PlayStation Store update: GTA V, Pro Evo 2014 out this week

Grand Theft Auto V, a game that doesn’t need any real introduction, is available to you right now. Right this very second. But chances are you’re already playing it and taking in the vast open world of Los Santos with your stolen vehicles and ruffian behaviour. Or maybe you prefer to be a bit of a goody two shoes and follow the traffic signals? Whichever it is, I’m sure you’re fully immersing yourself in what Rockstar has lovingly created.

So maybe GTA is not your thing. In that case, there’s Konami‘s brand new Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 to look forward to on Friday. Using a brand new engine (Fox Engine!), PES has never looked better.

On the sales front, our Big in Japan and Racing Deals have ended, but will now make room for our Warzone and Guitar Hero/DJ Hero sales. On top of these two sales, a selection of Call of Duty titles will also be on sale (for one week), which can be seen below.

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PlayStation Plus


PS3 games

Grand Theft Auto V

Price: £49.99/€69.99

PEGI: 18

Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver

Price: £29.99/€39.99


Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (Available from Friday)

Price: £39.99/€49.99


Rugby Challenge 2

Price: £39.99/€49.99


Availability: Not available in Croatia, Finland, Germany, India, Kuwait, Noray, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE

Unearthed – Episode 1 Bundle

Price: £3.99/€4.99

PEGI: 16

Availability: Not available in Australia, New Zealand

PlayStation Mobile

Doctor wiggly

Price: £1.79/£2.29


Price: £0.65/€0.79


Price: £5.19/€6.49


Price: £1.79/€2.29


Armored Core V

Compatibility Pack (Free)

LittleBigPlanet 2 (Cross-Buy)

Warriors Of The World Pack 2

Prices: £2.39/€2.99

Metro: Last Light

Prices: £3.19/€3.99


Prices: £3.19/€3.99

Saints Row IV

Availability: Not available in Australia

Sing Star

  • Aretha Franklin & George Michael -I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)
  • Hanson – MmmBop
  • The Wanted – Glad You Came
  • Elbow – Grounds For Divorce
  • Barry White – You’re The First, The Last, My Everything
  • Alexandra Burke feat. Flo Rida – Bad Boys
  • George Michael – Freedom ’90

Prices (each): £1.15/€1.39

  • Nightwish (£5.35/€6.49)

The Pinball Arcade (Cross-Buy)


LittleBigPlanet 2 (Cross-Buy)

Prices: £2.39/€2.99


Prices: £3.19/€3.99

The Pinball Arcade (Cross-Buy)

Soul Sacrifice

Prices: Free


4 Author replies

Still no DOA5U DLC that everyone else has. Where is it?


They will drop shortly but not today unfortunately.


Whens Dead Nation and God of War coming to vita? thanks

Any news on Soul Sacrifice Voice-Over dlc and Ratchet Gladiator?


Regarding Ratchet, there’s just some final things to sort out before we release it. It will be pretty soon, I believe :)

Well, let me grab Sack Samurai please!

And, as I unfortunetely expected, no DOA5:U DLC. I’d like to ask, if possible, why it’s taking so long for the game’s content to be released — not just the DLC, but the 1.02 patch, the Digital Version…

I guess you guys are waiting for it to pass Q&A and post it all at the same time?

Thanks for your time Jawad :)

PS: Did I see this right? GAT V? :P


Everything should ideally drop together, yes.

GTA V was available in Saudi Arabia’s store, but suddenly disappeared!
What is the problem?

where is syphon filter 2.

Quiet week not surprising really with gtav out and all.
I got mine delivered to my door for 15£ less than the digital version.

Netflix on the Vita in the EU, where is it and who is to blame for it not being available? Just clear it up, dude, and we can set up a petition to get whichever party to move their butts.

I miss the days with awesome updates.

Stuff missing from EU PSN (In order of release)
Tales of Xillia Idolmaster Theme
One Piece DLC
DoA Ultimate DLC

Also The Rectifier ain’t free as it require Season pass.

Whens Beyond Two Souls digital pre order coming out?

