be put on psn and ill be buying it tomorrow :)


Amazing update, thanks!
Any chance for a Blood Dragon discount? :)


going by the dates the updates seem to be every 4 weeks now so that will be why.

next month will prob be the 23rd of october.

Another great line up, week after week we keep getting superb PS Plus offerings. Now somehow i need to try to find time to play them, with GTA V in my console it will be a very difficult task, a change in pace maybe nice from time to time though.
Cant wait to sample Streefighter x Tekken on the Vita.
Cheers guys much appreciated batch.


Wow wow you never fail to impress me!

YES! thanks for far cry 3, got rid of it a few months back and been meaning to get the last 6 co op trophies to get the platinum, fantastic game. Also glad to see dragons dogma as i have heard many good things from it so looking forward to trying it out

Another great month for Plus owners!

Any chance to have a discount on Mass Effect 1 in the near future?


Possibly, in a few weeks, no promises but we might have a little something planned

wackojackosnose 17 September, 2013 @ 10:29

Are you planning on having a sale for Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen soon for non PSN+ users?

I think it’s one of those games I’d like to keep so I’m going to skip picking it up on PSN+.


It’s not planned at the moment


No Street Fighter X Tekken for PS3?

Dragon’s Dogma is great. Platinumed it.


Will we have access to the 12 DLC characters for the PS3 version of SF X TK by downloading the vita version. I know Capcom said buying the vita version got the characters but i’m unsure if it was retail only or included digital. If not will the DLC characters be free or at least a big discount ?.


keep an eye on the blog for news on these in the coming weeks

Dragon’s Dogma? Really!? Now I’m sad that my PS3 is gone… And I did thought on buying a new one for Puppeteer and Beyond Two Souls alone, but gotta save for that caribbean paradise and the ps4 to play it (for those less geek, it starts with an A and ends with Creed IV).

Still, there’s touch my katamari, so that’s cool. I would rather have Marvel VS Capcom 3 than Street Fighter x Tekken, but that’s my opinion, gotta respect the others.

It’s in November that Vita’s plus core offerings switch, right?

AProphetofFortun 17 September, 2013 @ 10:35

Looks like a pretty good line-up. PlayStation Plus keeps on proving it is very much worth the money :)

Great line-up once again. I am extremely satisfied with the service and will continue to subscribe in the feature.
My wishlist for future PS plus games for PS3 :
Black Ops 2
MGS HD Collection
Bioshock : Infinite
Walking Dead Season 1
Silent Hill : Downpour

And a lot of indie games :D

When are you guys going to give us GTA V? :P

I keed I keed

Damn it Sony, at this rate I’m going to need to import a 64GB Memory Card for my Vita! xP

Any chance of getting Free Realms pass on PS+?

Any chance of some DLC on PS+ like you use to do?

Are Resistance Burning Skies, Hotline Miami or Guacamelee coming anytime soon? Thanks!

BTW, great update :D


one of those yes, but I can’t say which at the moment :)

Amazing update!

Thank you so much.

good thing i stopped buying new games years ago when PLUS came up. saved me ALOT of money. i hope it pays for the developpers. because i will certainly not start buying new games as long as PLUS is alive.

Awesome update, gets better and better

Any chance of these games coming to PS Plus at all any time soon?

The Amazing Spider-man
Binary Domain
Borderlands 2
Alic: Madness Returns
DMC: Devil May Cry
Twisted Metal
Sly Cooper(vita)
Disgea 3(Vita)
Fifa Football(Vita)
Fifa 13(Vita)



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