Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 bundles unveiled

We’re really happy to confirm that two PlayStation 4 bundles will be launching alongside Killzone: Shadow Fall in Europe this November.


  • Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Bundle – €439
  • Killzone Shadow Fall
  • PlayStation 4

KZ 3D angle small 2

  • Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Bundle – €499
  • Killzone Shadow Fall
  • PlayStation 4
  • Additional Dual Shock 4 controller
  • Camera

Grab your interest? Let us know which you will be pre-ordering.

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Excellent news, just seen this on Eurogamer, TSA, IGN etc.

I hope GAME will be offering these as I will happily upgrade my pre-order to the second bundle.

PS- is it true that more deals will be announced tomorrow?

I’ll be after the mega pack, an extra controller, camera and game will be the perfect start to my PS4 adventure. Now that my PS3 has finally given up I’m missing my dualshock controller and PSN gaming.

DieFliedermouse 26 September, 2013 @ 16:06

Tempted – but much rests on the answer to this question…

Is the Killzone: Shadowfall game a physical copy of the game, or a code to download it off the PS Store?


It’s a physical copy of the game – not a code. Hope that helps make up your mind!

please tell me all retailers will be doing this bundle I had too preorder with curries but I really want this


2nd bundle for me, extra controller and the camera will be just what I’m after.

I’m guessing by the picture on the box it’s a physical copy of KZ but I also would like confirmation on that please.


Yes, confirmed – see above.

Great news the 2nd bundle for me.

Amazing. 1 extra controller and camera bundle is the business. Sirs, you have my money.

2nd bundle for me unless other bundles are better but how could they be better than that one? when can we expect retailers (in my case shopto) to have these live?

Tempting, unless that rumored “PS4 + PS Vita” bundle would materialize after all…

I just hope my pre-order can be upgraded to this, since there were no bundles to choose from when they started taking the pre-orders.
I will grab the one with the extra controller :)


What’s the price in pounds?

None i was hoping for a multi game bundle with an extra controller any chance of that happening ?


Wait, an extra controller, the camera and the game for just 100€ more?

I believe there’s quite a big saving there! That’s great news guys, keep it up! :)

Bundle 2 now if guaranteed release date!


Any idea of uk price


Alas, I can’t confirm a UK price. You’ll have to keep an eye on retailers and see what they offer.

yay, everyone likes a good bundle.

the console and game combo looks like a good one to go for :). not too sure how much the price is in ye olde english money, but seems pretty tempting :D.


We need Yakuza Ishin in Europe, then we’ll talk.


Watch Dogs bundle?

There’s gonna be a Watch Dogs bundle, right? :(

At last? Second pack for me please! Definitely upgrading my pre-order!

Will these by converted into pounds correctly or will €439/499 = £439 /499. ?

These bundles may convince me to buy Killzone and the camera despite not intending to do so before today. Very good value being offered here even if I am convinced the camera will get very limited support.


how about a release date for Greece and other countries not mentioned yet?


having the price in pounds would actually be helpful too alot of people not everyone uses euros or is the uk price being decided over so we get charged the most ?


Is this bundle coming to Australia as well?


Yes, it will be available in Australia

I’ll be upgrading my pre-order to the second one if the price is about £430 :)

Would love the full bundle, but unfortainly it seems none of the big retailers take preorders of any Ps4 at all in Norway, only XboxOne, they say becouce sony could not confirm their stock :(
(Atleast thats the answear from Elkjop – Lefdal)

@ Fred
anything about Australia
Already pre-ordered everything in the list


Yes, you’ll be able to get this in Australia

any chance you could do a download code aswell as the phisical copy for people who want the digital version


This is excellent news but we need to know which retailers will be doing the pre-order upgrades, I’m really hope Tesco are, if not how can I get this… I can’t…


Please define Europe, will Switzerland get these very nice bundles too? I’m looking at the KZ+DS4+cam bundle, good deal.

Just been looking at the RRP for the software and I laughed and said “yeah right”. I know RRP isn’t the price stores typically sell at, but I wont be buying any games at launch if the use it because it’s “Next Gen” software.
I was going to buy a digital version of KZSF, but only if you match the current 1st party pricing of £39:99.

Oooooooooooooooo yes please.

I will be getting the camera pad game bundle as it’s top value 439.99 in game just hope they will give a discount on ps+ and a second game if I pick up at the same time.