Lol @ COD ‘sale’ prices

Seriously Guys. You need to get a grip of those digital download prices. I know certain supermarkets sell them at a loss to get people through the door but games shops are normally at least £10.00 cheaper than your “digital prices”. Plus you can exchange or sell the “hard copy” on.
£49.99 for GTAV or even better £49.99 for Black ops 2 and that’s on “sale”… really.

If this is the case – how much are your PS4 downloads going to be… I dread to think.

If you want to get the digital download market, you seriously need to rethink your strategy because I am sure it’s not working. I am sure if it was “cheap” enough, the majority may consider it.

I’ll happily grab the Soul Sacrifice DLC. Good stuff.

Not much else of interest.

Sony, why did you let The Walking Dead (Vita) pass certification? It’s one of the most stuttering and messy ports I’ve ever played on any system. Telltale does not respond to any inquiries, at all. They’re a scumbag developer that you shouldn’t associate yourselves with and bundle their crap wares. Shameful behaviour from everyone involved! When can we expect a patch?

gta v = mi ting
but realy big mes up ( not gone try 3 x to dowload , i have 100gb max download)
waiting ful refund

soul sacrefice :)

i see you put pas cod goast
i want ps4 version of the pas + i hope same price ;)
also preorder smaler game mincraft ps4/ps vita ( i hope u can handel litel game )

US GTA5 digital = 60$
EU GTA5 digital = 70 Euro


Lone Survivor Directors Cut is next week right? I was wondering how much itll be?


@#4 The DOA5:U 1.02 patch was released this morning according to Team Ninja’s Twitter.

I paid 40 Euros for GTA V delivered on my doorstep, on release day.

It’s 70 Euros on PSN… lol. Who would buy it that stupidly high price? And for an intangible version that apparently is a total mess to even get downloaded.

The mind boggles.

also sale of cal off duty are big joke
if them make everi jear new version them need % cut after 6 month + other % of when newer version comes out .

dlc pas = if dlc 1 month later on ps3/ps4 them need also % cut of from day 1
on pas .


Last week Ratchet Gladiator was said to be available this week. Why isn’t it?


Still no Ratchet Gladiator HD? ¬_¬

And of course, typing the dev’s name cause my comment to hold up. Seriously cannot stand this dev anymore.

What happened to Ratchet: Gladiator?

I thought that was coming this week?

thera are MAJOR ISSUES for people trying to download GTA V.

I still have not been able to install it since it just keeps resetting the download. I have tried to download GTA V over 10 times now!!!

what are you doing to fix this and will you offer any percantage refund due to your failure in delivering the product?

us aussies have saints row 4 now, so can we get the dlc soon?

plus stii no sign of Ratchet Gladaitor and we have been waiting 120 days and counting now since usa got it, still at least i got the disc version of gta5 to cure my rage

Hi Jawad,

I have the season 2 pass for The Pinball Arcade. But expansion packs 15 and 16 are not showing up for free through the web store. Could you have a look to see what’s happening? Thanks!

Konami, your always behind fifa. Fifa have over taken you years ago and your never gonna claw it back… unless you retail your game at say £19.99. You may have a chance at selling a fair share.

Any news on terraria for vita release date? Thanks

I purchased the download version of GTA5. I was able to play it as soon as it was available. It downloaded quickly and with no problems at all. I don’t have a physical disc to look after and make sure it doesn’t break, get scratches or get lost. I can install the game and play it on any 2x PS3s. yes, it cost a bit more but it’s convenient for many people.

aaah sorry for double post but also WHERE IS THE FREE dynamic theme and costumes for PROJECT DIVA that is in the description when you buy it? i bought it day one and did not get any of the promised extras!


Now why wont anyone answer why Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate DLC have been released for the EU Store? the suport and uppdates for the Eu store has realy turned into S##T…


GTA V 70 euros! 10 euros more than the UK price. What’s your excuse this time?

there are people complaining about texture issues on the digital version of GTA5


Hey there, any news about Meruru in Russia? Always appreciate your help.

give us a metal slug sale! and put capcom puzzle classic on sale too!

Any news on Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus?

