How to upgrade select PS3 games to PS4 version

As announced during PlayStation’s Gamescom press conference, there will be a simple way to upgrade to the PS4 digital version of five select games, for a low discounted price, when you buy the PS3 version of those games. Here are the full specifics so you’re set for 29th November – click here for full step-by-step instructions.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Watch_Dogs, NBA 2K14 and Battlefield 4 are the supported titles for this program. When you buy the Blu-ray Disc or digital version of these select PS3 games, for a limited time, you will receive an entitlement to download a PS4 digital copy of the same game from PlayStation Store when it becomes available, at the discounted price of £9.99/€9.99 (or £11.99/€14.99 for NBA 2K14)*.



Gamers who purchase a PS3 Blu-ray Disc of these four games will find a code packed into the PS3 version that they can redeem on PlayStation Store. To play the PS4 version of the game when it becomes available, you’ll need to insert the original PS3 disc in your PS4 to activate and play the PS4 version, so hang onto that PS3 disc!

Gamers who purchase the digital version of any of these four games will not need to redeem a code to receive their PS4 versions. When your PS4 system arrives, just look for the PS4 version of the game on PlayStation Store – it will appear on PlayStation Store on your PS4 system for the discounted price of £9.99/€9.99 (or £11.99/€14.99 for NBA 2K14). Just purchase it and start playing!

For those of you who purchase the PS3 disc version of the games, you do not need a PS4 system to redeem your code, so feel free to redeem it as soon as you pick up your PS3 copy – you can download your digital copy later when your PS4 system arrives.

But don’t wait: This program lasts for a limited time. You’ll need to redeem your code and make the purchase before 31st January, 2014 (for Assassin’s Creed IV and Watch_Dogs), 28th March (for Battlefield 4), or 31st March (for Call of Duty: Ghosts and NBA 2K 14) in order to participate.

*Full list of regional prices:

NBA 2K14:
21.95 AUD
27.95 NZD
59.00 PLN
19.75 CHF
119.00 NOK
119.95 DKK
135.00 SEK
405.00 CZK
140.00 ZAR
158.00 UAH
563.00 RUB
107.99 HRK
900.00 INR
34.49 TRY
73.00 ILS
65.50 RON
4550.00 HUF
29.40 BGN
2400.00 ISK

Call of Duty: Ghosts
9.99 AUD
9.99 NZD
39.00 PLN
13.15 CHF
75 NOK
74.95 DKK
90.00 SEK
270.00 CZK
95.00 ZAR
105.00 UAH
375.00 RUB
71.99 HRK
600 INR
22.99 TRY
48.00 ILS
43.50 RON
3035 HUF
19.60 BGN
1600.00 ISK

Battlefield 4
14.45 AUD
18.95 NZD
39.00 PLN
13.15 CHF
75 NOK
74.95 DKK
90.00 SEK
270.00 CZK
95.00 ZAR
105.00 UAH
375.00 RUB
71.99 HRK
600 INR
22.99 TRY
48.00 ILS
43.50 RON
3035 HUF
19.60 BGN
1600.00 ISK

Watch_Dogs & Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag
14.45 AUD
18.95 NZD
39.00 PLN
13.15 CHF
75 NOK
74.95 DKK
90.00 SEK
270.00 CZK
95.00 ZAR
105.00 UAH
375.00 RUB
71.99 HRK
600 INR
22.99 TRY
48.00 ILS
43.50 RON
3035 HUF
19.60 BGN
1600.00 ISK

8 Author replies

Won’t there be FIFA 14 support?

amaze balls. Game pre-orders swtiched from PS4 to PS3. Thanks for finally confirming the details of the scheme


fifa would be great!!!

To clarify: It costs £9.99 to upgrade a PS3 digital version, but free to upgrade a PS3 disc version?


No, if you want to upgrade a disc version the fee applies. Full instructions here:

Wait, so if I wanted to do this for Battlefield 4, I have to keep the PS3 BF4 disc and put that in my PS4 anytime I want to play BF4? Even though the game is now on my hdd and I’ve purchased the £9.99 upgrade?
(Not criticising just want clarity.)


Yes, that’s correct.

when it says “To play the PS4 version of the game when it becomes available, you’ll need to insert the original PS3 disc in your PS4 to activate and play the PS4 version, so hang onto that PS3 disc!” will we need the ps3 disc forever if we wished to play the game or will it work similar to the crossbuy function?