Will upgrade to the second bundle. Frees up €80 for other games and accessoires.
Thank you Sony!

is thsi bundle also coming to the netherlands?

Oh you got me now!!! Pre-order DONE.

Will this bundle also come to the netherlands?

Wow, the bundle with Killzone: Shadow Fall, 2 x DUALSHOCK 4 and the PlayStation Camera looks awesome! Will these (or that!) bundle come to Sweden too?

Already pre-ordered my bundle, but will see if I can change to this bundle. I really hope that it’s possible.


Yes, this bundle is offered Europe-wide. Check with your preferred retailer in the next day or two.

Can you change your pre-order of the normal PS4 into one of these bundels?


Fair play to you Sony ! Not only did you ruin XBOX One in every department, but now you have released a MONSTER offer for the same price as the enemy… Just take my cash !

Just switched my ps4 preorder to that MEGA bundle. :D


Any chance we can have a third bundle? One with the camera and not a second remote. I’ve no use for a second remote. Well not unless something happens to the first which is very unlikey for anything to happen as I take good care of my stuff.

edit: Are these releasing same day as standard ps4?

Are these bundles for launch only, or are you planning to have bundles available for the forseeable future? I’m not getting a PS4 until sometime next year when I’ve bought, played and completed GTAV, Beyond, FFX | X-2 and Lightning Returns on PS3.

AMAZING bundle! Great job Sony ;) I was not going to buy the camera, but now I’ll buy one of these bundles!

Fred, could you please tell me if this is a limited offer? Can we buy these bundles in January, for example?

will be announced more bundles??? that rumoured Watch Dogs bundle.




Sorry, I’ve no update for you at this time. As soon, as there’s news I’ll pass it on.

Nice! Will current pre-orders be able to upgrade to these bundles, whilst still ensuring launch availability? (I pre-ordered in June from Zavvi). Fingers crossed!

Will this bundle be available in South Africa?


That PS4 Box, with the game, console, camera, added controller etc is giving me goosebumps. ;) :)
Ohhhh, November, I AM EXCITED FOR YOU TO COME!! :)

The Second Bundle is awesome. At this price will be gone in no time at retailers. I hope you have a lot of them ^.^


Seriously getting this for Christmas and glad it’s a retail copy included instead of the code. =D

Time to save some cash.

just want to make sure, is the Killzone Bundle with the additional controller and camera coming to europe on release date the 29th November or later in December.

Just want to make sure because states its coming in december as a bundle, only the ps4 itself comes on 29th November.

Please confirm thanks :)

but why u not do next action =
-u buy blanco ps4 + 1 controler = 399€

-ore u do action ps4 + 1 retaile game to pick in selection of 5 /6 games
+ extra contoler + eyecamera . ( so everybady can enjoy ???? )ath 499€

i gone buy ps4 alrady preorderd + not changebel + extra contoler +cod ( + eyecamera , after sony did corect job on gta problem i goth on lounch .)
+ 9/10 ac iv . + mincraft ps4/vita where i hope u have combo buy to be cheaper .

Ordered it on about 3 weeks ago (one of the first ones) for 475 EUR (instead of 499 EUR). Hope it will come at 28th :)

dragon_unleashed 26 September, 2013 @ 17:34

@FRED DUTTON will this bundle be released on 29th november or is it a second batch


Great, any news on what stores the second bundle will be hitting



I have a question. i pre order my console 1 week ago and i have no idea about this bundle. is there any chance to change it or not? should i ask the online support of that site?

i will be appreciate that if you help me about that. thanks a lot

Please shopto list this RIGHT NOW!!!

I’ll have the second bundle. Hey Fred I’ll slip you £50 if you can’t get my bundle to me before release date.

I can’t wait till 29th of November.

@Fallen-Anjel: You should try call/email the store/website where you did the pre-order ;)

billy_oneironaut 26 September, 2013 @ 18:07

If it’s being bundled with the camera, will KZ Shadowfall have motion controls like KZ3?

Awesome! Definitely the bundle with the extra DS4 and Camera!