Not even a single Vita game or sale, at least give us new psp or ps one games. Ultimate ghost and goblins would be great.

@37 ultimate ghost and goblins would be awesome!

I think you should put a hold on todays PS Store update until the issues with people not being able to download GTA V is solved.

Pretty poor weekly update, no new Vita games sadly.

Needless to say the Call of Duty sale is a joke.

Last week, you said that Ratchet Gladiator HD would probably be out today.. Why isn’t it? :(


lol @ the price of GTAV. US Store FTW

Is Pro evolution Soccer 2014 going to release in Australia this week as well or just Europe.


Will those Watch Dogs avatars that the US got a while ago ever come to the EU store?

They look cool. :P

Ratchet Gladiator still not available yet?

hey jawad,

Finally managed to pick myself up a vita and enjoying it so far, got me the ps plus games and also picked up killzone. still getting to grips with it and dual nubs :-S practice as they say.

Anyways I’m a big fan of Ghost’s n Goblins and i see the usa store has ultimate ghost’s n goblins for sale.

Please is there any chance you can get this for the uk store or is there a way i can get it on my vita.


Any word on Netflix for Vita , please. .

@37 @ 38 Agreed after seeing that ghost’n goblins on-line that was supposed to be coming to steam i have an urge to play the ultimate version. never had a psp so missed out :-(

Come on Sony bring it over to the uk ! I would gladly pay to play this game. Better yet how about a new game in the series for vita and ps3/4


@Jawad Ashraf Why do sales like Big in Japan end prior to the Playstation Store update. I wanted to do some last minute shopping, but unfortunatelly as I entered the store in the morning I was greeted with the normal prices in the Big in Japan tab .__.; was a big bummer…

Strange how come my avatar hasn’t got the plus signage, I just purchased 6 months of plus at weekend.

computers playin games again, time to send in the reinforcements lol


i just want a DECENT Vita sale :(


My fist comment is still on hold. Is it going to get approved or not?




“Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Was £59.99/€69.99 – Now £49.99/€59.99”


£49.99 for COD black ops 2…..haaaahaaaahaa..whoever thought this price up is so out of touch!!!!!

Is there any chance of Mafia 2 DLC sale

Goddamn I got GTAV at my local retailer for the 46-47 euro equivalent. Would love to go digital only next gen, but holy hell! Sort it out.

Few questions tho!
1. Is there any info on possible start of PS Mobile in Poland (and lots of other markets)?
2. Is Dragon Fantasy Book 2 (and the first one aswell) scheduled in Europe?
3. Will Dragon Crown be available digital day1? Any hint on the price?

Oh and please consider putting Gravity Rush DLC on sale! Loved the game and want to throw more money in its direction. :)

When are we getting Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD??

Grand Theft Auto V is missing for the Store?


How come the Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – Doggie Bag DLC, which is on sale in the US, isn’t even available in the EU store any more?

The Rectifier (Free) is not mentioned among the add-ons for Saint’ Row IV in the store.


lone survivor????!

The price of games like GTA V and others on PSN is a nice reminder why I don’t want a download only future. Only the most gullible would believe that it leads to cheaper games. Sony and their partners are front runners in showing us what it would be like – technical difficulties included!

I live in Denmark and I paid 40 Euros for GTA V, freely delivered in the mail on release day. And the kicker… it was shipped from the UK and I still had it on release day.

PSN is incredibly expensive and Sony can not even provide a working download for the people who bought this overpriced option.

Kind of sad, isn’t it?


could you please tell me why for another update there is no nba2k14 preorder?it’s the first time that the game includes european teams and i cannot wait.please respond.thanks in advance.

Does anyone know what’s actually going on with the DLC for Dead or Alive 5?
On Tecmos own website, and on their Facebook page, they have been advertising the latest 2 sets as being out now, but nothing is on the store, and they don’t seem to be replying to questions about it.

Every week people complain about PSN prices for new games, but as you can install the games on 2 systems, they should divide the price by 2.

