Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 bundles unveiled

We’re really happy to confirm that two PlayStation 4 bundles will be launching alongside Killzone: Shadow Fall in Europe this November.


  • Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Bundle – €439
  • Killzone Shadow Fall
  • PlayStation 4

KZ 3D angle small 2

  • Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Bundle – €499
  • Killzone Shadow Fall
  • PlayStation 4
  • Additional Dual Shock 4 controller
  • Camera

Grab your interest? Let us know which you will be pre-ordering.

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Excellent news, just seen this on Eurogamer, TSA, IGN etc.

I hope GAME will be offering these as I will happily upgrade my pre-order to the second bundle.

PS- is it true that more deals will be announced tomorrow?

I’ll be after the mega pack, an extra controller, camera and game will be the perfect start to my PS4 adventure. Now that my PS3 has finally given up I’m missing my dualshock controller and PSN gaming.

DieFliedermouse 26 September, 2013 @ 16:06

Tempted – but much rests on the answer to this question…

Is the Killzone: Shadowfall game a physical copy of the game, or a code to download it off the PS Store?


It’s a physical copy of the game – not a code. Hope that helps make up your mind!

please tell me all retailers will be doing this bundle I had too preorder with curries but I really want this


2nd bundle for me, extra controller and the camera will be just what I’m after.

I’m guessing by the picture on the box it’s a physical copy of KZ but I also would like confirmation on that please.


Yes, confirmed – see above.

Great news the 2nd bundle for me.

Amazing. 1 extra controller and camera bundle is the business. Sirs, you have my money.

2nd bundle for me unless other bundles are better but how could they be better than that one? when can we expect retailers (in my case shopto) to have these live?

Tempting, unless that rumored “PS4 + PS Vita” bundle would materialize after all…

I just hope my pre-order can be upgraded to this, since there were no bundles to choose from when they started taking the pre-orders.
I will grab the one with the extra controller :)


What’s the price in pounds?

None i was hoping for a multi game bundle with an extra controller any chance of that happening ?


Wait, an extra controller, the camera and the game for just 100€ more?

I believe there’s quite a big saving there! That’s great news guys, keep it up! :)

Bundle 2 now if guaranteed release date!


Any idea of uk price


Alas, I can’t confirm a UK price. You’ll have to keep an eye on retailers and see what they offer.

yay, everyone likes a good bundle.

the console and game combo looks like a good one to go for :). not too sure how much the price is in ye olde english money, but seems pretty tempting :D.


We need Yakuza Ishin in Europe, then we’ll talk.


Watch Dogs bundle?

There’s gonna be a Watch Dogs bundle, right? :(

At last? Second pack for me please! Definitely upgrading my pre-order!

Will these by converted into pounds correctly or will €439/499 = £439 /499. ?

These bundles may convince me to buy Killzone and the camera despite not intending to do so before today. Very good value being offered here even if I am convinced the camera will get very limited support.


how about a release date for Greece and other countries not mentioned yet?


having the price in pounds would actually be helpful too alot of people not everyone uses euros or is the uk price being decided over so we get charged the most ?


Is this bundle coming to Australia as well?


Yes, it will be available in Australia

I’ll be upgrading my pre-order to the second one if the price is about £430 :)

Would love the full bundle, but unfortainly it seems none of the big retailers take preorders of any Ps4 at all in Norway, only XboxOne, they say becouce sony could not confirm their stock :(
(Atleast thats the answear from Elkjop – Lefdal)

@ Fred
anything about Australia
Already pre-ordered everything in the list


Yes, you’ll be able to get this in Australia

any chance you could do a download code aswell as the phisical copy for people who want the digital version


This is excellent news but we need to know which retailers will be doing the pre-order upgrades, I’m really hope Tesco are, if not how can I get this… I can’t…


Please define Europe, will Switzerland get these very nice bundles too? I’m looking at the KZ+DS4+cam bundle, good deal.

Just been looking at the RRP for the software and I laughed and said “yeah right”. I know RRP isn’t the price stores typically sell at, but I wont be buying any games at launch if the use it because it’s “Next Gen” software.
I was going to buy a digital version of KZSF, but only if you match the current 1st party pricing of £39:99.

Oooooooooooooooo yes please.

I will be getting the camera pad game bundle as it’s top value 439.99 in game just hope they will give a discount on ps+ and a second game if I pick up at the same time.


Will upgrade to the second bundle. Frees up €80 for other games and accessoires.
Thank you Sony!

is thsi bundle also coming to the netherlands?

Oh you got me now!!! Pre-order DONE.

Will this bundle also come to the netherlands?

Wow, the bundle with Killzone: Shadow Fall, 2 x DUALSHOCK 4 and the PlayStation Camera looks awesome! Will these (or that!) bundle come to Sweden too?

Already pre-ordered my bundle, but will see if I can change to this bundle. I really hope that it’s possible.


Yes, this bundle is offered Europe-wide. Check with your preferred retailer in the next day or two.

Can you change your pre-order of the normal PS4 into one of these bundels?


Fair play to you Sony ! Not only did you ruin XBOX One in every department, but now you have released a MONSTER offer for the same price as the enemy… Just take my cash !

Just switched my ps4 preorder to that MEGA bundle. :D


Any chance we can have a third bundle? One with the camera and not a second remote. I’ve no use for a second remote. Well not unless something happens to the first which is very unlikey for anything to happen as I take good care of my stuff.

edit: Are these releasing same day as standard ps4?

Are these bundles for launch only, or are you planning to have bundles available for the forseeable future? I’m not getting a PS4 until sometime next year when I’ve bought, played and completed GTAV, Beyond, FFX | X-2 and Lightning Returns on PS3.

AMAZING bundle! Great job Sony ;) I was not going to buy the camera, but now I’ll buy one of these bundles!

Fred, could you please tell me if this is a limited offer? Can we buy these bundles in January, for example?

will be announced more bundles??? that rumoured Watch Dogs bundle.




Sorry, I’ve no update for you at this time. As soon, as there’s news I’ll pass it on.

Nice! Will current pre-orders be able to upgrade to these bundles, whilst still ensuring launch availability? (I pre-ordered in June from Zavvi). Fingers crossed!

Will this bundle be available in South Africa?


That PS4 Box, with the game, console, camera, added controller etc is giving me goosebumps. ;) :)
Ohhhh, November, I AM EXCITED FOR YOU TO COME!! :)

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