Dont suppose you’ll know which retailers in the UK will supply this?
*cough ShopTo please! cough*

I am getting the PS4 + KZ:SF + another DS4 Pad on day 1 so if the UK price is good i might go for the 2nd box 1 :P

dragon_unleashed 26 September, 2013 @ 18:15

sorry didn’t read carefully, so forget my question Fred, I was so excited I skipped half the words XD

quote: ” We’re really happy to confirm that two PlayStation 4 bundles will be LAUNCHING alongside Killzone: Shadow Fall in Europe THIS NOVEMBER

We will have the right to upgrade keeping the same preference? I did my preorder on march can I change it and still have it delivered on day one?


Europese release: is The Netherlands included?


Yes! This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Now I can pre-order my PS4 “mega pack”, with 2 controllers, a camera and a game.

I can’t wait! :D

Hey dude, do you have more bundles? and come on £55-60 for games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT HAPPY.

Preordered the second one as soon as it went up in the beginning of September on!

Awesome deal, crushed Microsoft once again :)

Does this have taxes included? My retailer wants 450€ for normal PS4 and they claim that it’s because of taxes and I feel little scammed about that price….

Why won’t you just take my money, I have a day one from Amazon but so want to get this bundle the camera looks amazing.

the second bundle interests me but to be honest i personally dont understand why consoles dont come with 2 controllers as standard, also would be good to see the stand included as standard, ps4 looks way cooler standing

Is it a physical or digital copy of KZ:SF?


See Fred’s reply for comment #3.

Funny. Here in Finland the basic set costs 449e and the bundle with only Shadow fall included is 499e….so suppose the one with camera and extra controller will be atleast 549e…doesnt sound like fun anymore

So, just to clarify, if I’ve already pre-ordered a PS4 at a retailer, can I ask them to upgrade me to a better bundle?

How are we going to be able to get this when the pre-order cut off date was back in august? Will those who have pre-ordered have a chance to upgrade?

That’s awesome. And great that you decided to include a real copy of the game. I’m hoping my local shop will get this in when I am picking up my PS4, I feel like I could upgrade to this.

Do you know when a UK price will be announced?
Also could you please tell me how much the UK price for a normal PS4 disc game will be(e.g. killzone), as I read something before in which Sony said the price would stay the same as current Gen
but Game and most other places have games price at £50 not £40 (which is the price of current gen).

I am not cool with paying £10 more for every game, the price jumped up for a bit when the PS3 came out then went back.

My camera bundle is pre-ordered for 499€. Hope it’s available day one! (France)

I am looking forward to the pack with 2 controllers. Will this be coming to New Zealand? I see it is in the tags. Just want to confirm

the 499€ bundle 4me ;)

Amazon not giving away any details – just saying they will be in touch in soon.
Man I hope they allow people who have preordered already a preferential upgrade.

I hope that only means more such bundles in the future. I’m not going to get my PS4 any soon actually but a bundle of PlayStation 4 + Metal Gear Solid V at some point next year is something I’m aiming for.

Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Bundle – €499



what about Englands price?

Please, please, please tell me this is coming to New Zealand???

I am now really buying the second bundle! 100% sure. Will this also be available on release date? Or are these expected on a later date. I live in the Netherlands if that is of any difference.


Maybe a bundle with PS Plus card too? :P

Will the second KZ bundle with the extra controller and camera be released in Sweden too?

Please come to New Zealand! hope this means New allocation every retailer here has sold out Day 1 orders and dont want to miss out by upgrading!


Does this mean that the exclusive Killzone Shadow Fall Steelbook and Driveclub Steelbook PS4 bundle no longer exists?

going to stick with my vanilla pre-order.

cool bundles especially the one with the pad


My local EB Games over here in New Zealand are completely denying that they will be bringing in these bundles as they have been announced for ‘Europe only’.

I see in replys to comments that the bundle is confirmed for Australia and that New Zealand is a part of Sonys Europe gaming region so can I get any sort of confirmation that the bundles will be coming to New Zealand? :)


Epic news !!!!

This is very good. Hopefully it is not priced too high (Australia TAX.) I will definitely upgrade and I know my gf was looking to pick up the eye on launch, so I will recommend that she does the same thing. Free game or free eye, which ever way you look at it, once discounts for the bundle are considered.
Good work Sony.


Hopefully this question gets answered, but does this if new stock will be made available for launch day?


That should’ve read * does this mean new will be made available for launch day.

Typing fail!


Will Australians get the bundle mentioned as well.

@@@@ Hello Fred… Good morning … Can you tell me can I get this deal in India.
Also I want to know about PS4 with pulse headset deal.. Please share your thoughts. Please don’t ignore my message.


when it is going to release in india???,what is price we can expect??