What happened to Grand Theft Auto V? The game was available to pre order and now it is missing from the Store?
I was ready to buy it answer me please :(

For those who are waiting for the DOA5U digital version / core fighter and the dlc’s. Tecmokoei europe posted this on their twitter:

“#TKfamily is important to us. Sorry for the #DOA5U missing DLC & Core Fighters delays on PSN. We’re resolving this – will keep you updated!”

So if you want to complain about the delay, you should go complain at #tecmokoeieurope instead of here.

i see you stopped answering , i hope u will reply , here goes ….. when does gta v ‘s ifruit launch on ps vita ? its confirmed but no date please answer my dog is becoming a rude dog lol

I maybe tempted to try Unearthed Episode 1 but on the store it is showing at £6.49 not £3.99 as stated.
Is this an error?

@ #71

Yeah… but on PlayStation Mobile according to your link, which means that more than half of Europe can’t use it. SCEE is so utterly useless!

And why not just make a native Vita app, R*?

Frustrations as always. With SCEE frustration is mandatory and incompetence is guaranteed.


Good update

I have a question though, In the NZ store it shows Hotline Miami as two separate versions.

Does that mean it is Cross-buy? or do I have to buy them separately?

Thanks you.


Any new information on Cross Region Gifting.

News one DLC/games Like Disgaea 3 (Vita) here in Scandinavia?

Following titles getting on the SEN store?
Final Fantasy Crisis Core
Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone Complex
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleap
Tales of Eternia
Tales of the World Radiant Mythology
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth


Is there going to be a patch for the GTA V PSN edition? It’s laggy and has less frame rates than the disc version. I’ve tried both and there is definitely a difference.

@Jawad Ashraf The new Pinball Arcade table packs that have been added today aren’t free to download if you have the ‘Season 2 Pass’ and they should be. Do you reckon you could look into this? Thanks



Pretty sure it’s Cross-buy.

I bought the Vita version last week, went to download it and was surprised to see the PS3 version was also in my download list.


The retail disc version will probably remain superior as it can stream in data from both the HD (8 GB install) and the bluray drive at once.

The PSN version has to stream everything from the HD and it becomes a bottleneck. This can result in a lower frame rate and more asset pop-in.

With the hardware at hand, I’m not sure this can be much different. But maybe it can be patched. I wouldn’t bet on it though.


C’monnnn Release ratchet gladiator!!
I’m literally on the edge of my seat for its release and I thought it’d be out this week from what was said last week!
Please hurry with the processing of the game ;-;

When will MGS: Special Missions (released last week) be available to play on Vita? I’d really like to play it there.

As somebody already said in the comments: your digital copy prices are ridiculous. GTA for 69.99? Gamestop had it for 60 which was the most expensive around. Tesco had it for 50. I’d honestly love to move all digital. I’ve got a PS3 with a huge hard drive which is mostly unused. Why? Because ALL the games on release are at very least 10 euro cheaper in box than on download. Shouldn’t you promote digital content? After all that kills second hand market. I’d be happy to simply pick the games from my console’s menu and just play.

Pinball Arcade – have season pass 2 – can’t get packs 15 and 16 – same problem as in posts 26 and 77 above.


I will look into this (if it hasn’t fixed already!) :)

It would be nice to get a uniform price for Digital Copies of games instead of the current structure.

GTA V $60 USD for all regions. Factor in current exchange rate and i should be paying $63.20 AUD but no the digital copy will set me back $109.95 AUD which is 77.17 EURO or 64.65 POUNDS.

Strange world this PSN things.


Also makes it $104.34 USD.

Stupid pricing structure.

Is it possible to put the Australian prices on here as well as the pound and euro

Hi, I bought GTA5 from PSN and I really want my money back!
The digital version is just a mess!
High price for the digital version doesn’t bother me, but what really annoys me are the technical problems of PSN version.
The Pop-UP textures and objects in fast car chases is ridiculous in some places (the Father/Son mission for example). At one point the road under my car completely vanished and I drove through the tunnel which pop-up a second later.

So I want my money back!
I will buy the disc version instead, which does not suffer from these problems.


@ xxDarkflowerX

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question,
As it helps make my decision about buying the game much easier.

@ theresurected

I believe that Lone Survivor is coming to PSN on the 25th september (which should be next week) hope this helps.