You will need the PS3 disc to play the game on your PS4, yes.

I’ve got the Call of Duty Ghosts Hardened Edition pre order for PS3, will that come with a code too?

Why isnt FIFA 14 in this program ??

(for dutch peeps .. gamemania has a deal where u get the ps4 version for 20 euro if u trade in the ps3 version

for ac4/bf4/cod/FIFA )

Thanks Sony

$9.99 for Americans
£9.99 or $16 in England
9.99 Euros or $13

$9.99 for Americans
£9.99 or $16 in England
9.99 Euros or $13

Wait why no Fifa 14?


If we have news on additional titles being added, we’ll update you here.


So when I upgrade to BF4, do I have to still put the disk every time I want to play the game ?

electronicapunk 19 September, 2013 @ 18:02

@antikewl, reread the article, it states that for disc versions you’ll have to pay 10 or 12 pounds, depending on the game, and that you’ll have to insert the disc into the PS4 console to activate the PS4 digital version.

If I buy my game in the UK (I live in Belgium), will the code work in the Belgium Store?

Thanks for the awnser!



Now let’s do it for Diablo 3 too!

looks like a great deal for folks moving from PS3 to PS4 and wanting to play those games :). this answered a few questions about the offers too (like needing the old discs to play) :D.

tempted to go for BF4 for sure.


Even if you just bought the PS4 versions of those games on Blu-Ray and installed it would still need the disc to play it, they’re not likely to give you a PS4 game at that price and not cover their bases.

Much like TheNarrator this has got me tempted for BF4 on PS3 now…was gonna hold out but now it’s worth a double dip.

So rather than give Sony the £9.99 you might as well walk into game and swap your PS3 version for a PS4 version of the game and give them the £9.99.

If you’re gonna get the ps4, then wait and buy the game for the ps4 only, do not support this new way of milking.

Eaasy question : you talk about 4 titles
But the nect colom talk about 5

Which one is it?


Apologies, that’s an error. There are five titles at present.

Does anyone know if this apply to the US versions as well??

the details to how the ps3 disc in ps4 will work are linked in this post so i dont know why some are asking how it will work, it wont be like cross buy

“You will need to keep the PS3 disc inserted into your PS4 system in order to play the PS4 digital version of the game. If you eject the PS3 disc from your PS4 system, the game will stop playing.”

so you will need to keep your ps3 version forever unless they patch it or something.

So are PS4 games 10 euro more expensive then PS3 games?
When I look for prices online they are insanely high. If that’s the trend I’m out…

johnnyquicknives 19 September, 2013 @ 18:39

When are you going to post detailing next gen digital pricing. Will PS4 games still command a 50% price increase despite the manufacture and distribution costs being removed?


Hi Fred, just wanted to make sure: If the Webstore lets us buy PS4 games, we should be able to get those before even our PS4 arrives home to make sure we get them, right?

Also, do you hve any news on DLC? I know CoD: Ghosts is cross-buy if you get the Season Pass thanks to the Store description, but what about the rest?

Thanks for confirming this information — I was particularly interested in ACIV:BF.


Alas, I can’t confirm details on these questions today.

FIFA 14 please! :-(

beter to wait untile ps4 version comes out
10 € waisted + folowing months i play gta v
untile ps4 .

goast cod on disk on ps4
pas ( 49,99€ )also on ps4

mincraft ( psn :( i want disk after gta v joke but i hope u companie not makes mistakes again ps4+ vita version )

instead of infamous i go ac : black flag ( i not forget long time gtav digital version joke )

Do the pre-order bonuses etc. carry over?

10 € more
= always when them louch new console
jes i nowh not corect but also reason to buy onli 1 – 2 games then wait 1 jear whith al other games u like .
only way them understend 59 € = max price new game

Going by the “how to upgrade” thing you pay if it’s digital or retail.

what about if I got “Battlefield 4 Premium edition” on PS3 ?? would I still going to get it on PS4 as a Premium edition ??
I’m really keen to know this so please to let me down :(


We’ll confirm precise details a little closer to launch.

What about the people who already pre-ordered the games for the PS4?

dont* let me down

I’ve had a similar idea to all this for a while now. Why not when you buy a new game have a code to enter on the ps store so as to verify a purchase and links to your account and that game is stuck to you forever. That way if the disc was to [DELETED] or what ever you can then download it when ever. Something like that any way. Probably need something to stop people to purchase then trade in. Like need the disc to download with a code built through the disc verifying as such I dunno. But [DELETED] the whole price conversion thing. The games are expensive as they are


Well, Fred, if you read me before answering, scrap my very first question! I see the website does mention the PC Store :)

One last thing, though: I understand from the post that the PS3 disc is only needed to activate the game for the first time, right?

