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Yesterday, Killzone Shadow Fall Lead Designer Eric Boltjes held a presentation on the game’s multiplayer mode at the 2013 Eurogamer Expo in London. Afterwards he also fielded questions from the audience, going into greater detail about some of Killzone Shadow Fall’s features and design choices.

You can watch the whole presentation here:

In addition to the answers Mr. Boltjes provided, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more frequently asked questions that have appeared online following our announcement of the multiplayer mode. In particular, we received numerous questions about the multiplayer framerate. So, let’s dive right in:

Will Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer have a variable frame rate?
No, we’re running 60fps. However, the game may drop a few frames in extreme situations – when there are a lot of GPU-intensive things going on at once. Guaranteeing a constant 60fps under such circumstances would’ve required undesired concessions.

We wanted to make sure Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer would present a visual spectacle, boasting a stunning level of detail in 1080p at 60fps, while still allowing 24 players and their drones (effectively 48 entities) to take part at once. We’re very proud of the results – when you move through the maps you’ll notice lots of intricate details, from beautiful reflective surfaces to individually moving leaves on the foliage.

We’ve also received several questions about the new Classes and their abilities:

What happened to [multiplayer class X] from previous Killzone games?
There are now three classes to choose from in Killzone Shadow Fall: Assault Class, Support Class and Scout Class. Classes from previous Killzone titles such as the Tactician, Engineer and Medic are now represented by the secondary abilities of the highly versatile Support Class. We’ll have more on the Support Class and the Scout Class in upcoming articles.

How are the Assault Class Nano Shields balanced?
As mentioned in our Assault Class article, Nano Shields can block enemy attacks while allowing your projectiles through. Activation isn’t instantaneous, though – there’s a slight delay as you set it up, and you won’t be able to wield your weapon during this period. After activation you have to wait until the shield is destroyed or dismantled before you can place a new one.

How are the Support Class Spawn Beacons balanced?
Killzone Shadow Fall sees the return of player-deployed spawn points, known as Spawn Beacons. The Support Class has the ability to place them almost anywhere in the map (like Killzone 2’s Spawn Grenades), but it takes a while to set them up (like Killzone 3’s Tactical Spawn Points). Spawn Beacons can be destroyed by any class, although some weapons will yield quicker results than others.

Killzone Shadow Fall Multi Screenshots, 04

Next, a couple of points about weapons in Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer:

Will rocket launchers be secondary weapons, like in Killzone 3?

Rocket launchers aren’t secondary weapons like they were for certain classes in Killzone 3. Instead, grenade launchers and rocket launchers will be available as attachments for the heavier primary weapons. This means less weapon switching in the heat of battle.

I prefer hip-firing rather than aiming down sights – can I still do that?
If you’re one of those players endowed with dead aim, you’ll be happy to know that ‘hip-firing’ (firing a weapon without using the sights) is still an option in Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer. Some weapons can only be fired by aiming down the sights, however – particularly the heavier/more dangerous ones.

Concerning the new Custom Warzones feature:

Will there be official Warzones?
For those who prefer their Warzones tried-and-tested, there will be default Warzones to play in. In addition, Guerrilla will frequently try out and highlight new and interesting custom Warzones created by the community. Both types of Warzones will be easily accessible from inside the game.

Can Challenges be completed in bots-only Warzones?

To emphasise true skill and prevent players from artificially boosting their stats, custom Warzone games featuring bots will not count towards completing challenges in the Progression System.

Can I play Custom Warzones against just my friends?
Custom Warzones can be private games that only you and friends can play. This is particularly useful if you want to train in a less competitive environment, or if your custom Warzone is a work in progress that you’re not ready to share with the community yet.

A word about Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer network structure and colorblind support:

What is Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer network structure like?
Killzone Shadow Fall has dedicated servers hosted in various regions around the world. These servers do not run the logic of the game – they only act as a hub between the clients, forwarding network traffic from one player in game to all other players in game. This allows people with a slower connection or strict firewall settings to play without issues. Almost all logic relating to you (e.g. moving, shooting and taking damage) runs on your local PS4, with only a very small portion of the game logic (i.e. mission/scoring logic) running on the ‘session master’, one PS4 in the game selected for its connection quality.

Will Killzone Shadow Fall offer colorblind support?
Killzone Shadow Fall will have colorblind support options that can be activated from the options menu.

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Finally, the recent Season Pass announcement generated some confusion, so we’d like to clear that up:

If multiplayer map packs are free, what is the Season Pass for?

The Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass entitles you to:

  1. an online co-op expansion pack that introduces a brand-new horde mode for up to 4 players
  2. three arena map packs for use with the online co-op expansion pack, and
  3. two additional multiplayer expansion packs that will be detailed at a later date.