@ ElaborateEnd

Yes aus will get this bundle.

I asked that question earlier

Is there a price for Australia

Set-Fire-2-Water 27 September, 2013 @ 05:04

Please, please, PLEASE tell me you will also be doing a similar bundle like this here in the United States!

I may not have said this out loud before, but I love you Sony!!!

Aussie customer here mate. Definitely want to upgrade my pre-order for the KZ camera bundle. Any idea when we’ll be able to do this Fred, as I don’t want to miss out in case there’s limited stock?

I have already pre-ordered the console, will I have the option to upgrade to one of the bundles to receive the bundle day one?


Looking forward to this. Hoping the Swedish retailers will release news about it soon so I can change my preorder.

I’d expect the UK prices to be £384.99 and £439.99 based on the ratio Sony used to give us the regular PS4 price.

Camera bundle for me too. Fred, is it up to retailers to contact those with pre-orders or should those with pre-orders contact the retailers?

The press release that went out said retailers should be contacting us but one of your comments on the first page recommended the poster check with his/her preferred retailer.

What’s our best bet? I asked in my local GAME about upgrading to this bundle when it was announced for the US and they had no idea about it, I’m assuming if I were to go and ask today I’d get a different answer?

i think you will get a different answer this time when you ask GAME this time around as it now has bee said about in this blog

also a 29 november release? can;t find it in the shops here. :( if so i will change my pre-order to the second bundle :)

Hi, this bundle will be released in Italy? Thanks:-)

OK shopto are telling me that although I preorderd (console only)back in June/July, i won’t be getting offered the mega bundle first, as only people who ordered shopto’s unofficial bundle. I find this very unfair.

martinspratt101 27 September, 2013 @ 12:00

If I order from will the game be in German or will it be english aswell?

Will this bundle come on the 29th of November?


@DavoTheDiv I have the same problem with Shopto. Check out the comments on this page from myself to “The Boss”

For anyone interested, I just had an email from GAME here in the UK saying that my console was definitely guaranteed for the release day and that the local branch would phone next week with regards to bundles if any are applicable for me.

Depending on what else gets unveiled I’ll probably go with the second Killzone bundle if I’m able to. I’d be very interested in a PS4+Vita bundle though. SONY! TAKE MY MONEY!

any idea if this bundle is coming to sweden people?

@ #118 NavidKD

Good shout on the email, I just checked after reading your comment and I have the same mail. Guess I wait for the call now, only thing is I’m working all next week and will probably miss it, I’ll probably just drop into my local branch and sort it face to face.

@#119 hamdii88

yes it coming to sweeden they said in page 1
post 38
Please fred can you tell me where to preoder the bundle with cam?? look every where.. can´t find it!!!! (Denmark)

I REALLY want Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Bundle – €499
Killzone Shadow Fall
PlayStation 4
Additional Dual Shock 4 controller

i will even pay 600€ for it if i can get freaking!! link where i can pre-order it!!!!


Thats the best deal out so far. I hope game sell the second bundle. Does anyone know if game would upgrade my preorder to this without cancelling it. I don’t want to loose my pre order as I did it before they stopped guaranteeing release date orders.


Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Bundle – €499
Killzone Shadow Fall
PlayStation 4
Additional Dual Shock 4 controller

Is there a bundle like this for Battlefield 4 or Assassins creed ? (GTA V too if it comes for PS4)
Please i want it with these games ><

#123 LegendJakeHOW, If you’ve pre-ordered with GAME they’ll be in contact with you, probably via phone call and you’ll be able to amend your original pre-order to get a bundle if they have any and they’re still available.

Obviously, I guess it depends which GAME store you’ve pre-ordered with with regards to how much of each bundle they have available day 1.

I’ve pre-ordered fairly early at the GAME store in the Bullring, Birmingham, so I’m hopeful to be offered a bundle.

Second bundle is still a great value if you don’t care about Killzone. I’m going to take that and trade the game in immediately.

So GAME are selling the killzone mega bundle for £449. That is outrageous and I hope there is pressure put on them to change it. Sony announced it will be 499 euros, which is exactly the same price as the Xbox one, and at current exchange rates comes to £419. So how do GAME justify a £30 premium?

also, why can’t Sony set UK pricing? They set Euro pricing. Other companies set UK pricing without leaving it to retailers. If they aren’t ‘allowed’ to set UK pricing, how are they allowed to set Euro pricing – we’re all one market now.