Thanks again :)


You’ll need to have the PS3 disc in your PS4 whenever you want to play the game.

Well seeing how we’re get shafted in the UK with pricing as usual I’ll just wait the 4 weeks until 29th for Battlefield 4. None of those other games interest me.

LotheriaSeldoria 19 September, 2013 @ 19:32

USA – $9.99

UK – £9.99

You Must Think We are Stupid Sony, You Guys Will Never Learn

LotheriaSeldoria 19 September, 2013 @ 19:34

@monoliet Google Translate is your friend… use it XD

After the upgrade, are we gonna be able to play them on both ps3 and ps4, or just on ps4 ?


“You will need to keep the PS3 disc inserted into your PS4 system in order to play the PS4 digital version of the game. If you eject the PS3 disc from your PS4 system, the game will stop playing.”

thats in the link provided by fred so disk is always needed

If you ask me and I know most of you will agree. . The upgrade should be free. Yeah its only £10 but still should be free. I have pre ordered PS4 and BF4 on PS3, i will be getting BF4 premium so the upgrade should be cost free. Christ im spending enough cash just like a lot of you guys. If I can save a tenner I will.

For those wondering about other PS3 games coming to PS4:

At the Tokyo Game Show today, Shuhei Yoshida announced that Sony will soon launch a library of PlayStation 3 titles via its Gaikai cloud-gaming service. Yoshida also confirmed that the games will be available to play on the PS4 — as previously rumored — as well as on the PS Vita and Vita TV. Given that the PlayStation 4 won’t natively support PS3 titles when it launches stateside later this year, the cloud-based options should come as a huge relief to those looking to pick up the company’s latest console and, you know, have something compelling to play. Look for this service to hit the US in 2014 — no word yet on when it will launch in Europe.

PS3 digital+10e= ps4 digital ??



I can’t find BF4 pre-order on the store.

Why ?

What about the missing GTA V problem in the PS Store?
anyone? :(

This feature would be really useful if there will ever be a PS4 version of The Last of Us and/or Grand Theft Auto V

Sucks that none of those 4 games actually interest me
Diablo 3 would be nice

Ok so Im happy to see its 10e in Portugal (although it should be around 8.5€).

I have a question, where is Fifa 14? Didn’t you guys said Fifa would be on that program? What happen?

I hope nba 2k14 be the only game that have a greedier company!

I for one don’t understand why someone would do this, i’d say something if ps4 was mths aways but most of these games come out just a couple of weeks before ps4 launch, so why can’t ppl just wait till ps4 is out and then get the games ??? to me personally speaking this is pointless and just a way of taking more money from us..


I really want to go digital only next-gen, thus ideally want to grab BF4 for the PS3 digitally and then upgrade for £10. However the issue is the pricing of PS3 games on the PSN, how can you justify charging £59.99 for BF4 on the PS3, when it the physical copy (which surely has more associated overheads) can clearly be purchased for a lot cheaper elsewhere.

Reduce your prices on PSN Sony!


@prison_inmate comment 50

Sony don’t set the prices for third party publishers like EA, EA set the prices. If you want proof, look at any Sony exclusive game on the store.

The Last Of Us £39.99 same as retail
Puppeteer £19.99 cheaper than retail

Its EA and Ubisoft that have started charging £59.99 for their games. All other publishers charge around £49.99 which is the RRP and like it or not, digital will always remain at the RRP because the publisher misses out the middle man that can charge us less at retail.

But EAs and Ubisofts price hikes over the last year have just been disgusting and they wont be changing either I don’t think.

Since when has the dollar equalled the euro or the pound???

Sorry but no, just no.

I’ll wait for the official releases of the PS4 versions rather then playing a game in advance and then having to pay extra to get a PS4 version.

It would be a lot more interresting if a free upgrade was provided. In this case i’ll keep my 8, 10, 12 euros and just get a discounted PS4 version right off when they are released.

I agree with one of the above posters.. easy way to milk a few coins from eager players but.. no, just no.


nice news but you should add nba 2k14 on the eu ps’s available in the us store since 3 weeks ago for preorder.

Will DLC carry over?

Will the Hardened edition of Ghosts have a code?

