Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut launches on PS3 and PS Vita today


It’s finally here! Starting from today, you’ll be able to pick up Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The game has both cross-buy and cross-save functionality, and is available through the PSN store priced at £9.99/€12.99.

For those of you that may not have heard of Curve Studios, we’ve been working with talented indie developers to bring their games to you guys via the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. For Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut, we’ve been working very closely with the creator and developer of the original Lone Survivor, Jasper Byrne.

What is Lone Survivor? As the game itself will remind you, this is one to play in the dark with headphones on.

Jasper describes Lone Survivor as a “psychological survival adventure game”. The game has taken elements from both classic adventure games and the best bits of the survival horror genre to create something that you won’t have seen before. You can expect scares, scarcity of ammo and exploration of surreal and atmospheric environments to be a big part of the game, but there’s also an element of psychological horror and choice that often isn’t explored in modern survival horror titles.

So why is this version called ‘The Director’s Cut’? It’s not just a name change – this version of the award winning PC horror game has had a complete overhaul both from the talented coding men and women at Curve Studios and from Jasper himself, who has been working with us for over eight months to bring this version of the game over to PlayStation fans.


We’ve already talked about some of the new features, but we’ve also been careful not to give away any details about how they fit into the game. We’ve basically made two types of changes to the original: Those that are integrated into the game, and those that show up in New Game+ mode after you finish the game for the first time.

New Game+ is a crucial part of Lone Survivor, and it’s more than just restarting with a couple of tweaks or with stats left over from an old game. It presents the games story in a new way, with new dialogue, changes in puzzles and a host of new items that can be interacted with and used to modify how the story plays out. Lone Survivor is a game that’s designed to be played multiple times and one that adapts to different types of play, something we think is pretty rare in modern horror games.

On top of everything else, we’ve also added a new lighting system that makes the game look stunning on both large screen televisions and the amazing PS Vita screen alike, and we’ve even added a platinum trophy for you to go after if you’re feeling really brave.


We’re really happy to be bringing yet another amazing indie game to the PlayStation community, especially one with as many updates and improvements as this Director’s Cut edition. We hope that you guys enjoy your time with Lone Survivor. Let us know you what think and we’ll try to answer any questions in the comments!

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Why is there no psplus discount for EU customers? US received a plus discount.

NA is now not only land of freedom, but also land of better PSN offer… :(

Not only the price have been set using disgusting 1$=1€ exchange rate, but there’s also no PS+ discount that US guys got.

Loved it on my PC. Would love to get it now just to try it on Vita’s OLED, but I just won’t support that kind of business practice. Sorry.

I still hope you guys get some decent sale figures in NA region. Lone Survivor really deserves it. One in a kind experience.

Good news!


The discount is part of their weekly PS Plus Lineup, which is much worse in Comparison to EU Plus lineup. So it’s okay that there is no EU discount.

But what I wonder about: Why is it 1$:1€. I’m not saying the game isn’t worth 12,99€, but why has the US an 12,99$ price, shouldn’t it be 14,99$? Thats not fair.


I don’t know where you heard it from, but NA is far from a land of freedom. It’s quite the opposite.


Just kidding :)
Using lines from red dead redemption…

Would have liked a €9.99 price :/

The price is right. Everybody seems to forget that the u.s price has got no tax on it,ours has got 20% vat on it(u.k)

Today release, not tomorrow? Did store update days change?

I’ll wait for a sale.

A PS+ discount would’ve been nice.

Might have to wait and see peoples’ honest opinions on this before I go ahead and grab it myself at that high price-point.


They copy/pasted it from the NA Blog. Editors are too lazy to properly proofread nowadays.


Is it not out tommorow??


Read my comment @12

@MaxDiehard your wrong it is on the store today,its been on since this morning

It shouldn’t be like that. The store updates here on Wednesdays, so why do they get special treatment to publish early?


I’m sorry, but the price point is ridiculous. Lone Survivor on PC was available for next to nothing in Humble Bundle. As much as I would like to buy it again and replay on my Vita, 13EUR / 10GBP is way too much for – admittedly interesting and stylish – game that many gamers have already completed and is not too long.

Additionally, seeing how the risk is high of Lone Survivor going into PS+ offering soon (like Stealth Inc, Thomas Was Alone and soon another indie game, be it Guacamelee or Hotline Miami), I will not pay large sum for it, just to see it added for free one month later (case of Stealth Inc.).

I will sit this one out instead and wait for it to join PS+. Sorry, Curve Studios.

A little expensive but i hope it’ll be worthy. I’m waiting for it so long.

Talking about the typical difference between EU and US PSSTORE, it’s always the same situation. Just don’t bother yourself or you can purchase a PS3 version in US PSSTORE ignoring PSVITA version.

i really fancy this and see it on the store now and i was so tempted to buy it until i saw post 17 and it reminded me of the tendency of curve titles to end up in plus rather quickly.

can you say with any degree of certainty that this title wont be on plus within the next 3 months?

im happy to support these indie games but if its going to be included as part of my plus sub which i have already paid for i feel a bit cheated if there added really fast.


its possible the early publish has been permitted due to the maintenance that’s happening tomorrow.

just a guess

@everyone asking about usa plus discount.

the usa get plus discounts on pretty much all new psn games as part of there plus sub, but they also get psp games insted of vita games in plus and less big retail titles.

that seems to be the trade off, we get better games they get better discounts/offers day one plus discounts seem to be one of there benefits


The Plus offer is not certain to be Guacamele or Hotline Miami. The moderator said it could be on of those OR Resistance: Burning Skies, and I really think it is going to be Resistance that’s going to be made available on PS Plus.