Are Amazon UK selling the console bundle? Can’t get an answer from them! Hoping you can help :)

I stayed awake for the PS4 reveal in February and placed my deposit with game at 4.40am after the conference. For once my insomnia paid off as I got my email game this and switched to the mega bundle.

Nice one Sony and nice game as well.

what about russia? or we should take it at DE or CO.UK amazon?

While I still appreciate the bundles, I am somewhat irked (but obviously not surprised) to see the UK pricing. Once again an exchange rate has been plucked from the imagination of Lucifer and €499 has somehow become £449.99!

Sort it out, rip-off Britain is no longer acceptable!


Would’ve been interested in the second one that comes with an extra controller. But I’ve pre ordered since reveal and the pre orders are sold out. They mention these bundles coming but have no additional info on when and how many. So I guess I’ll stick to my pre order.


just got an email from GAME asking me if i want to upgrade ps4 bundle they said it was afirst come first served bases ive gone foe the 439.99 fillzone extra controller and camera


sorry i mean killzone dont think there is a game called fillzone lol


I’ll be getting the one with two controllers and the camera… I’m so excited about PS4.

I actually only got a PS3 quite recently and I like it so much…so many expecations for the PS4…=)

Is there any news on Australian pricing. You have pricing in the UK and Europe. Doing quick conversion online tells me that with today’s rates, the Big Bundle will cost around $750… The Xbox One retails for like 499.99 Euro I think but is being sold for $600 and since no stores have done any updates here in Australia, any chance you could let us know.

I already have my PS4 ordered, with Killzone: SF, was looking at getting the Blue controller when its released but if this deal comes to between $600-$650 here in Australia, consider my upgrade done… Once EB Games contacts me of course.

please please please one to Australia! I have all of the second bundle preordered


GAME has put up a price for the first bundle for a price of £399.99. No news yet about the second bundle

mehmetemresenel 28 September, 2013 @ 11:09

Will these bundles available Turkey?

Yeah Australia actually getting something! Hopefully $700 max for the 2nd bundle!


release in germany 29.11.????

Goin bundle 2 if eb offer it, did my preorder back the day of the announcement do BRING IT ON



Killzone: Shadow Fall’ bundle available in New Zealand?? I really want to buy this…..

I hope EB GAMES NZ contact me and ask I’m crying to get this and I already pay off for my ps4 console ….

This is FANTASTIC news that its coming to Australia especially its a KILLZONE bundle!!! SOLD Any news on if this will be available on launch on the 29th of November in Australia? Luv ya Sony keep up the great work :-)

This was an easy choice the bundle with KILLZONE and extra contrller and camera thanks :-)

I just preordered the 2nd Bundle today can’t wait for it now :D



This bundle is not confirmed for Sweden yet,Mr Button you wrote “Yes, this bundle is offered Europe-wide”

Have talked to many retailers and they haven´t even heard anything about this bundle.

I hope this mega bundle will be available in Poland :) I just can’t get any informations about pre – order…

No retailer in sweden seem to sell this bundle :-/ I’m starting to worry, I want it so badly!

Do you know where a i can preorder this bundle in UK?

To help people out, I too, am looking I won’t be able to upgrade to the mega bundle.
Luckily I found some in stock for launch date too here:–MegaPack-Bundle-LAUNCH-DAY-ONE-STOCK-

Its almost too good to be true! Looks like I’m set with all I want for launch :D

Good luck everyone who wants one!

DoYouLikeMyID 03 October, 2013 @ 18:42

Why aren’t these bundles available anywhere? Fred said they would be available Europe-wide, but I can’t find a single retailer in Denmark that has the mega bundle, and only 1 retailer has the killzone + PS4 bundle.

I REALLY want the mega pack. I held off on pre-ordering a PS4 because I wanted a pack like that since PS4 was announced, so it sucks that no one has it.

Is this available for New Zealand??


Can anyone (from Sony) explain why the bundles are coming out more expensive in the UK than previously indicated? For example, the “mega” bundle above is listed at €499 which converts to around £429; Fergal Gara told Eurogamer he expected retailers to sell the bundle for £10 either side of Microsoft’s Xbox (£429) but retailers are currently listing this bundle for £449, which is at least £10 more than the top end price indicated.