Question: Will PES 2014 be available in the rest of the EU today, or tomorrow? I read somewhere that the the UK version has release date the 20th, but that the rest of EU – the date is the 19th.

Is this correct?

GTA 5 is not available in the saudi arabia store, why ?

As I wrote earlier…the digital version of GTA5 from PSN is broken.

Highly recommended to not buy it from PSN.

hi Jawad just picked up my last ever ps3 game gta5, when can we start seeing ps4 pre orders on store and will it be same store or different thankings deano

Thanks for ignoring the rest of the comments. :(

The problem is I already funded my ps accoun. When is it coming back?


is the walking dead vita that bad?

i would have got it for vita even though i have it all for ps3 as i would not mind another plat while making different choices.

i have played it on iphone and ipad and it was a great port and from what i have read its running fine on android i cant understand why they would drop the ball on vita especially if there planning on bringing series 2 to vita which i believe they are so you would think they would be fixing it.


“Every week people complain about PSN prices for new games, but as you can install the games on 2 systems, they should divide the price by 2.”

not everyone has 2 ps3’s at home so why would we do that.

I like a reply to this, I got MGS Legacy collection and the code not works, konami say it a issue at sony end and suposedly fixed, mine still not work.
I tryed msg Sony PlayStation on FB and konami on the 16th none of them replyed yet. and I cant email konami as it dont go through to them get a error mail.

Jawad, FYI, table pack 15 and 16 of the pinball arcade still aren’t free for season 2 pass holders.


Yeah, unfortunately it is that bad.

When you walk around in scenes and talk to people the game runs fine. But each time there a scene transition or a camera switch the game lags and stutters and the audio occasionally glitches out as well for a short time. The worst part is that the stuttering is worst just when “action” scenes cut in, so on timed sequences you lose precious time at the beginning. It’s a really messy port and I don’t understand how anyone could think it was good enough to ship. Certainly not anyone who cares about or takes pride in their work. Avoid this one at all cost.

Why is Grand Theft Auto V removed from our store? (Saudi Arabia)

I can find it when searching for it but it only says: “Grand Theft Auto V is coming 17th 2013” why can’t I buy it?

Hey jawad any chance I could get a reply to my question. Ultimate ghosts n goblins , when can we get this on the vita I see the us psn store has it and as a fan I’d like to play this game. Thanks

where is GTA V !!!????!! I CANT FIND IT




havnt you people noticed that every week for the last month your getting less and less replies do you think they are trying to tell you something ?


Why you guys removed GTA V from Saudi Arabia Store ???
I was waiting for so long to play this awesome game & now I can’t buy it
If you guys can return GTA V to Saudi Arabia Store will be Awesome


hey jawad where can i make suggestions or requests for games to be put on psn?


Hello jawad achraf two day ago gta v was in the store when i came back and tried to buy it it was not available will it be back again soon if so please tell me a peek about the date many thanks for the post!


Damn i was so hyped that we get costume pack 3 and the dynamic themes for Dynasty Warriors 8, the US got it today so i thought we will too, but….(sigh) more waiting….


Any update on Beyond: Two Souls, and it’s availability on PSN?

VJ_APEXPREDATOR 30 September, 2013 @ 01:29

So Disgusting guy ‘ I bought 60 ps dollars just for GTA v and when i got back home turne on my ps3 visited ps store , ahh hell no there’s no gtav…noo !! My dream is just vanished and it is banned on the shops too !! how can i get my dream game for which i have waited 1 year long ? jawad ashraf your thoughts ?

VJ_APEXPREDATOR 30 September, 2013 @ 01:31

So Disgusting guy ‘ I bought 60 ps dollars just for GTA v and when i got back home turne on my ps3 visited ps store , ahh hell no there’s no gtav…noo !! My dream is just vanished and it is banned on the shops too !! how can i get my dream game for which i have waited 1 year long ? @jawadashraf your thoughts ?

VJ_APEXPREDATOR 30 September, 2013 @ 01:33

@jawadashraf do you have an idea when gta v will be back on Ps store(Saudi) ??

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