Just to clarify!

Curve are pretty much single-handedly keeping the Vita alive with a steady supply of indie games. Good work guys! Will give this game a look.


i think it will be Guacamele soon as theres been a few times where it seems the hints were lining up to it being in the igc soon, it will either be in the november rotation or it will be one of the 2 vita games that stick around for a year.

if we were to get burning skies it is more likely to be one of the titles that stick around for 12 months.

forgot to ask, in the post a few months ago giving us the heads up that this was a planned title it was not clear if this would have a plat or not(the dev was unsure at that point) can you confirm if it does or not?


PS+ titles are picked providing they have a mass critic review of 80% or more. Burning Skies only recieved;

Metacritic: 60/100
GameRankings: 59.01/100
IGN: 5.5/10
Destructoid: 2/10
GameTrailers: 8.1/10
G4TV: 2/5
GameShampoo: 2.5/10

Personally, I wouldn’t want it either. I played the Demo and the graphics and overall gameplay was terrible. It looked like no real effort had gone into it and made it look like a rush job.


Indie games don’t generally have Platinums, especially at a low price point.


i dont want it either lol, but after lego lotr i dont know if metacritic score applies to vita titles as that fell far short of the grade (which i think is actually 70% what was said at gamescom was incorrect) also i own black ops for vita so i really dont want another game from the people who brought us that.

Lone Survivor is something that seems to be in keeping with the kind of games we have been getting on plus of late.


its not a low price point psn game and that rule does not apply at all.

Guacamelee! is the same price as this and it has a plat.
sound shapes has a plat and its the same price.
plants vs zombies vita also has a plat and its less.
velocity ultra also has a plat and thats either the same price or less.
motorstorm rc has a plat and its less than £5.

when it comes to adding a plat its all down to the depth of the game from what i understand.

also in the last post about this the dev was pondering a plat.

We need to see more games that are out on retail, such as LBPV, Killzone Mercs, P4G.

It’s nice to have indie stuff, but part of PS+, no. I want to buy indies games that I think i’ll like, not forced on me on a paid subscription where I expect current high rated content, not newcomers that may or may not be good.

Sony should have a system where a roster of games from certain categories are available for us players to choose what goes into that month’s line-up.


i personally think plus is perfect for indi titles.

plus has made me play many indi titles i would never have bought and i love it for it because it really has opened up a new world of games to me(on vita) that i would normally have passed on, velocity ultra did not excite me in the slightest until plus gave us it, when it was announced i was disappointed and then i played it and boy was i wrong to be disappointed.

i think plus on vita should continue to be 1 retail 1 indie title as i can see no better way to get these game developers noticed than giving millions of subscribers access to there game for free and at he same time securing themselves a good amount of revenue from sony which is guaranteed(at least i assume they get paid well for a title being in plus) and possibly secure lots of new fans for further titles they develop.


Nice game but i think it is too expensive!


Nice game but i think it too expensive for me to buy!


thanks :)

even more tempted now, if i knew i would have at least 3 months before its plus bound id buy it now.

as in right now.

the second i know.

please hint mr curve man.

Rob Clarke i mean you.

lol ;)

Not directed at Curve specifically (as I enjoyed Thomas & Stealth Inc) but I’d NEVER pay £10 for a PC indie title just for the supposed luxury of being able to play it on a console….or trophies….or directors cut….or whatever. Steam OS announcement yesterday further cemented my opinion on that.

Console gamer’s Indie tax or whatever it is that dictates the massive pricepoint discrepancies between original release platform and console format really needs to be looked at. I read a story recently which said Sony plan to pad out gaps between major releases with Indie titles. Absolutely no intention of padding out any gaming on any NEXT GEN machine with marked up Indies.

All the best with the release Rob.

Oh, it’s a mask!

I thought the dude was grinning constantly.. I wondered why.

Just bought it, feels nice to play.

Grim though.

Looks like someone put Silent Hill 2 through a Mangle.

Any sexy undead nurses in this one?

pmf (toluca lake fisherman)

Bought the game this morning for £9.99 and just finished it.
Imo it’s a decent game like day of the tenacle crossed with silent hill.
I think £5.99-£6.99 is a fairer price as the game is quite tedious towards the end. Not as great as I’d hoped!

Sad to see it’s €9.99 on Steam and that version was released in April 2012!


Erm….I’ve been playing this since Monday night on my vita. I actually thought this had already been released.

The game is great, I love the 8-bit style and post apocalyptic, by way of David Lynch, style. Got a number of playthroughs still to go as they have added two more endings to the game :-)

” We hope that you guys enjoy your time with Lone Survivor. Let us know you what think and we’ll try to answer any questions in the comments!”

is this still happening

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