If we get the PS3 version and get the PS4 deal, will we still be able to play the game/s on the PS3 or the PS3 version will be Deactivated ?

I can’t find anywhere this answer… it is an upgrade ( meaning PS3 version will stop working ) or a Deal to purchase the game for both systems ?

For those that are complaining, if for example you purchase an Xbox one (god forbid) after the ps3 and have Battlefield 4, do you think you will get BF4 to play on the Xbox one a different system for free?

No and why not? now apply that to the PS4, I think £10 is ok because I was not going to buy it for the PS3, but wait for the PS4, this is probably why they are offering the upgrade.

#50 MadDogxIRLx
Totally agree.

what happens to the ps3 digital copy can i still use it alongside my ps4 copy of bf4.

maddogirl where did you get the flag icon next to your plus cross is that beside your name on the ps3 friends list

What about game saves?

Fred, if you or any of the team read this can we have an article about upgrading the PS4 HDD. I know how to do it, but we need specs for the stock drive, most importantly its exact dimensions.

I want to upgrade it to 1TB on day one, but I’m not going to order any old drive and just hope it fits.


Thanks for answering Fred (and hayzink! Didn’t see your post yesterday :P). I hope we can hear more soon on DLC, it’s a big important factor, specially for pre-order/bonus ones (ie Premium in BF4, Aveline missions on PS4, etc.).

Hi Fed
Can you confirm that the original disc (ps3) will be playable still on both consoles , or does registering on ps4 stop it from working on ‘both’ consoles, would be nice if these. or All disc’ s we’re multiple gen capable, have a feeling this is wishful thinking but need to ask, thnx.

@MadDogIRLx, I see your point but most shops sell ps3 games for 34-40 notes and a lot of online retailers have ps4 games at between 45-55 notes. So in a few case’s it may work out cheaper to upgrade from tbe ps3 version.

@ Coody-Baroody
Makes sense I guess, although both sony and others could put a stop to the nonsense IF they really wanted to, have to wonder if their on a percentage of sales or fixed commission for each unit, still we can always hope a infamous computer club chooses to lead the protest, if only to give/keep it in headlines, watchdog mentioned it all last year but I guess it’ll be here to stay, or worsen? until it goes too far, which IMO it will

So let me get this straight, if I buy the PS3 version of Watchdogs for my PS3 Console, upgrade and redeem the code when it’s available, Will I be able to play on the PS4 Servers and play with PS4 Users?

From the FAQ:

Will I still be able to play on the PS3 version once the PS4 version has been activated?

Yes. The PS3 game will continue to function on PS3.

Will my game progress/data transfer to PS4?

This will vary depending on the game. It will be at the publisher’s discretion.

wha..?! you must be kidding… right? Sorry but no!

To all the peeps complaining about price differences between US and EU, keep this in mind:
1) stuff IS more expensive in Europe
2) prices in the US never have tax included (these vary greatly from stat to state) whilst prices in the EU region already include taxes

The base price for the PS4 in the US will still add taxes AND warranty/insurance (we get 2 years warranty in the EU, they get jack in the US)

I’m from Portugal and a normal PS3 game here costs 69,90 euros. I often buy it from Amazon UK. Still cheaper, even with taxes and shipping costs.

SO – basically – I can either purchase BF4 on PS for £42 from Amazon OR PS3 version from PSN Store for £60 and then pay another £10 for the priviledge to play it on PS4 …. hard choise here …. ummm ….

*on PS4 ^^

Patience I think. History shows us that launch consoles quickly drop in price & that they usually find problems with the machine. I would rather wait for any initial problems to be discovered and then assess if its a showstopper. Of course there will also be an updated version released, I think it was about 2 years before we saw a slim, a bit too long to wait though. The initial games will all drop in price & may already look dated compared to games being developed now, rather than hurried out to match release date. So if you haven’t got to have one for Xmas then hang fire. In 6 months you’ll wonder why someone would spend this much on a PS3 game with digital upgrade!

This really needs FIFA 14 support. The way FIFA works, it benefits to have the game earlier. For example, Ultimate Team, the point system and all that.

The rest of the games, I’m happy to wait for the PS4 to come out and then buy them.

Why would you want to play Assassin’s Creed on a last gen console and then half way through upgrade. You’d rather have the full experience on the PS4.