The expansion packs and map packs covered by the Season Pass do not include maps for Killzone Shadow Fall’s built-in multiplayer mode – as we’ve said before, such maps will be released for free so as not to fragment the online community.

Feel free to post your questions about Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer in the comments below – we’ll try to answer what we can. Additional facts and details about the game are coming very soon, so keep an eye on and PlayStation Blog!

4 Author replies

How about the clan support? Killzone 2 had great Clan support but it sucked in Killzone 3.


Regarding clans, we’ll go into more detail in the next Q&A.

I have a question: will we be able to customise the HUD in Shadow Fall?


You will be able to switch off the HUD, but not customize it.

All sounds COOL:P + I am not 1 of those MAD people(well FanBoyz really) who are obsessed about the ‘1080p at 60fps’ bits :D

Killzone my favourite franchise… gaming since 1989

johnnyquicknives 27 September, 2013 @ 17:29

Can we play using move? Killzone 3 with move was just so much more enjoyable than without.
Particularly after announcing a bundle that includes Killzone and a camera with the PS4 it seems like it would be crazy to remove the definitive control method.


We will not support the PlayStation Move for launch. Our focus has been on the new functionality of the DualShock4, to bring a very precise and intuitive control method to Killzone Shadow Fall.

sounds great, glad to hear issues from previous games (weapon balancing, base camping) have been totally been given a good seeing to 8).

will there be any replay/community features linked to the multiplayer (aside from PS4 stuff), like KZ2 had on

if you get revived does it still count as a death? xD.


We are preparing some very interesting community features for, but we’ll address those in a future update!

Cannot wait! Changing my preorder to one of the Killzone bundles and hoping for it to come on launch day.

It will be interesting to see more singleplayer details soon as well and what the rest of the season pass offers.

@Victor Zuylen

Ok first thanks for the answer.
Now I already tun the HUD off in Killzone (even online) but there are elements of the HUD that I would like to keep so it would be perfect if you could let us choose what elements of the HUD to tun off.
HUD customization is really a must have for Shadow Fall because it would give us even more freedom of choice so I humbly ask you to at least think about it.

Thank you for listening anyway.
Really thank you a lot.

I catched a part in one Q&A that you will try to collaborate with the community when it comes to updating and modifying Warzone customization to fit communities needs. Does this mean that you could actually try to give new features that didn’t exist before like throwing game mode objects forward, such as a flag or anything similar features.

Move for me too!
Will there be some sort of companion app (ios/android)? These things seem to be all the rage with ‘da kids’ these days.

KZ:M friends required :o)


Next Gen 3D??? Move was also epic on Killzone 3 and also playing in 3D with the Sharpshooter was some of the best most immersive experiences I’ve ever had in my gaming life.

The 3D on PS3 was very good but it would have picture quality as good as a 3D film at the movies I bet so I don’t understand why you guys who implemented 3D this gen, wont be doing it NEXT gen when it would be even more breathtaking.

With almost ALL new tvs having Stereoscopic 3D built in and these 3D/VR headsets being made now, surely it warrants 3D to be a feature in all future Killzone games?


The 3D on PS3 was very good but ***ON PS4*** it would have picture quality as good as a 3D film at the movies I bet so I don’t understand why you guys who implemented 3D this gen, wont be doing it NEXT gen when it would be even more breathtaking.

Typo corrected. lol

Will there be customization? I loved the Killzone 3 M82 variant, the one with a 3 round burst and silencer. Will I be able to get it like that in this one too? Also hoping to see some new assault rifles.

Very pleased to hear we’ll be getting co op via dlc, but will the Operations mode still be there? Absolutely loved that mode in KZ3 as it combined the best of multiplayer and co op imo.

Will we get the full experience or will the game be toned down for the German market and be distributed to the rest of Europe in that way like Sony has done with many games like God of War, The Last of Us and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls?

Can you access the coop mode any other way than just through the season pass?

Can multi-player be bought separately on PSN?
If single player had split-screen i’d buy the whole game but would rather not miss out on multi-player.

Ah yes ‘colour blind support’. Fantastic news.

On the subject of custom war zones with friends. Is there anything to stop friends from creating an unappealing war zone so no one joins them, and then they boost through the challenges vs each other?

Also, does anyone know of any videos of the game that are running in full resolution? I’d love to see how this looks on my tv.

I catched a part in one Q&A that you will try to collaborate with the community when it comes to updating and modifying Warzone customization to fit communities needs. レビトラ20mgThe 3D on PS3 was very good but it would have picture quality as good as a 3D film at the movies I bet so I don’t understand why you guys who implemented 3D this gen, wont be doing it NEXT gen when it would be even more breathtaking.

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