The_Happy_Skwid 05 October, 2013 @ 01:11

I would like to second @RincewindUK’s comment. Why are UK retailers pricing at £450 when Sony stated £10 either way of Xbone? Can’t wait for my PS4 but feel like the UK is getting stung again compared to the rest of the world.

grottysteel38 06 October, 2013 @ 08:43

Hi, I am just asking, when will this bundle be up for preorder in Australia, at stores like JB Hifi? Thankyou

grottysteel38 06 October, 2013 @ 08:45

When will this bundle be up for preorder in Australia at stores like JBHifi?

GalacticMatt7777 06 October, 2013 @ 13:30

When are they going to announce it in stores? Also will it be a preorder item or something that will come after launch?

Hi there,

Can you confirm if it it´s going to be available in Portugal at day 1?


Why anyone not answering questions coming from NZ?? we like to have good stuff same as Auss n Europe we play money to buy it we not gonna get it free please give us a answer is this Killzone Bundle available in NZ or not thnx…….

If this available i don’t mind to pay what ever PS4 + Killzone: Shadow Fall + second DualShock 4 + PlayStation Camera cost


I went in to my local tesco store where ive preordered ps4 in may and theyve turned round and said basicallysaid they arent getting any bundles or even know about any even worse they turned round and said they dont even know the release date for ps4 so not happy with this how do i go sbout speaking to at least somebody in the know i thought phase one preorders had at least the option on bundles tesco supposdly one of the biggest retailers owt there cant even answer on release dates what a joke basically want to know if tesco are gettin these so called mega bundles or is all just bull:(

defiantly the second bundle extra controller sweet and camera thats awesome wen is this bundle actually out ??

DoYouLikeMyID 08 October, 2013 @ 21:22

Okay, so I just read the mega-pack won’t be coming to Denmark after all. So they won’t exactly be “offered Europe-wide”, will they now?

I’m honestly very disapointed. I was REALLY hoing to get the mega-bundle, and I’ve been holding out for so long because of it that I’m not even sure any store will have a PS4 available for pre-order.

I’ve got to say, it’s a HORRIBLE launch stragedy to promise that a bundle deal will be available across an entire region, when it’s only going to be available in a select few regions.

I’m a huge Sony fan, it’s not often I’m negative, and I’ll still get a PS4, but i’ve got to say, this is stupid. My cash is still in my wallet, because I have no option to actually spend it…


When will it hit the market?
Because i want to pre-order it the 2second release.
but i want to know when will it be released????

Nice! What will I do with the 500GB drive tho’? I’ll prolly put it in a case or PC. I’ll have to look @ the features and see if it’s worth it for me. I don’t wanna’ be stuck w/o a camera or smt. Is there a blue light on the consoles middle part? Looks sleek.


Well Game said the second Bundle was limited and to be offered to the first tier of pre order first.

Luckily I pre ordered on the 28th february and they gave me a call

Killzone was a day one for me anyways as was an extra pad so I upgraded to the second bundle for £450, which looks like good deal to me.

I just hope the camera get more support than the move bundle i got for my ps3.

why is the 29th so far away, ? lol and I hate the fact my XBONE loving friends will be rubbing there console in my face 7 days before i get mine, I dont want the date to change because I cant afford it till end of november but i just hate it lol


DjBoSaNaC89 :- these are launch day bundles, although you may have trouble getting the second bundle now as game was offering first the their tier 1 pre order customers. Those who ordered before april i think

It sucks because Sony New Zealand don’t have any plan to relies on New Zealand :( ………




@killzone457: Why caps and Dutch? If you want an answer, you should write in English here, and not use all-CAPS.
But, rest assured, it has already been confirmed that the PS4 HDD will be swappable. So, start saving for that 2TB harddisc!


PS4 HDD is een 2.5″ 500GB Western Digital met 5400RPM
als je 1TB of 2 TB met 7200RPM
is dat aan te raden? zou dat geen oververhitting veroorzaken?
en bij hoeveel graden celcius is een over ver-hitting
wie weet welke harde schijf qua 1TB of 2TB de juiste keuse is wie
weet hier een goed antwoord op (En wat de prijs daarvan is van 1TB en 2TB of de 3TB
want 500GB op de ps4 is niet veel, als je bedenkt dat sommige games al 50Gb opslag nodig hebben

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