Just to point out to the people saying it’s companies trying to get more money out of you, the ps4 version of games is about £10 more anyway so you might actually end up paying the same/slightly less and have both versions of the game. Also the ps3-ps4 architecture is totally different so the games must’ve had parallel or at least porting occurring so actually selling you the ps4 version for a tenner is doing you a favor… as the games worth it’s full price.

Well – it’s interesting to see that Square Enix is going to upgrade PS3 versions of FF XIV:ARR to PS4 for free for everyone (and yes I know it’s sub based game but still) and that was one game I was more than willing to pay a full whack for a PS4 version anyway …

hope they make it possible for Diablo 3

#75 Imran5x

EA knows you will buy Fifa for both systems.




Guys as far as I know, this is just what Sony are doing; in the UK, GAME are doing this AND FIFA 14 for the upgrade thing. I think it works the same way, but you have to give the current gen version back and then they’ll give you the next gen one for the £10 fee or something.

Either way, this is a separate system to that of other distributors.

Really too bad they don’t do this for physical copies too (although I’ve seen something similar in my local shop but there you have to trade in the ps3 version to get a pricecut), always pushing PSN and digital purchasing..
Any idea how big BF4 is going to be in filesize? This deal turns out to be better than I expected so might get physical BF4 on ps3 afterall and download it on ps4, just to be safe and early.

Why UK/EU paying more than the US?

First of all game prices stay $60 in US while they get £5-10 hike in UK, we pay about £40 more for a PS4 (accounting for VAT, with VAT we pay even more) and now we get mugged in this pricing too.

Staying away from PS4 until prices drop to a fair level.

Sort it out SCEE.

will the save files be transferable or will we have to start fresh on ps4?

will the save files be transferable or will we have to start fresh?

You know what really grinds my gears?
The fact that I have to put a disc to play a game I downloaded

@86: you don’t need the disc to play downloaded versions, you only need it if you bought the disc. If you buy the digital version, you get to download the PS4 digital version when it’s out.

@supvic I mean I buy ps3 disc, I download ps4 version and I still nedd to put a disc to play a game downloaded (that probably will weigh tons of Gb)

Will you be able to use the dlc you get on ps3 (pre order bonuses or special edition dlc) on the ps4 when you upgrade afterwards? And when it does, do you have to enter the dlc codes on the ps3 or wait until you upgrade?

What about PS3 games bought on PSN?
When buying on PSN you don’t have a disc, can these titles also be upgraded, or does it mean that I have to buy the game one more time?

(I hate discs, and try to avoid them as often as I can…)

@ Christer_K

When you buy game from PSN, you will see PS4 version to buy for 10€ in PS Store.

How aobut FIfa 14? Is it possible to upgrade in future, or it’s too late (you can’t add code to Fifa boxes)?

Why are we Great Britain having to pay more: GPB 9.99 that in USD 16.01 see every £1 is $1.60 so in all fairness you should only charge GB £6.23

I’m thinking about buying Assassin’s Creed Black Flag for PS3, but I would like to play it at 29th of November on my PS4.
Will this upgrade system work at launch? Will we be able to download these games on the 1st day?

I have question pliz answer
My question is not related bout ps3 to ps4 games
I am living in Armenia and we have a lot og ps gamers in country and they all are playing by russian profiles,so will psn come to Armenia?

Will nba 2k14 or fifa 14 be able to be upgraded? In Canada.

Why no FIFA deal?? Come on…

viudanegra-2009 02 October, 2013 @ 20:16

So what about the other PS3 games such as Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat v DC etc. Will we need to upgrade those as well for the PS4?

Please answer! Fifa or nba available for upgrade?

The only thing that annoys me about digital downloads is the price, why do we pay more for a digital copy of a game ?

The digital copies should be cheaper because:

There is no packaging
There is no manual
There is no disk
There is no physical distributing costs.

So why are the digital copies generally more expensive ? (usually £10 more than retail)

Well I thought ps4 was not backward compatible. …so how does a ps3 disc need to be used?? Also why is the uk paying more to upgrade a ps3 game to ps4…surely we shud all pay exactly same price regardless of country….bet japanese are gettin theirs free


Oh good GOD, what an idiot.

@98 (viudanegra-2009)

What do you mean ? Those titles are not even planned for PS4.

@101 (gt00n32)

My guess is the digital PS4-upgrade file will simply check the physical presence of the bluray in your console. Same way a fully installed game on PC still asks for CD to check if you still actually own the game.


Wait, so can you move the save file over too? I don’t want to buy it on PS3 just to start over again on PS4.


What about gta5?

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