The Last of Us – ‘alternate’ ending video, celebrate #OutbreakDay

So today is 26th September, 2013. That’s a special date for us. It’s the day the Cordyceps outbreak hit critical mass in the world of The Last of Us.

We at Naughty Dog are celebrating by sharing some crazy tweets in regards to the outbreak. Join us in describing your experience (real or not) of how you’d survive the pandemic. Tweet with the hashtag #OutbreakDay. We’ll be retweeting the most creative tweets throughout the day.

To further celebrate the occasion we have something fun we’ve been dying to share with you. It is our honour to show you the “alternate” ending for the game – with a slight twist. We originally only showed this video at this year’s PAX Prime, but now it’s time for everyone to see it. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Come back tomorrow when we’ll reveal more info about our DLC plans (including some additions to the Season Pass). In the meantime do your best to stay alive over the next 24 hours. Endure and survive!

Neil & Bruce

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That was almost as wonderful as the game itself.

-spoiler alert-

Coming soon: THE LAST OF US – THE PANDEMIC OPERA. In theatres near you. :D


This video made my day LOL… Very nice.


Hey ND, Any chance you could release the Single Play only campaign on the Store for TLOU like what you did to Uncharted 3? Wasn’t keen on the multiplayer because censorship ruined it. =\

Sorry if this has been answered in the video as I have a hearing problem so can’t understand what’s being said without subtitles but would just like to know, what made you use the ending we have instead of this one?

@dark_angel69 This video was more of a joke ending than a serious alternative. The actress that plays Marlene starts singing and then Troy Baker joins in and they turn the scene into a sort of musical number. Although Marlene was meant to be in the same room as the surgeons at this point in filming and Neil said in the video this would have played out as one massive cut scene without the gameplay part where Joel is carrying Ellie through the corridor.

Oh god this is hilarious! This really should have been a special unlock for beating the game on Survivor. Made my day. Love you NG :3

I burst out laughing when he started singing with her xD

I wish this was an easter egg in the game.

Hilarious! xD

Bravo .. BRAVOOOOO.. Loved it! This game,what can i say,i never had as much satisfaction as when i walked in to the surgery room and planted those bullets into each and every persons brains, i felt so protective of Ellie. I guess this is what Naughty Dog set out to achieve with the player feeling this way about Ellie and they did achieve it to the highest level. GAME OF THE YEAR.

Can I watch this without any spoilers? Haven’t finished the game yet. (Yes, I know, bad me…)


No. There’s a spoiler warning a few seconds into the video.
(Yes, bad you! haha)

Thank you, I’ll avoid it for now then.. (and get working on finishing that game!)


Make sure you remember to watch this video when you do. It’s really something! :D


Can anyone confirm that the trophy glitches in The Last of Us have been fixed yet? I’ve put off playing my second play-through on Survivor for quite a while as I don’t want to run the risk of putting in loads of hard work and not receiving my reward come the end! Would appreciate any confirmation you lot can give me.


That was bloody brilliant :D


That was absolutely amazing. Wow. I didn’t even laugh it was that brilliant.
Well done. Brilliant :D

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