ibb & obb gets new features in fresh update

It has now been about a month since we launched ibb & obb – our two player cooperative puzzle platformer.

Since the launch we’ve been working on a patch to fix some bugs that players found, but also to add some features based on the feedback we got.

The most requested feature was to have indicators showing where players are when they fly off screen. Those are now in, along with d-pad support for those of you who prefer that to the analogue stick. Also we managed to improve general performance quite a bit, now everything runs at 60 fps in full HD with anti-aliasing on.

For us, one of the most interesting things of the last month are the Let’s Play videos that pop up, often made by players that dive into the game without having played it before or knowing much about it.

From a game designer point of view these videos are extremely useful. We’ve seen a lot of people play during development, but it’s different when players know the game is still unfinished or when they can ask you questions directly. The Let’s Play videos feel more real. They show the published product and are often recorded in the player’s home setting.

What makes watching these videos extra interesting is that in ibb & obb nothing is explained. The controls, the mechanics, the goals, it’s all up to the players to figure these out. We very deliberately chose this approach, because we feel that exploring the game world and its logic is a huge part of what makes playing games great. Sure, it might take you a bit longer to figure everything out, but when you succeed the feeling of accomplishment is much greater.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Is one of the fixed bugs the freeze if you keep running forward after you completed a level?


Hi, yes all hickups should be out now.

Now, you see, I myself welcome these unexpected changes. We now get a more beautiful game and an alternative control over the cheerful pair!

So let me say thanks and note you guys are awesome! :)


“The most requested feature was to have indicators showing where players are when they fly off screen.”

I’m not bloody surprised! Estimating where I was off screen was hugely annoying.


That was a personal misstep of mine. I was too attached to the hud free interface and felt the indicators didn’t fit in. But in this case the benefits clearly outway the purist design. A lesson learned.


It wouldn’t have been a problem if the game didn’t require precision landings after such big jumps.

Do you know the actual date for this update? I’ll have to convince a friend to play through it again to see if it helps with the stuff we couldn’t manage. The performance increase should be worth seeing too.


The patch is live, so the next time you start ibb & obb it will update.

Hi Richard. I was just wondering if you will be releasing ibb & obb for the PlayStation Vita?


Hi, We don’t know yet. We’re a small team with a limited budget, so we have to take on platforms one at a time. PS3 was our first choice, because it fits the co-op focus of the game. We’re working on a PC version next and depending on how well the game does we’ll look at our options after that. So if it happens it will take some time.

Does this have online co-op or is it only local?


You can play online. Either by inviting a PSN friend or by matching up with a random other player. The game supports voice chat, but you’d both need a headset for that to work.

Awesome, been looking for a new online co-op game for a while :)

Please make a PS Vita version!

Just had to say I absolutely love this game, finished it in online co-op. Haven’t dared to attempt it on single player or try to finish all the secret rooms yet, this game is just really tough.

This game actually looks pretty of interesting after seeing the let’s play video. I have to add it to my wishlist (Sony, could you implement that feature to PSN?).

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